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Some werewolves are out on a hunting patrol!

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So here goes my first story!


I walked through the forest with my wolf-like gait. I saw my young pack-brother trotting ahead of me, scenting the air for prey. All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks, the fur on the back of his neck bristling. “What is it?” I ask him, but I know what it is. Human. A young female, by the smell of it.
“May I have the honor?” He nearly laughs; he knows that I know of her presence.
“No. Our pack does not hunt humans,” I spit. But if this human saw us, she would tell the other humans. We must get rid of her, without her knowing our identities. I looked up at the full moon. I could change whenever I wanted, but on this night, I was bound as my true form. My white fur glistened like snow as I let out a solemn howl.
“Come on, old man. Why can’t you live a little?” He sneers at me. I was older than him, but not old. I was nearly forty, he was a young twenty-seven. As I looked at him, I thought of his mother. She had enjoyed hunting humans; and ended up regretting it. She was exiled, from another wolf, her mate, turning her in. He had the same dusty brown pelt as her, too.
“I’m not old,” I turn away, trying not to shed tears. He reminded me too much of her. “Go, scare her away. Don’t show yourself,” I had to snarl as to keep my voice from cracking. “Do what it takes, and son- I don’t want to smell blood.”
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