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Chapter 1

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The first meeting of Celina and Lupeth

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I held my gun in my right hand, silver bullet loaded. Most people had called me silly, but I had only ignored them. They said werewolves don’t exist. But I believed. So there I was, loaded gun in one hand, compass rose in the other. I was heading deeper into the Transylvanian woods when I heard a howl. “Werewolves,” I said, my breath a white cloud billowing from my mouth.
I heard a twig snap behind me, and I spun around, twisting my ankle in the deep mud. “Agh!” I fell with a grunt. I heard a snarl, and huge amber eyes came out of the underbrush. I shakily lifted my gun, and aimed as best as I could at where the brain would be. I was going to kill a werewolf; that was why I had come here.
“Leave, girl. I can hurt you, but I’m feeling generous today. You may escape with your life.” A deep snarl erupted from the wolf’s throat.
“Are- are you a werewolf?” I tried not to stutter, or sound scared.
“You can’t fool me human girl, you reek of fear.” It – he – chuckled.
“I- I do?” I pulled my self together, tightened my sweaty grip on my pistol.
“You don’t want to hurt me.” His voice suddenly turned serious; tense. Was he scared? Can werewolves get scared?
“Leave me alone, and I won’t.” I attempted to stand, and pain shot up my leg. I forced myself to look, and saw that my ankle was broken.
“Don’t make threats, human.” He snarled.
I threw my gun down. “Please, if you are a kind werewolf, take me home.” I looked up at him, trying to hold my flood of tears. I would not be able to return home myself.
“I am not a taxi!” He snarled, and approached me, certainly wanting to kill my. There was a loud bark from the bushes, and the dusty brown werewolf pricked his ears. “You are lucky, human, you will live to see morning. I must go.” He stood and turned to leave. Before he could dart away, I called out to him.
“Was that your pack leader?” I was too curious.
“No. My father. Goodbye, human. And, watch out for your curiosity. It may get you in trouble some day.”
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