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Chapter 2

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Lupeth and Joseph fight

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“Why did you try to kill her? You know that that is against our laws.” My father snarled at me when I walked away from her. “Why?” He demanded again.
“Because she insulted me. She is a lesser being; a thing we should eat.” I pushed past him.
“Not in our pack! What would the Alpha say?” He shook his head.
“The Alpha is a weakling. He is too cowardly to fight something that can fight him. If I was alpha, things would be different.” I closed my hand around my token, the thing that allows me to turn into a werewolf. I was born a human, like all werewolves but having even one werewolf parent makes you a werewolf. Both of my parents were werewolves, though. I found my token when I was twelve. Usually, you have it once you reach puberty. My token was a small coin, inscripted with some other language that neither I nor any other werewolves in my pack could read. It was solid silver, strange for being a werewolf’s token.
“But you aren’t alpha, so quit acting like it.” He snarled. “Let’s continue with the hunt.”
“I should go make my own pack, with no rules to hold me back.” I headed after him.
He stopped, and looked into my eyes. He had the cloudy, strange look he always had when he thought about my mother. A lone tear fell from his furry cheek, and he tried to hug me, but I shoved him away.
“I’m not your little boy anymore, and mom is gone.” I reminded him. I trotted off to continue hunting. When he followed, I double-tracked back to the girl. She was still sitting there; she had opened her pack and taken out bandaging. She was wrapping her broken ankle in it, taking all the care she could not to get any mud on it. She did many things to take care of herself, eating a small dinner of snack things she had brought, and getting into a thin sleeping bag she had brought. I found my self sitting there and watching her all night. When I was sure she was asleep, I crawled forward to watch her sleep up close. She had mouse-brown hair and delicate pale skin. I lifted one of her eyelids to see her eyes. They were green. I decided to stay there for the night.

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