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Chapter 3

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A wee bit of romance now, kay?

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Okay, Lupeth and Celina, sitting in a tree.... lol

I woke up to see a man sleeping next to me, on the cold ground. I almost shrieked, but I immediately realized this was the werewolf from yesterday. I packed my gear as quietly as I could, and tried to sneak away. I was just out of collage, and not very stealthy. He heard me step on a twig, and woke.
“Good morning,” He sat up, brushing little bits of dust off of his torn shirt.
“Wha- what do you want?” I continued to attempt walking away.
“I don’t want anything. Anyways, why did you come out here in the first place? Surely you’ve heard rumors of the beasts out here,” He stepped towards me, and I backed away further.
“You’re the werewolf from yesterday, aren’t you?” My voice was cracked and weak from being injured the previous night. All of a sudden, the pain in my leg increased tenfold and I fell to the ground - but I didn’t hit the ground. The werewolf had used his extreme speed to catch me. “Thank you,” I managed to mumble before blacking out.

I held the girl by her back and the bottoms of her knees. I didn’t know what to do, where to go. A large drop of rain fell on her face, and I knew it had begun to rain; I would have to get her under cover. I stood up and looked around. I knew that the only caves around were those that my pack used for homes; I would have to bring her into our camp. I set her in a low tree, and then grabbed my token. It felt warmer than usual. Once I had changed, I picked her up again. She felt lighter, but I was stronger. I trotted off to the camp, then sneaked past the other wolves dens to my own. When I walked in, I closed my door and set her on my bed. I sat down on the wooden stool next to her, and watched her sleep again. After a while, I leaned down, and kissed her.

warned ya about the romance!
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