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Chapter 4

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WARNING: LARGE AMOUNTS OF VIOLENCE AND SHEER EPICNESS lol, Lupeth kills Crodro, the Alpha f the pack.

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When I woke up, the werewolf was gone. I was alone in a cave. I was on what resembled a bed. I stood up shakily, but sat down immediately as of my leg. I thought of yelling for help, but I had no idea where I was. So I waited. And waited. And fell asleep.

I knew I would get in trouble the moment I stepped outside. My father and Crodro, the Alpha, were waiting for me. “Where’s your catch?” He stepped forward to me. “Our laws say every wolf must give half his kill to the pack, for those not strong enough,”
“Lupeth,” My father said. “As he said, you have to give your kill. I can see you came home instead of hunt. Therefore, you will go a day without food.” He had a warning tone in his voice.
“Joesph, I am the Alpha, not you. I will give punishment. You, Lupeth, shall go as an Omega for the next week.” Crodro cut in.
“Unbelievable!” I bellowed. I marched up to the Alpha, tail bristled, claws ready. Baring my teeth, I gave a snarl so obscene that everyone in the camp turned to watch.
“Is that a challenge, pup?” He growled in return.
“Pup? I am not a pup! I will defeat you, old man, in front of everyone you know! When I win, I shall humiliate you, then play with you as a chew toy until you are nothing but a pulp!” I screamed.
“It will not be that easy,” He suddenly grabbed me by the throat and lifted me off the ground in a chokehold before I could do anything. As I dangled, I went limp. Thinking I was dead, Crodro tossed me aside onto the ground. He turned his back to me a boasted to the pack. Suddenly, I was ripping through the stringy tendon in his left hind leg. He fell on me, but I went for his right leg and tore through that, as well. When I was sure he could not walk, I tussled with him. I lost half an ear and got a scar along my body from my nose to my hip. Finally, I pinned him down entirely and proceeded to make his last moments as awful as I could. I was toying with him now. After he was unable to move whatsoever, I took a break.
“Please,” He begged. “End me swiftly, as my dying wish.”
“Never, old fool.” I continued battering him to a pulp. He had no more flesh, nor any sense of nerves or bodily organs. I started ripping off his useless limbs when my father came in.
“Stop,” He said. “He’s had enough.” I was exhausted, and let my father pull me off him. He muttered a prayer and slit Crodro’s throat.
I fell asleep.

After killing Crodro, a wave of guilt came over me. I looked at my son, whom everyone was staring at. Crodro had ruled our pack well, for over twenty-five years. Him being gone frightened me. What scared me worse was who had finally done it. My son was too inexperienced to lead the pack. He would be out of his mind within a month. I knew that. He knew that. We all knew it.
As we looked around for whoever could lead us, my sensitive ears detected something. Snoring. I asked one of my comrades to find out who had missed this event and tell them what had happened.
I lifted my son off of the ground and walked to his den. I kicked open the door, and nearly dropped Lupeth out of my surprise, then nearly killed him as I realized who was on the bed.


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