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I wake up again to the sun bright light. I smiled from last ngiht. Ahh how I lov- what he hell is that? Is Aiden...stroking me?

I look up and see his hand moving and I could feel the even strokes on the back of my head. Again I smiled. It felt nice, of course since I said it felt nice, a sharp pain shoots through my body. I gasp and flintch.

From the sudden movement Aiden's eyes flew open. "What happend?! What wrong?!"

Another sharp bullet of pain. "I'm getting these pa- ugh" More pain.

"Your begining to transform y-"

"I thought that only happend during the full moon!" I moan.

He laughs. "That is just a myth. Anyways, it will hurt all day until you are under the moon, then you'll be a wolf without knowing it! Now, I have to get the women, I'll be back." He unravels himself from me, leaving me cold.

"Don't go." I say quietly. He smiles softly, "I'll send Ron, he'll take care of you." He turned and went through the bushes to the rest of the pack. In moments, Ron was by my side.

"Are you okay?! You must be in so much pain! I know I was! You need to just-"

"Shut up boy! You never know pain like child birth!" An old grumpy voice said off to the side. We both look to find the women there.

Do they always travel in a line?
No idea.

Breee smiled her fake brown-headed barbi smile. She came up to me and wraped her arms around me. I didn't know barbi's arms could bend.

"This is a great moment! Congrats!" Congrats?! Bitch this is the worse pain in my life! And cangrats are in order?!

"Thanks-ugh- I guess."

The smallest one comes up to me. Her huge brown eyes look up at me while her hands stick a flower out for me. "This is for you, I hope it helps."

"Can I hug you?!" I ask, not waiting for an answer and going in for one anyway.

"Aw, Allie!" Ron said, huging her too. Allie I like that.

Allie giggle at all the attention. I can tell she does get much of it. Which I don't know why, SHE'S SO CUTE! I love her already! "Rony!" She said, digging into him. Aw.

"Allison!" Bree snaped. "Get over here!"

"But I'm playing with Rony and Dylan!" She groaned, snuggling to Ron even closer.


Allie clung to Ron, shaking her head. Bree looked like she was going to explode. "It's fine if she stays" I cringe. "We don't mind."

Bree sighed. "Fine whatever."

The bushes ruffled behind her. Aiden came out of the bushes. "Oh, hey mom." Mom?! Any more fricken surprises I'm going to have a fucken heart attack.

I turn to Ron and whisper, "I thought she was 23!"

Ron looked nervus. "That's what I was told!"

Allie looked at us. "Mommy is 43. She lies to seem younger." I look at bree, she seems 23...

Ron and I turned to eachother and gave the same "We need to talk" look.

"And wheres my little sister?" Aiden said with a smile. Allie pryed herself from Ron to go hug him. Huge mind fuck, but whatever.

The old women went up to Aiden. "Doesn't grandma get a hug." That one I saw coming.

"Did I mention the women mainly go for and/or part of the alfa family?" Ron whispers.

"No-" Ow! "You didn't care to mention that. Your no help!" I hiss.

Bree looks my way. "Why don't you come over here too, Dylan?"

"Um... sure." I walk over there, with my sides burning, and stand next to Aiden. It felt kind right...
Yay Aiden!:D Hope you guys like
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