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Back Pains

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I at Aiden. He looked happier than I've ever seen him. He was playing with Allie as wolves. Normaly I would tell them to stop seeing how I hate it when dogs "play" but he really seemed to be gental with her. Just a little soft bite once in a while. Puppy fight..

They were laughing and playing while I sit on a rock getting cramps from hell. I smile and shake at the same time, feeling like an idiot.

A small howllsounded. "Dylan!" Allie barked, jummping on my lap and licking my face. I pet her like the puppy I never had. She finishes and sits on my lap, panting.

"Awwwww!" I gush and hug her, she licks me again. Aiden walks on all fours up to us. He whined nudged my leg with his snout. I giggled and scratched behind his ear, as I did before. It was cute seeing his leg wag.

"Does Aiden like that? Do you like that boy?" I ask, scratching faster. I like that they were keeping away the pain.

His leg wagged faster, beinging attention to, um, private parts, that looked a little..big. Please don't tell me this is turning him on. That's a level above creepy..

I love Allie. She broke the creepieness. She groweled playfuly and then pounced on Aiden. She bit him on the head, leg, and neck before flying off of him. Aiden fliped back onto him feet, I could see a smile on his muzzle. Allie attacked, teeth bared.

Seeing them makes me want to play too. To fight with them. I felt a pain in my side that was diffrent then the rest. I lift my hands. I have claws! My nails were long and dark and sharp. They cut my sides.

But I thought...? I look to the sky and the sun is setting.

Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes.
Now My Chemical Romance? What isn't in my heads ipod?

I try to scream as I feel my back bending and cracking but all that comes out is a howell. I have to go on all fours. It's the only way that the pain will subside. More pain trickled through me. I grasp the dirt. It crumbles in my hand seeping through my paws. Crap, I'm hairy!

I can't even move my wrists anymore. They're stiff and small. My ears now pointed I can hear an ant move in the grass. I can see my nose! It's black and wet. I smack it with my paw a few times. I sit down and sit on my tail. Tail?! I look at it. I trying to get closer but it keeps moving moving away. I start into a run after it.

"Wow your stupid." I hear Ron say to me. I pause and look up at him.

"I am not!"

"Your chasing your own tail. That's stupid." He shakes his head at me.

"Your mean. Imma bite you!" I say, walking slowly over to him and nipping at his ankle.

"Ow, It hurts. Ow." He says flatly. "Hey, you still hurt?"

"No..." I say, choping down on his ankle. He screamed. "But you do.." I smile.
[*Suckly ending but it's late:P Anyway, how do you likey??? Oh and by the way, I'm watching rugrats while doing this. What are you watching/listening to??? Peace
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