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When can you call a place home?

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Basically, a story about The Fabulous Killjoys. Enjoy!

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A place to hide


Party Poison ran, Kobra Kid, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul hot on his heels.
"Please," panted Fun Ghoul, "can we stop? We've lost them. They aren't gonna catch up for at least a few hours!" Kobra and Jet mumbled in agreement. Party shook his head defiantly,
"No, we keep on running."
Kobra Kid looked at his brother, concerned.
"Party..." he started to say, when his older sibling spun on his heel.

"I SAID WE KEEP ON RUNNING!" he shouted, his face matching the shock of vibrant red that was his hair. "I know what I'm doing, just..... Are you guys even listening?!"
Neither of the three replied, they were too busy staring at something behind him.

Party glanced over his shoulder, and there it was; a dark shadow against the sun rise.

Dr. Deathdefying's rundown gas station, it was what they had been running for, it was their last and only hope.

"Finally," Jet Star breathed, breaking the silence, "A place to hide..."

A friend who's dying to meet me...


Korse stormed down the hall flanked by two dracs. He tore down the exterminate posters that littered the walls.
"I want them found!" he barked at the dracs. "I want them found and slaughtered! No one escapes Battery City!" The dracs cowered at their master's rage as the came to the Administrators desk.
The woman sat high in her seat, her hair cropped in a bob and her red painted nails clacked on the desktop.
"Korse," she said quietly, "I know where they are." Korse turned, bloodthirst burning in his eyes and his robotic heart picked up pace.

"Where?" he ordered, leaning over the desk, "WHERE?!" The woman faltered under his glare,
"I-it's most likely that they have all headed for Doctor Deathdefying's hideout- the old, rundown gas station in Zone Five, remember?"

Korse was delighted,
"What are we waiting for then?" he chuckled darkly, he took down Party Poison's exterminate poster and smiled a crude smile. "We have a friend who's dying to meet me..."

Doctor Deathdefying's hideout...


"Are you sure this is the right place, Party?" Fun Ghoul asked as he looked at the neglected gas station. The pumps still had gas left in them but were caked in a thick layer of dust and decorated with an intricate pattern of spider webs.

"Doctor D was never known to be tidy." muttered Party Poison. "But the front looks empty." he noted as he peered through a murky window.
"Maybe there's a secret entrance?" Suggested Kobra Kid. At that minute, Jet Star called from behind the building,
"Guys, is there supposed to be a loose board here?" They all bolted around the back to find Jet opening the board for them, looking very pleased with himself.
"Am I a genius or not?" Jet beamed.

Fun Ghoul looked at him and simply replied,
"No. You're not."
Jet's smile melted off his face and became a scowl.
"You know what they say Fun, ladies first." And he gestured for Fun to enter before everyone else. Embarrassed at this comeback, Fun slunk inside quietly, mumbling where Kobra and Poison could go stick the board if the didn't stop laughing.

Jet followed suite, vanishing into the darkness. Kobra and Poison, still giggling like school girls, raced inside to come face to face with five loaded lazer guns...
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