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Dr. Deathdefying

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Kobra Kid learns some of his past that Party Poison has kept from him for so long...

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Dr. Deathdefying...

(Kobra Kid)

"What the HELL have you done to them?!" Kobra Kid wailed, looking in despair at the three unconcious bodies of Jet, Fun Ghoul and his brother; all three of them lay limply on the old, faded floorboards. A man, slightly taller than Kobra had his lazer gun aimed squarely at his head. He wore denim and a jet black shirt emblazoned with a spider which had a lightening bolt running through its abdomen. He glared at Kobra with cold blue eyes mixed with the most perculiar shades of green.

"Now," he snarled. "Tell me who sent you." Kobra was taken aback by this statement,

"No one!" He exclaimed, "No one sent us!" The man laughed and whacked Kobra round the face with the butt of his gun. Kobra cried out and stumbled, but was roughly grabbed by two more people; one woman, one man. They held him so that he couldn't move. The man looked at him again,

"WHO SENT YOU?!?!" he yelled.
"NO ONE!" Kobra repeated, "WE CAME FOR HELP!"
"LIES!" The man bellowed, and this time kicked him in the shin. Kobra wailed in pain and his eyes smarted,
"It's the truth! Why won't you believe me?!!"

Something warm and sticky trickled down Kobra's face where the gun had struck him. The two who held him laughed spitefully at his statement and the woman who held his left arm dug in her nails into his bare flesh, leaving deep insicions. The man took something shiny from his pocket and it gleamed wickedly in the dark.

"How can I trust anything you say if there is no evidence?" he said, looking down at the balde in his hands. Anger boiled in Kobra's blood,

There were heavy footsteps on the floor, the man with the knife froze.

"Sub Atomic?" Came a voice, "Who is this?"
"Doctor Deathdefying??" Kobra called, "Is that you?"

There was a few seconds silence and only the deep breathing of the three unconcious killjoys could be heard.
"Michael? Is that you? Dr. Deathdefying replied.

Kobra Kid stared into the darkness, his curiosity peaked.

"How d-do you know my name?" he asked.


(Still Kobra Kid)

"so, it's Kobra Kid now?" Doctor. D smiled, bandaging strips of cloth on Kobra's forearms, covering his flesh, which was mottled in deep bruises and cuts. Kobra returned the smile,

"Yeah..." He said, tugging absent-mindedly at the cooling pack strapped to his shin, already a dark purple and yellow boot mark blossoming from where he was struck. The cut on his face had been stitched and a small bandage taped over it. Most of the pain had gone now, thanks to the small odd-looking tablet offered to him by Deathdefying, but his body still ached all over. Deathdefying chuckled,

"I knew your mother, ya know?" Kobra looked at the man who claimed to know him, but he had no recollection of this long-lost friend. However, Kobra was immediatly interested at the mention of his mum,
"You did?" He asked, shifting closer now that the bandage on his arm was tied tight. "What was she like?" He whispered, eyes wide and hungry to know more. Deathdefying looked at him, puzzled,

"Hasn't your brother told you anything about her?"

Kobra Kid looked sadly over to the worn couch where his brother lay quietly, small plasters and bandages over his minor wounds.
"No." he said quietly, "He hasn't spoke about her know...." Doctor D nodded solemly, he laid a gentle hand on Kobra's shoulder,

"It's completely understandable. If you knew what exactly what he saw that night, then you'd understand too." Kobra looked again at his older brother,
"Why won't he tell me?"

Doctor D followed Kobra's gaze.

"Mikey, when someone sees their loved ones hurt and die before their eyes...they're never the same again."
"Who did he see die? Did he see mum die?"
"I'm not really the one to tell you this, but right now your brother needs rest, and so do you." Deathdefying stood up and handed Kobra some blankets. "Get some sleep." he said, and sauntered out of the room.

Kobra gathered up the blankets and lay down on the couch beside his brother. He spread out the sheets evenly as he stared at his older sibling, wondering what kind of horror must of took place that was so bad it was concealed from family.


(Party Poison)

There was an explosion and Gerard was flung back off his feet, skidding along the dusty ground. His mother was screaming his name, her gun blasting multicolored lights in a hypnotic pattern. She ran to him and embraced him in a hug so fierce he couldn't breathe.

The mask she wore had slid down to her neck and he could see her eyes, exactly the same as his; that green colour with caramel tints and that shock of vibrant red hair blended with that sme terracotta brown. She kissed him gently and stroked his cheek, smiling painfully,
"Darling." She whispered, her eyes welling up, "Run. Just run far from here and don't look back, okay?"

Gerard nodded and hugged her, breathing her smell for what was to be the last time. A man came running up to them, dodging the beams of light, one narrowly missing his head - Doctor Deathdefying. A small boy ran beside him, little legs struggling to catch up.

"Mikey!" she breathed, holding him close. "Thank goodness you're safe!" Gerard's mother shooed Mikey toward him.

"GERARD!" he smiled, his blonde hair messy and tangled, his greeny blue eyes glittering with excitement. So innocent, Gerard thought, taking his little brothers hand and smiling too, so innocent. Their mother kissed them both.

"Now run!" she whispered urgently...

Another explosion came from the right as the two boys ran, Mikey was took off his feet by the vibrations and the hair on Gerard's head was singed. Mikey picked himself back up, running back alongside his brother,
"Why we running?" he asked, puzzled. "Where's mommy?" Gerard stopped and hunkered down next to his tiny sibling,
"We are playing hide-and-seek, Mikey." he said. Mikey's eyes lit up at these words.
"Hide-and-seek?" he repeated, "Hide-and-seek!!"

There was a scream of help behind them, Gerard turned to see his mother grabbed by two men in white coats. He turned back to Mikey,
"HIDE!!!" he shouted, "HIDE WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE YOU!" Mikey didn't need to be told twice and he shot off into the darkness.

Gerard turned on his heel and ran back from where he came,
"MUM!" he shouted, struggling to be heard over the gunfire and explosions that surrounded him. Smoke made his eyes water in protest and cough terribly. He saw the men in white and his mom in their arms. He started toward them but the smoke was too much to bare, his head was light and the world was out of focus. He stumbled blindly,
"M-U-U-U-U-U-U-M!" He wailed. Gerard was almost there when something hard smacked him in the side of the face and he fell head over heel, right in front of his mother.

A man walked up to them, a gun in his hand. He wore a suit that reminded Gerard of the pirates he read about in his and Mikey's story books. The man raised his gun at Gerard's mum, finger on the trigger. Gerard wanted to get up, to stop him, but everything was going so slowly and he slipped in and out of conciousness.

Mikey was now dragged forward, his face covered in blood and dirt. The men in white coats threw him to the ground where he lay limply, the pirate man laughed in a way that would haunt Gerard for years to come.

The trigger was pulled, envoloping his mum in white light. She slumped to the dirt, dead. Her unfocused eyes staring right into Gerard's....

....Party Poison woke up screaming, Korse's laugh still echoing around his head.
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