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Detonator Static Monster

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Hope you like your chapter, Detonator Static Monster.

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Grace and Detonator

Detonator tucked Grace in, using the couch as a makeshift bed for her,
"Night, Grace." she whispered. It had been a week since she had found Grace at that house, crying next to her parents dead bodies. Poor kid. But Detonator was determined to get the small child somewhere safe, no matter the consequences.

She sat at the window and sighed. But this semi destroyed mansion would have to do for now. She took a photo out of her jeans, the picture was frayed at the edges but the image was more or less intact. It showed her a year before she ran from Battery City and a boy her age. He was fifteen, he had bright red hair, caramel eyes with the slightest flecks of emerald green, a small upturned nose, triangular cheek bones and an impish grin on his mischeivous face.

She smiled sadly, Gerard was her best friend and she just left him behind when she had run away five years ago at the age of twelve. She had tried to find him and his younger brother, Mikey but had never succeeded and she had all but given up hope.
She stared at the image of herself. She hadn't changed much really, Her long black hair still fell to her shoulders but there was a neon pink strek running through her side fringe. Her eyes had lost some of their shine since she had left but they were still that same shade of vibrant green.

Detonator sighed again, placing the small photograph next to her head as she lay down, snuggling into the blankets. The moon glimmered brightly, creating silver shafts of lights to dance across the room, bathing everythimg in a glittering glow.

Grace shifted in her sleep and mumbled some random words softly. Detonator chuckled a small smile dancing across her face. Grace was a good kid, a little on the shy side but not afraid to express her opinion on something she did not like.

Being nineteen, Detonator had to make sure she set a good example to Grace. She had already taught the small child how to steal, scavange, use a pistol, tune into radio stations, hi-jack vehichles and how to dish out insults. So far the kid was doing great and picked up on everything Detonator could throw at her. Why, just the other day, Grace cheated at her first poker game so well she had managed to win this old house here way out in Zone Five, far away from most dangers to them.

Detonator looked at the photo one last time like she did every night, and repeated the same words she said everytime,
"Goodnight Gerard and Mikey. I don't know if you guys are still alive but I hope you are. I'll keep on searching no matter what the chances are. I miss you guys so much. Goodnight, God bless and keep fucking safe until I can find you again, kay?"

She settled into the blankets and let the overwhelming power of sleep take her into a dreamless slumber, unaware that her time of searching for the two brothers was finally drawing to a close.
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