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Just a filler chapter.

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(Fun Ghoul)

Fun Ghoul heard screaming. He shot up, smackimg his forehead off a low shelf and his back burning in agony. He cursed, falling back onto the pillows breathing heavily. Dark patches blossomed across his vision but he pushed them away.

A girl came over to him, she had cropped auburn hair and soft brown eyes just like his own. She knelt next to him and put her arm beneath his shoulder blades. She smiled warmly,
"Would you like some help?" she asked. Fun Ghoul smiled weakly,
"Yes, please."

After a few minutes of cursing in pain, he was back on his feet.
"Here." said the girl, offering him some sort of blue gel sac. She saw the look on his face."For the pain."
Fun Ghoul nodded and accepted the small gift,

"Thanks." he mumbled. The girl smiled at him again, but this time with sympathy.
"My name is Disenchanted. Well its not my real name but a cover one; Disenchanted Detonator. What's yours?"

Fun Ghoul looked at her.
"Fun. My name is Fun Ghoul." he said as he watched her put on a pair of red and green roller blades. She caught him looking.
"I have to deliver a message." she explained."All messengers have to wear blades it is a sort of uniform ya know?"

Fun Ghoul didn't know, eager to change the subject he said,
"Do you know where my friends are?"

She looked up.
"Hmmmmm? Oh! Yes. The good looking dude with the red hair? He's in the other room on the couch with his just equally handsome brother. The afro dude I haven't really seen, his head is still in the fridge I suppose, moaning that he is humgry." She stared right into Fun Ghoul's eyes."You know sweetie, you ain't so bad yourself..."
Fun Ghoul laughed awkwardly,
"Ummmm. I gotta go." With that he shot off into the other room, not looking back once.
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