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The Fabulous Killjoys

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Cars, spray paints, diet issues and a friend for Fun Ghoul.

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The Fabulous Killjoys


So the days and the weeks passed. Each new dawn swiftly giving way to night, and still Korse didn't come.
The four friends had settled into a daily routine among Deathdefying and his fugitives that always didn't stay long enough to befriend. Party Poison would while away the hours flirting with the many girls who had taken to his looks, whilst Fun Ghoul tried to avoid Disenchanted Detonator at all costs but to no avail. He was more often than not, found cowering against the wall like a cornered rabbit, sending imploring looks of help to anyone that bothered to notice as Disenchanted attempted her seemingly endless list of pick up lines.

The only thing to have changed was the gas station itself. Completely refurbished, the station was no longer run down but open for anyone with a,
"Car." Party Poison said in disbelief as the blindfolds were removed one by one.
"Well," grinned Dr. D, tucking the blindfolds into his pocket,"Whaddaya think?"

The car was a thing of pure beauty. Perfect from its pearl white base coat and tinted windows to the soft leather interior. She was a heartstopper and no other car could compare.
"Woah! Where did you get this?!" Exclaimed Fun Ghoul, his hands touching the carbon fibre hood lightly, as if he couldn't comprehend the car was really there. Doctor Deathdefying smiled and sighed,
"Me and your mum stole her, Party." Kobra looked out of the cars window, waiting for his brothers reaction. Party smiled painfully, his eyes welled up but he blinked back the tears.

"Really?" He whispered. Deathdefying laughed, remembering that night.
"I'll still never know how she managed to steal this car whilst she was pregnant. Your mother was definately a woman of many talents...
Anyhow, your mother left this car to you two!!" He continued, pointing at Kobra and Party. "You two decide what to do with it."

Both Party and Kobra shared a look and grinned, "Let's go for a drive." They said simultaneously.

"WOOOOOOOOO!!" Fun Ghoul screamed as he flung his arms up in the air, the top half of his body showing out of the sun roof the other half still in the car. "DO IT AGAIN!!!" He shreiked clapping his hands as Party pulled out of the drift, the tyres screaming and kicking up dust. Fun Ghoul"s hair whipped into his eyes as Party flung the car into another drift. Fun was enjoying himself immensely, rather un like Kobra and Jet, who had both turned a funny shade of green.

Suddenly, Fun Ghoul saw movement out of the corner of his eye. "PARTY! STOP!" Poison slammed the brakes, bringing the car to an abrupt halt. The dust cleared to reveal a collie dog sitting, quite happily a few inches from the front of the cars bumper. Fun got out and slowly walked over to the animal. It was adorable. The collie was black with a white snout and chest but had one blue eye and one brown, it was far to skinny, like it hadn't eaten in days but it managed to wag its tail, delighted to see someone at last. Fun Ghoul reached out tentatively, ready to snatch his hand away should it attempt to bite him. The dog sniffed his fingers then started to lick his palm. Fun smiled, he had always had a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. He tickled the collies ears and laughed as it rolled onto its back, expcting a tummy rub which Fun did, noticing how knotted and tangled its fur was. He looked up at Party Poison,

"Can I keep it?" he asked, pulling the cutest pair of puppy eyes he could master. Party Poison gave in and grinned,
"I suppose it can't hurt."
"YAY!" Fun giggled, leading the dog to the car and seating it in the middle, upon where it slobbered all over Jet Star's face before deciding to settle down, laying its head on Fun's lap. "Good boy, Gunpowder." he laughed, as Jet completely freked, wiping the dog spit off his face with his bandana.
Party Poison looked at him, "Gunpowder?" he asked raising his eyebrow. Fun nodded his head,
"That's what I have decided to name him, I named my first dog Gunpowder..."
Party smiled, he had never seen his best friend so happy since they left.

Fun Ghoul scratched Gunpowder's ears again and dug around in his bag. He took out an old dog coller, emblazoned with the name GUNPOWDER in big, yellow letters on a vibrant green leather strap. He clipped it around his dogs neck, it fitted perfectly. The drive back was quiet and uneventful with little conversation. But back at Doctor Deathdefying's hideout things were really starting to kick off.
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