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Inked Afterlife

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They found us...

(Inked Afterlife)

Inked Afterlife sat in her room, munching on a cookie from the secret stash under her pillow. She had managed to keep them safe from Jet Star, which was an admirable feat considering that guy could sniff out food a mile off. An old Bon Jovi song came on the radio;
"Woah! We're halfway there!,
Oh-oh! Livin' on a prayer!"

She laughed as she looked at the shabby room at the far corner of Deathdefyings gas station. She definately was living on prayer. They all were.

She heard a yell of help from outside. She grabbed her gun and shoved her cookies into her rucksack alongside her medical pack and slung the small bag over her shoulder. She slid along the halls, her back against the wall like a ninja.

She heard more screaming and yelling and she looked through the window.
"Shit." she breathed. Twenty or so draculoids surrounded the gas station, battling it out against the killjoys. She ran outside, her laser blasting like crazy, taking down two dracs at point blank range. One drac grabbed her and she cursed. She twisted his arm and ducked under it, she followed through with a low spin kick, taking the dracs feet from under him. He fell to the floor and she stood on his neck, pressing down firmly until she heard a satisfying snap and felt his body fall limp. For a fifteen year old, she was a skilled fighter, preferring the ninja side of attacking she was light on her feet and skinny, but she could pack a punch.

A drac made for her and she raised her gun. She pulled the trigger. No laser beam. She froze. She was out of ammo and she couldn't take down a drac with a gun in hand.

This was it. She was gonna die. No hope for her now. The drac came closer but she didn't run. She couldn't, she was frozen in fear. Suddenly a blast of light came behind her as the drac pulled the trigger. The laser beam grazed her arm, burning her flesh and she cried out in pain, able to move again. The drac fell to the dust, dead. A car swearved up, and a long, black haired man leaned out of the sun roof, a green pistol in his hands. A red haired man stuck his head out of the divers window,
"GET IN....NOW!!!" he shouted, a yellow mask over the top half of his face, but his eyes, caramel mixed with vivid green, shone brightly from under the material.

She picked her way over the corpses, both drac and killjoy, one of which was Disenchanted Detonator. Her friend. She pushed thoughts of her back and sprinted for the car. The door opened and a man with a frizzy brown afro held his hand out to her. It was Jet Star. She took his hand and he pulled her in. She winced as she landed on her injured arm.

"What the fuck happened there?" Party Poison said, shocked at the dead bodies behind us as we floored it, tyres screetching in a wheelspin before shooting forward. "Tell me later, we need to find aa refuge. Bro, whatchaa got for me?" Kobra Kid pointed to a small building om his map, "There's a mansion he said up ahead. A fifteen minute drive, it's still in Zone Five. But knowing your driving we can make it in ten."
Party Poison grinned mischeivously, "Bet I can do it in five."
Kobra gluped, "Had a feeling you were gonna say that..."

The engine roared as the car reaached one hundered and fifty mph and Fun Ghoul still stood up out of the sun roof, wooping and shouting for Party Poison to do two hundered. Inked laughed as Jet and Kobra turned from pale to a sickly green. The dog, Gunpowder, buried his head in her lap and she tickled his ears, soothing him as she strapped her seatbelt over her in a desperate attempt for road safety. They made haste toward the apparently abandoned mansion, unaware that Party and Kobra would soon be meeting a very old childhood friend...
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