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Well. That was rather unexpected.

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Childhood friends are finally reunited.

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Well. That was unexpected.

(Detonator Static Monster)

Grace sat as Detonator packed up their belongings, she spoke to her teddy that Detonator had found whilst out at the Black Market.
"It's okay, Lazerburn." she mumbled, her finger tracing the dark, singed patch of fur on the bear's arm, hence the name Lazerburn. She held the teddy close to her chest. She hated moving around from place to place so often. As did Detonator, but they weren't safe here anymore. Especially now that she had heard Doctor Death say even his place had been attacked.

"We are gonna go somewhere safe, Lazerburn. We might even find a friend for me. I'd like to have another friend. I only have Detonator, but she's too old to share my secrets with." Detonator smiled as she handed Grace her jacket and biker helmet with goggles.
"Come on, Gracie. We gotta go now." Grace nodded and slipped into her biker gear, tucking her teddy into her side bag. They made their way downstairs when lights suddenly flashed by the window.


She shooed Grace back upstairs and told her to wait for her signal. Grace shot back up the steps, clutching Lazerburn once again to her chest.
Detonator stood on the steps, her gun poised at the front door. Her heart hammered against her chest so hard she wouldn't have been shocked if Grace could hear it.

The door clicked open and a figure slunk inside. She pounced in front of them,
The intruder froze, his hands shot up in the air as she pressed the gun to his temple. Grace ran downstairs, holding a fission grenade, threatening the other four people behind the man.
"Grace, hit the lights for us." The lights fkickered on, humming gently. A man in his early twenties stood before her. He had caramel and green eyes with an explosion of red for a haircolour that looked as if a horde of cats had attacked it. He had a small upturned nose and high, triangular cheekbones. Detonator's eyes widened and to the man's shock she compared him to a photo in her pocket. It matched. It was him, she was sure of it.

She pulled away the gun and let it drop to the floor. The man still kept his arms up in the air, he was terrified. Detonator grabbed him and hugged him tight. She pulled away and looked her old friend fully in the face after five years apart.

"Gerard Way." she whispered, a pure grin spreading across her face for the first time in five years.
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