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Repo Lover

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(Repo Lover)

"Keep it coming, Toxic." Repo hiccoughed, sliding her shot glass back to the bar tender. Toxic looked at her, worried, but didn't say anything. He didn't want to lose a faithful, fully paying customer so soon. He sighed, filling the small glass with yet another Vodka shot, sliding it back along the bar top. Repo handed over the money and downed it quickly, hiccuping.

She took out her blade and twirled it in her hand, watching the bar lights dance off it, creating hypnotic patterns on the ceiling. She looked at her reflection and saw a completely wasted eighteen year old, with purple...wait...or was it black? She watched as another band filed onto the small stage with some interest. The lead singer was completely inked up from head to toe with dark brown hair.

"Bring...Me...The...Horizon..." She slurred, reading the bands name of the drummers kit. They started to sing. Well, they screamed actually. But to Repo that was singing. She tapped her feet along to the music, she was tipsy but at least she wasn't totally of her face like she had been in the past.

The bar door opened and four men, two women, a girl and a rather underweight collie dog entered. They looked exhausted. The ring leader, a man with scarlet hair, walked up to the bar tender. Repo couldn't help but overhear the convosation.

"Hey." said the red hair stranger."Do you know anywhere me and my friends could crash? Just for the night?" Repo recognised the man from the exterminate posters. It was Party Poison! She looked at each member of his gang in turn. There was also Fun Ghoul, Jet Star and the Kobra Kid. The two women, the kid and the dog were new though. There were no posters for them. She looked back at Toxic to see he had gone to the back room, he was holding a phone. Toxic was handing them in, like the peice of scum he was.

"Dude," She whispered, tapping Party's arm. "He's handing you in. Get out. Now!"
Party looked at her, confused. "Look." Repo muttered, pointing to Toxic's image in the glass. Party saw the phone. "Run!" Repo hissed. "I'll make a distraction!"

Party scarpered. "I'll meet you by the white van outside in two minutes!" Repo called before screaming, "BARFIIIIIGHT!!!" She landed a punch on some random guys face, within seconds the bar was in uproar. Fists flew left, right and centre. People fell to the ground whilst others flung each other into tables and over the counter of the bar.

Repo ran, her eye swollen from a random guys fist and her lip split. She laughed as she stumbled out of the doors, heading straight for the van. Sure enough, Party and his congregation on killjoys were there. "Follow my van. Keep your pistols ready and pray to God that you've got enough gas in your vehichles, cuz these guys aren't gonna give up without a good ol' fashioned car chase."

The van, car and motorbike floored it down the road, SCARECROW and Korse hot on their tails.
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