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Run, run, bunny, run.

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Korse catches up and takes a hostage... which one of our eight are to go?

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Run, run, bunny, run.

(Party Poison)

Oh My God! They're coming after us! Party panicked, forcing the car to go as fast as it could. The engine growled as the vehichle shot down the road, faster than a bullet from a revolver.

Fun Ghoul stood out the sun roof with Jet Star, blasting bursts of light at the cars tailing us. Inked Afterlife leaned out of the left passenger window with the lazer cannon strapped to her shoulder. She aimed, she pulled the trigger, the cannon bucked and a car behind them was totally obliterated.

Party saw Korse aim at them, something in his hand.... Party squinted. Shit! he thought.
"GUYS! DUCK BACK IN! KORSE HAS A FUCKING BOMB!" he screamed. Too late. An explosion to the left wheel made the car swearve off the road. The tyres lost their grip and the car flipped over and over. Fun was flung from the roof and tumbled into the road. He didn't get back up.

Jet had managed to duck back inside a second before the car flipped. Party felt weightless as the car rolled over again, he smacked his forehead off the wheel, leaving him totally disorientated. His face struck the car door, cutting deep into his cheek. The windscreen smashed and he turned his face as the small fragments of glass penetrated his skin.

Kobra was unconsious, small shards of the windscreen had cut into his throat, not deep enough to kill him but it was still a bad cut. Jet was semi-consious, his half closed eyes fluttering weakly. Inked was also unconsious, still clutching a terrified Gunpowder to her chest. Party's seatbelt snapped, the weak, moth-eaten material finally giving way. He thudded onto the roof, the impact making his bones ache. He coughed, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. He slid out the smashed window. He attempted to get up, but he just couldn't. He lay flat on his back, his bloodstained jacket was torn. A man came up to him, kneeled beside him and smiled callously.

Party was picked up by two men in white coats, they wore funny masks; white with a bloody mouth, sharp teeth and green hair. He was pulled over to a stretcher, his heels scraping along the floor. They placed Party into a van beside another man. He was also on a stretcher, a sort of breathing mouth around his face. His black hair was matted and stuck to his face by the deep split across his brow, the corner of his mouth was ripped up to his cheek and he was barely breathing, his chest lightly twitching with each little gasp he took. His eyes fluttered as he tried to look at Party. He held out his hand revealing a bloody, torn and grazed palm. Party took it and held tight.

Party started to go faint, his eyesight blurring. The lights danced in circles around his ever fading vision. The bald man was the last thing Party saw before darkness envoloped him and then there was only black.
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