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Remember Me-Best Friends Forever

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Reno thinks over everything and sets out to look for Cloud.

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Cloud Strife,Reno,Rufus Shinra - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2011-02-22 - Updated: 2011-02-22 - 502 words

Reno sat on the hotel bed and sighed with tears filling his eyes.
"How could I not realise that I was some freakish sex addict?" he asked himself.
It was true. He ran from everything after he felt satisfied. That would have happened with Cloud....He never wanted it to happen again is all he knew....He wanted to be right. He wanted so fucking badly to be normal, not a Turk, not a sex addict, just a normal guy with a drugless, alcohol-less family. A big, happy family. Not this. Quickly, he stood and took off to find Cloud. He and the blond warrior had a lot to talk about. He sprinted along the shore of the island, searching, searching. The blond was nowhere to be found. As quickly as he went to the beach, he left and went to the diner just a ways up. He peered into the window and found that spiky blond head on a tabletop. Reno was breathing excitedly now. He walked in faster than he had ever intended and sat across from the Shinra soldier.
"Go away, you freak!" Cloud cried without lifting his head.
"Listen," Reno started, "I know you're mad at me, but I would never kick someone I truly care about to the curb. I could never do that to someone who's as nice as you!"
"I bet you've said that to so many people, you bastard..." Cloud sniffled, lifting his head and staring into the blue eyes of the Turk.
"Not even one..." Reno sighed. "Maybe except for Zack, but that's because Zack is my best friend....You're different. I like you! I like you more than I can express!"
"Really?" Cloud asked seriously.
Reno nodded and started crying himself.
"Yes, yes, a million times yes!" Reno said shakily.
Cloud smiled sweetly, quietly. He then bowed his head and stared down at his folded hands. He opened them and peered into the darkness of the abyss they made together. He closed them again and looked back up at the redhead.
"Am I forgiven?" Reno wondered. "Will you give me another chance?"
"You are forgiven, but you'll hafta wait a little while on the second chance thing." He sniffled again. "We'll be friends forever, no matter what, hunh?"
Reno nodded instantly and beamed at his friend.

"This has been a weird fucking day," Reno said as they walked along the road back to the inn.
"Hell yeah, it has," Cloud agreed.
"Well, what was weird about yours?" Reno glaced at the blond. "Mine was that I found out I'm a gay sex addict who uses drugs and alcohol and people to fill the void in my heart..."
"Mine was I found out I'm, bi," Cloud stated. "I still have feelings for Aeris."
Reno nodded and hooked his arm with Cloud's. They licked their sea salt ice cream [[KINGDOM HEARTS ALERT XD]] and watched the clouds roll by on the caramel coloured sky.
Best friends forever, Reno thought. Yeah. Forever...
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