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Remember Me-Jocelyn Crescent

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After Reno leaves Nibelheim, he meets a familiar-seeming young college girl and begins hearing and following the orders of strange voices in his head.

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(WARNING: THIS CONTAINS AN OC for you noobs out there, that means original character)
Reno awoke that morning and found that the one that had brought them to Nibelheim was gone. He left nothing but a note reading:
I've left to find Lucrecia and if I am not back by morning, that means I have found her and am staying alongside her. Her life is eternal, as is mine. I shall spend it with my true love. you should do the same.

The redhead growled, "Fuck you, Vincent. I can run my own life."
He dressed into uniform and woke the others to lead them on to the headquarters. They climbed out of their inn beds and groaned being as it was only 5:30 in the morning and none of them really got to sleep until around 3:15.
"Listen!" Reno yelled over all of their complaining, catching their attention. "It's your own fucking faults and if you want to make it to headquarters before Tseng realizes we're actually gone, I'd suggest you all just shut the fuck up and get your lazy asses downstairs in the next ten minutes or I'm leaving without you!"
Reno stormed down the stairs, leaving the girls who continuously fought over him speechless, Shinra impressed, and James exclaiming in congratulations to his father for taking control. The redhead was literal when he meant he'd only wait ten minutes. When no one came down, he stormed out the front doors after paying for their stay and walked out of Nibelheim. He stormed the fields until he found himself face-to-face with a WEAPON. He gasped as the huge monster roared.
"I am so fucked!" he exclaimed.
"No you're not!" a voice called from behind him.
The redhead turned to find Zack and Cloud running with their swords drawn. They struck the WEAPON and, in that one double hit, defeated the WEAPON(for now).
"Thank you so much," Reno breathed.
"No problem," Zack shrugged as he placed his hand on Cloud's shoulder.
"Still the best of friends, I see," Reno smiled as if it was the only good thing to happen to him.
"Of course," Zack smiled back. "No girl's gonna come between me and Mudkip, here." (author's note: I've been watching a lot of SonsofSatire's Crisis Core Dub Parody and Final Fantasy VII Abridged)
"Well, thank you," Reno sighed.
"It was nothing," Cloud replied.
Zack and Cloud bid Reno farewell then ran in another direction. The redhead began walking again when he heard voice calling his name. He looked all around him, but realized no one was there. Was he just hearing things? He shook his head, sending his ponytail flying, and continued on. He reached Junon just in time to spot SOLDIERs First Class Genesis Rhapsodos, Sephiroth Crescent, and Angeal Hewley. Genesis had medium reddish hair, Sephiroth had long, long silver hair, and Angeal had mid-length black hair. Each had a spectacular sword. Genesis had a customized red sword in which glowed when he ran his fingers along it, Sephiroth had an astonishingly long sword, and Angeal had what was called the Buster Sword. It was rather large...
"What the hell are they doing this close Junon?" he asked himself.
"Ask them, Reno," a voice came.
Reno looked around. Still no one. But, for some strange reason, he had the urge to ask. He ran to them and they just stared at him with their heads cocked to the side.
"What are you guys doing here instead of in Midgar?" Reno asked, following the directions of the strange voice.
"We're on vacation," Sephiroth replied.
Reno looked at them in confusion before coming back to his senses and realizing that he was talking to the SOLDIERs.
"Oh, my god!" Reno breathed. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me!"
The SOLDIERs looked from one to another before Reno ran as far as he possibly could. He could hear the voices swarming his head. Overlapping one another. All he could think was, Where the fuck are those voices coming from? He continued to run until he reached the actual city of Junon. He looked around and saw beautiful women everywhere. He walked up to one and leaned against the wall beside her, looking sexy.
"What's your name, baby?" he asked.
"Jocelyn Crescent," she replied with a shy smile.
The young girl was in a yellow bikini with blue flowers all over it and her long, platinum blond hair was pulled back into a gently flowing ponytail.
"I'm Reno Alexandre," he smiled. "Listen. What are you doing later?"
"I was going to dinner with some of my girlfriends, but I can cancel since we're in university together," she responded, her huge sapphire eyes widening to become even larger.
"You're a college girl, huh?" Reno smirked.
"Yeah," she giggled.
"I'm a Turk," Reno sighed. "I used to be a male stripper, but I also used to get in a lot of trouble, so I got arrested by Shinra and they liked my style, so..."
"That's so cool!" Jocelyn exclaimed. "You're life is, like, so totally better than mine!"
"I'm sure," Reno scoffed. "How old are you, babe?"
"I'm turning nineteen next month," Jocelyn said like it was something to be proud of.
"Okay," Reno grinned. "Take me to the nearest inn and we can get ready to go to the beach tonight after dark."
She blushed and said, "You can come to my room, if you'd like."
Reno nodded, so Jocelyn led him to the inn and to her room. It was lucky Reno carried a bag with him everywhere that had spare clothes and trunks.
The day passed by as Reno spent it talking with Jocelyn about what he thought college girls would like. Then, he changed into his trunks and slipped on a white t-shirt on top. Jocelyn had on a short sun dress over her bikini. They tiptoed out to the beach, lied out their towels, and sat down. Reno stared at the radiant beauty of the girl and couldn't help but move closer to her, turn her head toward him, and smush his mouth against hers. She turned her body toward his and he lied her back. He was using his arms to keep him up. Jocelyn wrapped her arms around Reno's neck as he pushed his tongue inside her mouth. He lifted up and smiled at her.
"Let's get a little wet before anything happens," Reno smirked. "There's really no point to coming to the beach unless you're either(a)gonna get wet, or(b)gonna catch up on your tan and I don't think that's really an option right now."
She nodded and Reno pushed himself up, pulled off his tee, and ran out into the water. The young silver-haired girl followed and they splashed around a bit.
The next morning, the redhead awoke to find that they were still on the beach on Jocelyn's towel. There were people stepping around them, sure not to wake them. Reno got up before Jocelyn and looked around. Then, he spotted a group of familiar people. Shinra, Cessnai, Scarlet, James, and Elena. He winced before he headed over to them.
"Reno!" Rufus exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around the frisky Turk.
"What the fuck are you doing?" Reno demanded.
"You scared the shit out of us!" he growled as he pulled back and joined the others.
"I plainly said that if you weren't down there in ten minutes, I was leaving without you," Reno retorted.
Cessnai looked away from him, Scarlet glared, and Elena just shook her head while James was running over to his redheaded father with pride of being kin.
"Who're they?" a sleepy voice asked from behind him.
Reno turned and saw that Jocelyn was awake. "Some of my supposed friends and this here," he gestured to James, "is my twelve-year-old son."
"Twelve?" she demanded in shock. "What the fuck? How old are you?"
"Twenty-four," Reno replied sheepishly and Jocelyn's jaw dropped. "Okay. The blond dude over there is the soon-to-be president of Shinra Inc., Rufus Shinra. He's my boss and pretty much my best friend. The reddish-haired girl is Cessnai, one of my co-workers, as are the two blond chicks over there. The one with the one blue eye, one red is Scarlet, and the other is Elena." He walked to the others. "This is Jocelyn Crescent."
Elena and Rufus's eyes widened a bit before they strode over to talk to her. Reno stayed with James as the tiny skater boy told him about meeting Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal for the first time. Reno loved having a son, despite the newly found responsibilities.
"Reno," Jocelyn whispered when James was done. Reno moved closer and she asked, "Why are those three girls glaring at me?"
"Past affairs which they should be over by now," I growled loud enough for them to hear.
They rolled their eyes and Jocelyn wondered, "What are your stories?"
"I'm a one-night-stand," Elena snarled.
"I'm the mother of his child," Scarlet sneered.
"And I was his first real girlfriend," Cessnai scoffed.
Reno's eyes widened as Jocelyn began laughing. "I've met guys like him. They all end up dead within the ages of twenty-five and thirty."
Reno gasped and walked over to pull Shinra with him to the inn. They ran up the stairs to the room in which Reno was invited to stay.
After he slammed the door, he panted, "I think Jocelyn may be Sephiroth's daughter."
"Why do you say that?" Rufus asked.
"First off, her last name is Crescent," Reno began. "Secondly, she has silver hair. And thirdly, I overheard Sephiroth talking about the exact same thing as what she just said."
"Sephiroth?" Rufus squeaked.
Reno nodded before covering his mouth and breathing, "And I fucked her last night! Oh, shit! I'm so screwed!"
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