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Remember Me-Harsh Realizations

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Reno comes to a realization after his "encounter" with Jocelyn.

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"Calm down, Reno!" Rufus exclaimed as the redhead began pacing and muttering to himself.
"Calm down? Calm down?," Reno growled as he turned to the president of Shinra Inc. "How the fuck do I calm down when I did Sephiroth, the greatest SOLDIER 1st Class ever's, daughter?"
Rufus sighed, walked over to the redhead, and planted a kiss right on his lips. Reno backed away immediately to find Shinra smile and walk out.
"What the fuck?" Reno squeaked, touching his lips.
It took him back to when he was a stripper and had to strip for Rufus. There was no way that had been planned. The redhead ran from the room, chased down Shinra, and tackled him.
"Reno!" Rufus exclaimed. The blondheaded man turned over and had the redhead sitting on top of him. "What the hell-" Then, Reno cut him off by pressing his lips to Shinra's slightly parted ones.
The frisky redhead grasped the folds of his boss's suit jacket and Rufus did the same with Reno's jacket. There they were, in the middle of the hotel's fourth floor hallway, openly making out with one another. Reno honestly began to wonder if there was something wrong with him. Then, he stood up, looked at Rufus for a moment, and walked away. He pressed the tips of his fingers to his lips again and smiled. Why had he never realized he had a thing for his boss? Instead, he filled the void with sex and girls and drugs. He was confused as hell, but it was over and done with.
He ran outside and was immediately confronted by Cloud Strife, a sweet little Shinra worker, and Reno's newest friend.
"Hey Reno," Cloud said, startled.
Reno grabbed Cloud's wrist and pulled him into the inn, past Shinra, and into the room.
Reno closed the door after he threw Cloud in and Cloud asked, "What the hell is going on?"
"I kissed Shinra," Reno replied quickly.
"You what?" Cloud squeaked.
"I know!" Reno exclaimed. "I fucking kissed my fucking boss!"
"Damn, dude!" Cloud laughed. "You're confused as fuck!"
"And you're cursing more than normal..." Reno stated. "What's going on, Strife?"
"Aeris went back to Zack, but it's okay because I know I'm the rebound," Cloud shrugged.
Reno nodded and then hugged his friend.
"It'll be okay, man," Reno whispered.
Cloud sniffled and nodded. Then, Reno had the urge to kiss him too....As the blond warrior pulled away, Reno stopped him and stared into his eyes. Cloud was confused. Then, the redhead pulled Cloud back in and lightly touched his lips to the mako-infused teen. The weird thing was that Cloud wasn't resisting. Then Reno started to get a little more intimate. He wrapped his arms around the blond and pressed against him, strengthening his lip-lock on the soldier. Then, he violently shoved his tongue in to meet Cloud's.
"What the fuck?" someone shouted from the doorway.
Quickly, Cloud and Reno practically jumped to opposite sides of the room. Then, the redhead looked at the person only to see that it was Scarlet.
"Scarlet..." Reno breathed.
"I'll see you later, Reno," Cloud said and started to walk out, but Scarlet stopped him.
"Not so fast, Blondie," Scarlet growled.
Cloud cringed and walked back toward the Turk.
"What do you want, Scarlet?" Reno demanded.
"Is he why you left me?" she asked.
"I left you because I was fucking everything that moved then," Reno snarled. "I never knew you were going to get pregnant with James!"
"And I never knew you'd turn out to be a gay bastard," Scarlet snapped and left angrily.
Reno sighed an hung his head. Cloud just rested his hand on the redhead's shoulder, causing Reno to look up again and meet those beautiful mako-coated baby blues. He couldn't help it. He picked up the blond boy and threw him on the bed, crawling on top of him and pressing his longing lips to Cloud's. Was that really why he'd been having such a hard time with women? Because he didn't even like women? He started to figure so, considering how into Cloud he was at the moment. Cloud could feel the Turk getting hard and smiled through their connected lips. He laughed a little, so Reno lifted up.
"What's so funny?" he asked.
"I didn't realize you were this into me," Cloud grinned.
Reno rolled his eyes with a smirk and kissed his friend again. For some bizarre reason, Reno felt that Cloud was right. He really was into him. He wanted to take it slowly. It was a feeling he'd never actually experienced, considering he'd been with more girls than he could count with the fingers on either of his hands by the time he was fourteen. Never once did he feel that way. Maybe except for with Cessnai (sorry, I now know that it is Cissnai, but throughout the story, I've called her Cessnai). Though, Cloud wanted him just as badly, apparently, so he just went with the flow and let Cloud take the pace he felt comfortable.
"What. The. Fuck?" a familiar voice growled from the doorway, just as Scarlet had.
Reno lifted up and looked to find James.
"Shit," the redheaed sighed quietly and crawled off of his new boy toy. He walked over to James and knelt down in front of him. "Son, listen..."
"What is there to listen to?" James asked, tearing up. "You left Mom because you like guys Dad! You broke her goddamn heart because you wanted to be with a blond male cock-sucker!"
"That was uncalled for," Reno stated harshly. "Cloud has nothing to do with why I left your mother....I left her because it didn't feel right. She wasn't the one for me."
"I'm sure that's the case!" James cried and ran out.
Reno sighed and stood up. Then, Cloud bumped his shoulder against Reno as he walked past him and started to head out. Quickly, the redhead caught the blond's wrist and pulled him back inside.
"What's wrong?" Reno asked.
Cloud turned his head with a tear streaming down his cheek and stared into Reno's eyes.
"Who is the one for you, Reno?" Cloud demanded. "Shinra? Zack?"
"I don't know yet, but it could be you!" Reno exclaimed.
"Really Reno?" Cloud snapped. "Really? Or do you say that to just anyone that you want to keep around until you fuck them?"
Cloud jerked his arm away from an astonished Reno and walked away, wiping his eyes. What if Cloud was right? What if he just tried to keep them around long enough just to break them? Maybe he was just a sick sex addict....Then again, maybe he was just trying to get on someone's bad side just so they'd kill him...
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