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the sweet sound of the bells

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Dinner wasn't actually that bad. Some of the toppings Ray and Jackie chose were a bit odd, but were all together rather nice. Who'd have thought quorn chicken, garlic and banana actually tastes GOOD?
" I think we should go out tonight baby." Gerard mumbled stroking my hair gently as we lay in front of the telly, feeling fat from dinner.
"Sure, why not. You up for it guys?" I asked
"Yeah." Ray said
"Fuck yeah!" Bob and Jackie said, while Hollie, Cheyenne and Mikey just nodded.
"Let's go then." Gerard said, pulling me up and towards the door, our new housemates following close behind. We all piled into the rocco, it was a four seater, but you could get all of us in there some how, though I was sure it wasn't legal. But illegal things are always so much fun!
"There's a nice bar on the outskirts of town, called the compass's." Jackie said, pushing the spedo over 120mph as we bolted down the motor way.
"FOR FUCK'S SAKE SLOW DOWN! I WANT TO DIE IN A RESTURANT GUN FIGHT, NOT LIKE THIS!!" Gerard screamed suddenly as his eyes clocked on the speedometer.
"Jeez, calm down. I know what I'm doing." Jackie teased, pushing the car faster to 150mph, before swinging round the corner into the car park using a handbrake turn. Gerard had started hyperventalation as we piled out of the car.
"Gerard, are you okay. Please try to breathe." Mikey soothed, propping him up against the side of the car and rubbing his shoulders.
"I-I just k-kept seeing... s-seeing.." He stuttered, gasping for breath.
"Seeing what, Gee?" I asked, trying to soothe him.
"D-dad's body." He said collapsing into heaving sobs on the ground.
"It's okay Gee. That was a long time ago, Jackie wouldn't crash us like Dad did. Me, you and Mom got out okay, didn't we? The only person he physically hurt was himself." Mikey soothed. Something seemed to click in Jackie's eyes as she dropped to the floor next to Gerard, scooping him up into a hug and rocking him gently.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I had no idea, I'm so sorry Gerard, please don't cry." She begged before setting him down on his feet again.
"It's okay." Gerard's voice was still weak from the panic attack, but he was over it.
"I'll keep below 70 on the way back, I promise." She said before leading us into the bar. It had a sort of greasy rock star look, loud screaming music blasting out of the stereo, booze and smoke going everywhere and guys and girls were making out wherever there was space.
"Billy! Get your but down here!" Jackie called to the barman, waving at a man in a leather jacket the other end of the bar.
"JACKZZZZ! I'm comiiiing." He shouted, skipping over to our end of the bar. He was drunk and higher than a kite. "What you guys want to driiiiink?" He slurred.
"KRONENBERG!" Jackie shouted.
"Same." Ray said.
"Same." Bob said.
"Coke." Cheyenne said, before eyeing the man suspiciously. "The kind you drink."
"J20, orange." Hollie said
" Carlsberg for me please." Mikey said, giving Gerard a warning look.
"Vodka, straight." Gerard stated, winning a warning look off Mikey. "Look, I want to see if I can have one without getting completely shitfaced." He pleaded.
"Kay, but not vodka, for god's sake."
"Me and Frankie will have a Carling then." He told the barman as we were handed our drinks.
As the night grew on, Gerard stuck to his word and had no more than one, me and Mikey stuck with him on that and Hollie and Cheyenne stuck to soft drinks. Bob got slightly tipsy and then decided to stop. Jackie and Ray however, got incredibly sloshed. I didn't think it was possible for a human body to take that much alcahol. I was proud of Gerard for stopping at one, it seemed like a struggle, but he did it.
"Guy's, I think we should get going." I said looking at my watch. "It's three in the morning." Jackie and Ray grumbled unhappily, but they did actually get up and walk to the parking lot. Much to Gerard's panic, Jackie got behind the wheel and started the engine before reversing out of the parking lot at a rather alarming speed.
"I don't think you should drive.." Hollie started.
"Shut it. I'll keep below seventy, as promised." She grunted. Actually, she was a better driver drunk than sober, less fast anyway.
We got home at around half three, me and Gerard went up to our room, Mikey and Hollie did the same, Bob and Cheyenne crashed on the couch while Jackie and Ray passed out on the kitchen floor.
Gerard sat on the bed and patted by his side- wanting me to come sit next to him. I obliged and I could tell he had something on his mind.
"Frank, can I ask you something?" He said, taking my hands and looking straight into my eyes.
"Sure, shoot."
"Frankie, will you... will you, uhmmm"
"Will I what, Gerard."
"Will you, urrrm. M-marry me?" He stuttered, blushing red and looking down. My mouth seemed incapable of anwsering, I must have looked shocked or terrified.
"Oh, I-I'm so-sorry." He stuttered, backing off." I d-didn't mean to scare you." I couldn't think of anything to say, there was nothing to say. Did he really not know the anwser already? I grabbed his face and kissed him with everything my tiny body could muster.
" Gerard Arthur Way. Of course I will fucking marry you, you silly softy!" I squealed, snuggling gently into the crook of his neck and wrapping my arms around him, now sitting completely on his lap.
" Thankyou Frankie." He breathed, letting go of a breath he didn't know he was holding. "One more thing." He said, fishing around in his pockets and pulling out a small black box. "Will you wear this for me?" He asked opening the box to show me the most beautiful gold ring I had ever seen. He took it out of the box and handed it to me. On the inside was inscribed 'the only hope for me is you' in amazing calligraphy. He pulled my left hand from around his waist and slipped the ring onto my third finger. I examined it carefully, it fit perfectly.
"Gee, your amazing. The only hope for me is you too." I grinned, cheesy as the line was, it was true and we both knew it.
"I love you Frankie, so much." He mumbled against my hair, holding me tighter against his strong chest.
"Uhmmm, how did you afford this Gee?" I asked, truly worried- none of us had money.
" It was my Grandma Helena's, she was the person I loved most in the world, until I met you." I grinned and snuggled closer, it was now almost physically impossible for us to get any closer.
"I love you Gee." I whispered.
"I love you too Frankie."
"How are we going to tell the others. Won't it be a bit awkward with a married couple in the house? Oh my God, I'm not eighteen until October! We'll have to tell my parents! Oh God! Does your Mom know?" I suddenly started panicking.
"I don't know Frankie, and your parent's don't have to agree to it. Technically, you're guardian till your 18 is my Mom, and I'm sure she'll agree to it. I know this is moving fast. But I'm going with the flow because the currants to fast to swim against. And I'm sure the guys will understand, they'll be happy for us. As long as we're happy, they'll be happy too." Gerard reassured, squeezing me for reassurance.
"Okay, sorry. Panicking is one of the things I do best." I blushed.
"It's okay, remember this evening? I do it pretty well too." He laughed lightly. I got up and flicked the lights out, taking him by surprise. "What the-" I broke him off with a quick kiss.
"Fwankie's tired now. Fwankie wants to sleep. Come on GeeGee, bed time." I said in the sweetest and cutest tone my broken voice could muster.
" Awww, how cute. Okay Frankie." He said softly, I heard his T-shirt and jeans drop to the floor as I dropped my own and slid under the covers.
"Night night Frankie." He said, cuddling me close into his chest.
"Night night GeeGee." I mumbled, already half way to my dream land.
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