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It had been around 3 months since we all had dinner at the girls'. Ray and Jackie were hardly ever around and graduation was coming up soon, it was June. And at our school, we left on the 18th, Mom was suggesting that maybe me and Frank got our own place after graduation and everyones parents were anxious to get rid of their kids. When Ray and Jackie were around, they never told us what they had been up to and they never had money, which was unusual. Ray worked at the record store on a Saturday and Jackie worked at the mechanics, they were only morning jobs but they payed well. Me and Mikey were getting worried, about Ray especially, what were they spending their money on? I'd had some pretty bad habits, I spent all the money I could find on alcahol, xanax and cocaine. It wasn't likely that Ray would do any of that, especially after seeing the effect it had on me and my family, but there was still a possibility. If Jackie wanted something, she was manipulative and crazy enough to get it relatively easy, and her track record wasn't exactly squeaky clean either. Mikey had talked to me about this, purely worried about his best friend, in fact, we'd all talked about it. We were sure they wouldn't but we all had doubts.
School had been easy, the teachers let us all off easily seeing as there wasn't much point in last year anyway and considering what we'd all gone through. The jocks trial had gone through and they were now rotting in a New Jersey prison grave. People at school just looked through us, making no contact or communication, like we were figments of their imaginations. I didn't mind- none of us did, the less notice was taken of us the better.
It was Friday the 18th of June tommorrow, the day we would leave school for good, I had been accepted into an art college, while everyone else had been accepted into the college right next to it. Jackie hadn't said whether she'd been accepted into a college or not, if she even applied. But I was sure she'd find something to do with her life that was of at least a small use to the human race. Frank's ribs had nearly completeley healed and I'd known him for two months now, I wanted to bind us together forever, I didn't care how long it had been. I loved him more than anything and he reciprocated that love. Anybody could see just by looking at us sitting together in a group, even if they had no idea who we were, that all of us had found our soulmate, our one in a million and we were never going to let that go.
"GERARD!" Mikey yelled from upstairs.
"WHAT!" I screamed back.
"SHIT!"I yelled as I legged it up the stairs from my basement bedroom, Frank was on his knees on the floor and shaking, he'd been feeling a little dodgy lately and the nerves of graduation were getting to him. It was nothing special at our school though, no ceremony, no odd hats, just a 'here are your certificates, there's the gate, have a nice life.' Sort of thing. I knelt down beside him and rubbed his back soothingly, he gripped my T- shirt like it was a life line he never wanted to let go of.
"Just gimme some asprin and I'll be fine, must have been something I ate." Me mumbled as I picked him up and cradled him like a baby against my chest.
"Okay Frankie." I soothed, grabbing some pills and heading back down stairs, still carrying Frankie against my chest. I lay him down on the bed and he swallowed the pills I gave him obediently. He snuggled down under the covers and pulled me down next to him, closing his eyes and relaxing into the pillows.
"You okay now baby?" I asked
"Yeah, I jst need some sleep and I'll be fine by tommorrow, I get sick easily." He replied and a few minutes later he was fast asleep, arms wrapped around my waist and smiling gently in his sleep. I pulled the covers further over us and was soon asleep myself.

"GERARD, FRANK, WE HAVE 10 MINUTES TO GET TO SCHOOL, HURRY YOUR BUTS UP!"Mikey yelled down the stairs. Me and Frank shot up, pulled on random clothes and raked brushes through our bedheads, tied our converse and smudged on some eyeliner in record time, grabbed our bags and ran upstairs to Mikey. "Right, lets go then." He said, everyone was waiting for us by the gate as usual, Mikey kissed Hollies forehead and took her hand in his. I took Frank's hand and we walked to school in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was a nice silence, the sort that confirmed we knew everything about each other and that we were close enough to not need to say anything. We'd said it all already.
~~~~~~~TIME LAPSE~~~~~~~~~~~
We drove out of the school gate squashed into Jackie's scirocco, some fool had actually given her a legal NJ licence. Today was her birthday, so she was seventeen and could legally drive. We hadn't forgot her birthday, we all remembered, but when we hugged her and said happy birthday she said "Shit, I forgot." How someone could forget their OWN BIRTHDAY I will never know. Hollie and Cheyenne had said no presents and she get's pissed of with cards, and Jackie was happy with that. We expected her to drive back to our houses and drop us off, or suggest to do something together tonight, but she kept on driving till she reached a small dirt path and began to drive down it. When she reached the end of it she parked up and let us out, we were greeted by a large Victorian looking house.
"Where the fuck are we?" Frank asked. Jackie and Ray turned round and smiled.
"Home, if you want it to be." Ray said.
"What?" I asked, I could barely believe what was happening.
"I found this place a few weeks ago, a guy wanted to get rid of it and all it needed was a bit of fixing up, so I gave him £1000 pound for it because that's what he asked for. He was desperate to get rid of it, so I took it off his hands. You wanna go inside?" Jackie said.
"Hell yeah!" Mikey ran towards the door and it opened when he pushed the handle, we followed him into a larege dining room, the interior was black and red, with lots of glass and metal. It was basic but modern and I loved it. We walked to the next room which was a large sitting room, a flat screen hung on the blood red walls, a massive sound systen spread across one wall along with the TV, another wall was covered in a large black bookshelf. The shelves were filled with DVD's and CD's and purple beanbags were scattered on the floor.
"This is amazing!" Bob said
"You guys did all this?" Cheyenne asked.
"That's why you had no money." Hollie stated.
"And why you kept on dissapearing." Frank said as Jackie and Ray smiled and nodded, I turned round to see all the canvas's I'd ever pained on the back wall.
"Are they mine?" I asked, truly shocked that I hadn't noticed them dissapearing.
"Yup." Jackie said grinning. Frank walked over to the French doors that covered the other wall and looked out over a large lawn lined with trees and then further into the distance, a lake surrounded by weeping willows and beautiful canopies.
We walked on into the kitchen, it was large and modern, all decked out in chrome and black. We took it all in before heading upstairs. Each black door had two names painted in red , the first on the left was mine and Franks, the first on the right was Cheyenne and Bob, the second on the left was Mikey and Hollie and the second on the left was Jackie and Ray. At the end of the corridor was a large bathroom.
"Well, me and Ray are going to start dinner, we'll leave you guys to explore." Jackie said as she started off back down the stairs.
Frank pulled me into our room and we looked around shocked. All of our stuff was in here and it looked amazing, blood red walls and a black carpet, just like the rest of the house, the bedroom window looked out onto the lake. There was a note on our bed, I picked it up and read it.

Dear Gerard and Frank
Shocked? This was a shock to me too, I got told only last week.
I moved all yours, Franks and Mikey's stuff into your new rooms as soon as you left this morning, the hospital let me have a day off for your graduation.
Take care of yourseleves, Jackie and Ray have it all sorted, no worries.
Lots of Love
p.s. Happy Graduation.

Frank read over my shoulder and we laughed. We walked out of our room and downstairs towards the kitchen, hmmmm pizza. Everyone was sitting around the kitched worksurfaces watching Jackie and Ray work together making the pizzas.
"Hey, you guys get a note from your parents?" Hollie asked
"Yeah. Strange how they agreed to this." I replied
"They know it's for the best." Bob stated, smiling.
I smiled as me and Frank sat down with them. I was going to ask him tonight, if after only around two moths we'd all moved in together, I was sure he'd say yes...
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