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I woke up and rolled over to see Frank staring at the ceiling deep in thought, his expression was tense and worried and I had no idea what about.
"Frank, whats wrong?" He turned to face me.
"I can't Gerard." His voice was mousy and quiet.
"Can't what?" I was curious, he didn't need to go to the trial so what was he worried about?
"I'm not ready yet." He blushed and looked away from me, and it hit me as I looked at the clock; it read 9.45 in angry red letters.
"Oh!" I said he wasn't ready for IT.
"Y-you don't mind do you Gee?"
"No Frankie, of course not, to be honest, I don't think I am either." He sighed in reliefand squeezed my hand gratefully.
"Thankyou." he murmered, scooting closer to give me a warm hug. His stomach rumbled loudly, when was the last time we ate? Everything had been moving so quickly I couldn't remember.
" Breakfast time." I said as I chuckled lightly and Frank blushed. So cute. We got dressed and wandered upstairs to find no-one home. What was going on? My phone buzzed and I checked it to see who had text me.

We've gone out 4 a bit
B bck soon
xox XD

I showed the text to Frank as he smiled and rooted around in the cupboard for something to eat. Eventually he found some beloved F-berry and poured generous amounts into both the bowls, added some milk and set them down on the table.
"Hmmmm, you know what?" Frankie asked me.
"Ummm, no. What?"
"We haven't met the girls' parents yet." He smiled.
"We should ask them when they get back." I said
"Sounds good, but will we have to like, pretend we're not together or something? What if their homophobes?" Frank frowned, he didn't like pretending just to keep other people happy, neither did I.
"I'm sure they wont be, don't worry 'bout it Frankie." We finished our cereal and just as we were dumping our dishes in the sink the rest of the fabulous killjoys walked in.
"Hey." Mikey said as he ditched his keys and walked into the kitchen, Bob and Ray followed him, their arms full of groceries. "Mom asked us to go shopping, so we all went."
"Okay cool." He could tell I had something on my mind and looked me right in the eye.
"Dude, what's up?" He asked
"Me and Frank were just wondering if we could meet the girls parents today, but we're worried they'll be homophobes." I said, Mikey bit his lip and looked round at Hollie.
"Sure you can come round guys, you can come tonight for dinner, yeah?" She asked.
"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they aren't homophobes, if they are just ignore them." Cheyenne said as she walked past us to get to the fridge and find some coke.
"Right, be at ours for 6 then." Jackie said.

"We'd better get going in a minute then." Ray said, we'd all agreed to meet up at mine and then walk over.
"If we go now we can pick up something on the way." Frank suggested.
"Like what?" I wondered aloud.
"Wine or something?" Bob asked.
"Sure, let's go." I said, picking up my keys, saying goodbye to Mom and walking out of the door. It was a typical New Jersey evening, red dust lay on the ground from the constant pollution as the Sun set behind the buildings in the distance, the air was cool and a light breeze played around our ankles as we walked along to Booze Busters. Me, Frank, Mikey and Bob waited outside as Ray wen't in to buy the wine, we'd decided on chatou nerf de pap as we thought it would be appreciated.
Ray walked back outside with a carrier bag and nodded at us, I took Franks hand as we walked down the street towards the girls' house. We were soon at the front door and Ray stepped up to knock on it. A few minutes later a tall man with a black mowheacan, two tatoos and ear piercings who was wearing black drainpipes and a Rod Stewart T-shirt.
"Uhmmm, hi. I'm Ray. Jackie's boyfriend."
"Hello, are you just gonna stand there or is there any danger of you actually coming in." The man asked as he stepped aside to let us through. Frank squeezed my hand tighter as the man walked into the kitchen muttering "Fucking Fudgepackers." Oh dear. We took off our coats and shoes and walked into the kitchen.
"Hello, I'm Ray Toro. We brought you some wine." Ray said to who I presumed was the girls' mother.
"Oh thankyou dear." She examined the bottles before etting them down on the table. She was a woman of around Jackie's hight, pleasantly plump with glasses and a blonde bob.
"I'm Bob, Cheyenne's boyfriend."
"Hey I'm Mikey, I'm with Hollie."
"I'm Gerard, and this is my boyfriend Frank" I said as he scooted closer and practically hid behind me. The look of shock on the womans face soon turned into a smile when Jackie poked her with a fork.
"How lovely to meet you all, Hollie and Cheyenne talk about you two boys all the time." She smiled and signalled for them to sit at the table.
"Really?" Mikey asked and Hollie blushed and looked down.
" Does Jackie talk about me?" Ray asked sweetly.
" She's never around to do any talking." Her Dad spat.
"Okay then." Ray said as our plates were set out in front of us, it was stuffed pepper so Frank could eat it, he smiled at me as everyone started in at their food. After we'd done Jackie got up and cleared away the plates.
" That was amazing, uhmm..." Frank started
"Melanie, and my husbands name is John. He's a bit tired so don't be surprised if he's cranky." She smiled, John was already in his armchair and asleep, so there was no danger of that.
"Yes, thankyou for having us, the food was amazing." Ray said as Bob nodded and agreed.
"Oh, I didn't make it. Jackie did. She does all the cooking and cleaning round here, then after she's done that she just... dissapears." The woman smiled at us. Ray went into the kitchen and we were about to follow but we stopped when we heard them talking, voices quiet.
"Yeah." He replied.
"I love you." She said.
"Really? Oh my God!" He squealed. We walked in then to find them hugging tightly.
"Why are you so happy, all she said was 'I love you'." Frank asked.
"That's the first time she'd ever said that to me." Ray replied, still holding on tightly to Jackie.
"Holy shit!" Was the reply we all gave.
"Ray, that's the first time I've said that to ANYONE and actually meant it." She whispered.
"I love you too." Ray said. We all just stood there and stared. Was it really that hard to tell someone you love them and mean it? Most couples use I love you as a catchphrase. None of us did, we only said it when we meant it. But that was usually at least once a day, these two had been going out for like 3 weeks now and they still hadn't said it? Weird.
"Uhmmmm, you can stop staring at us you know, that would be nice." Ray said as we all looked towards the floor.
"Me and Ray won't be coming out tommorrow, we have some... buisness, to attend to." Jackie grinned. What now? Ray looked down at her questioningly. "It's okay, I have an idea."
"Wow. Did it hurt?" Ray aked, this comment earned a lick between the eyes and a noogie.
"No, but it's just hurt you." She giggled.
"Uhmmm, we've gotta go now. We promised our parents we'd be back at nine." Mikey said.Hollie gave him a quick kiss goodbye and Cheyenne did the same for Bob. Jackie licked Ray's face (?) Before letting him go and opening the door for us.
"It's been nice having you." Jackie grinned as she shut the door, I heard here father shout "Goodbye friends, goodbye and good ridance faggots!" He had drunk quite a bit but that comment still hurt.
"Just ignore him Gee, he can't hurt us." Frank said as he wrapped his arm around my waist and I slung mine over his shoulders.
"I wonder what sick, twisted plan Jackie has now?" Ray asked, shaking his head. Probbably realising for the first time that, while we were all loved up with people not that out of the ordinary, he was in love with a complete maniac.
"Who knows..." Bob rplied as we walked our seperate directions home into the night.
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