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I Don't Love You Part 1

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Aria's 17th Birthday

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Late July 2005
"Bye Frankie," I said hugging him "I'm so sorry.." Frankie had just got the news about his grandmother passing away. He was about to leave to go to the airport to get home. Bob and Ray also had things to do this weekend, so it would just be me and Gerard.

We had a pretty normal afternoon after Frankie left. We went out to get a fast-food dinner for...dinner, then we went back to the bus, washed up, watched some TV, then fell asleep on the couch together.
When I woke up, I was alone. "It's July 26, my 17th birthday." I muttered.
I went to my cell phone on the kitchen counter to see 13 missed calls-all from my mother. As mom and I were talking, I noticed a tiny purple gift bag with black tissue paper sticking out sitting on the table (How did I miss that?). When I finally got off of the phone I went over to it and read the card attached to it. It had To: and From: written in fancy letters, by them was Gerard's messy handwriting that said "Aria" and "Gee." In side the bag was another card. I opened it to see cats all over it- I laughed as I opened it to see the message he had written inside of it "Happy Birthday Aria- you might only be 17, but you kick fcking ss at bass. Love, Gerard."
I laughed again "oh. Gerard- you and your addiction to the F word." Then a thought came to my mind- where was he?
"Gerard?"I called, but no reply. I guessed he was out.
I pulled the tissue paper out the black tissue paper- there was a small box with a ribbon around it. I untied it and opened the box. Sitting there on the velvet, was a tiny silver heart with a beautiful pattern of flowers and vines on it.
"Wow.."I said, then startled by the door opening behind me. Gee saw me standing there with the necklace in my hands.
"I opened it.."I smiled "I hope that's okay.."
"Of course" he smiled "Do you like it?"
"It's beautiful Gerard, I love it." I called him Gerard so he would know how serious I was.
"Need some help putting it on?" He asked.
"oh..sure" I smiled as he grabbed the necklace and I lifted up my hair. He out his arms around me to get the necklace the right way; I thought I had died and went to Heaven.
"There you go" he said.
I turned around and kissed him on the lips- "Thank you very much Gerard"
He smiled- and didn't even look weirded out at all that I had just kissed him; though I guess he expected it where he knew that I was in love with him. And...I HAD JUST KISSED HIM!
"I'm sorry that your birthday couldn't be more than being stuck in a bus - and you being away from all your family and your friends." That's how HE saw it. But I saw it as being all alone with the man of my dreams in a tiny buss on one of the best days of the year.
"It's fine- I don't really care about my friends- they never really got me...but I'll be okay" I smiled.
"-Buuut...I might do something" he smirked.
I smirked back "OOOhh...but I doubt you're gonna tell me what that is-right?" "Right." he said firmly then laughed.
"Well..what are we gonna do for dinner?"
"I'll take care of that" He smiled. And people wonder why I love him...?
I smiled back.
"Well, I gotta go take care of some stuff- I might be a while- so try and have fun, k?"
"K"I smiled again.
After he left, I wrote in my journal about how amazingly perfect everything had been going. After that, I went to wash up using shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. When I was done I put on my black skinny jeans and a black, low cut shirt. When my hair was dry I curled it to perfection, put on some make up, and then waited until Gee got back.
I was watching old re-runs of Degrassi when I heard Gerard's voice spit out "you wanna go to a MSI concert?"
My heart fell and I turned around to look at him "A...Mindless Self Indulgence concert?"
"Yeah..I got tickets...wanna go?"
"oh.."I said and laughed "I got it- you've been super nice to me all day longs so that I would got to a MSI concert with you..."
Gerard gave me a quare look "Aria,what are you talking about?"
"No offense Gerard- but watching you drool over their bass player doesn't really excite me"
"-Drool over her? I only like her, Aria, I'm not obsessed with her like you are with me!"
"Obsessed with you? Number one-reading my journals WAS NOT RIGHT- that was just plain evil!-"
"-yes, I know that! Especially how you almost killed yourself!-"
"-Well how would you feel?! How would you feel if the person you were in love with had to find out like that?!" Oh my gosh. I had just said that I was in love with him... Even though he knew, I had never admitted out loud, or especially to his face.
He didn't say anything, neither did I. I just watched him calm down more and more by the second.
"I'm sorry." he said. I didn't say anything cause If I did I would have started crying.
"But're just..-"
"-DONT!" I yelled. "I've been told that 5 billion f*cking times in my life- and let me just say- I KNOW! But that isn't going to change anything, so I'm sorry, too." I said and ran away to my bed. I heard the door open and slam shut.
Then came the tears.

So..peoples...I haz a question...again :P But this time please answer xp
I wrote a fanfic like a HUGE one... like with everything that I'm in love with (things like Gerard Way[haha], Avatar: The Last Airbender, Twilight, and an online game called Runescape) And I would LIKE to post it...but I dont know where...Just cause it's a mix of a lot of things.. I thought about posting it in the Runescape category (because thats where it takes place), but it will be the only story it doesn't look like a lot of people will see it... SO should I post it there, or somewhere else, or just not post it at all...? So..yeah :D Please answer if you can :)
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