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I Don't Love You Part 2

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When I heard the door open and close again, it was sooner than I expected. No way the concert was over that quick. I heard a sniff- and I was positive about who it was. Gerard turned on some lights, since I had turned them all off.
"Ari?" I heard him say, using his pet name for me. I stayed quiet on the bathroom floor.
I heard his foot steps moving away, he went to my bed first, when he saw that I wasn't there he went to the bathroom. He flipped the switch and the lights came on- he gasped.
He saw my lying on the floor with blood in a few places from me cutting again.
"Aria.."he said, kneeling besides me. "Aria..."he was shaking his head from side to side with his eyes filling with tears.
He started to pick me up "Don't take me anywhere...please? I'm fine..." I was a bit out of it.
The expression mixed with anger and sadness didn't disappear when he helped me sit up.
He went it the cabinet and began getting out bandages and various other things for cuts. He went back with me on the floor and began dabbing at the blood.
" have to stop doing this to yourself,"
I looked at him and tried to give him my best "you've got a lot of room to talk" expression.
"I know," he said "I pretty much did the same thing with drinking...but Aria...we can both get off of this together. We can help each other. I help you stop cutting, and you can help me stay off of alcohol..," We both had tears running down our faces.
"I'm so scared, Aria,...I'm so scared that your going to kill yourself."
I just shook my head.
"I wouldn't..." He choked back tears "I wouldn't be able to live with myself... You mean so much to me, Aria. I can't imagine my life without you..."
"You mean a lot to me too..,"I said, even though he already knew.
He kissed my forehead. Then I grabbed him and held him as we both sat on the bathroom floor, crying.

Sorry if that was sappy :/
But sometimes life just calls for sappy moments xp

I honestly dont think "I Don't Love You" is a very good name for these two chapters... But I've spent hours trying to think of a name and I CAN NOT think of anything O.O but whatever...
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