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Full of Holes

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Lost tales of Warped Tour '05.

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This is the story I did auditions for.Shannon,just so y'know,you're a guitar techie for My Chem in this.Story will be in Gerard's POV unless stated otherwise.Hope it's semi-decent!l.
"Right,ladies,"Maria stated,hand on hips,military style."Everyone have their flight tickets?"
"Suitcases?Full of condoms and the like,I'm sure."
Over to my right,Shannon cackled like a hyena.Lea looked slightly disturbed and Sarah just muttered "unlikely."
I sighed.This was our first major tour,the Warped Tour,and there was going to be loads of world-famous bands here.Normally I would've screamed and jumped around like a little girl if you said we were going near there.But I'm dreading it.
Oh,God,what did Mikey forget this time?
"I,uh,can't,um,find my-"
"Tampons,Mikey?Don't worry,I have spare,"offered Gia.
"Yo,hands off my man,byotch!"
That,of course,was Shannon.
By this time Mikey was doing a good job resembling a beetroot."No,my Sidekick.It's gone."
"I have it,"Shannon contributed,"but I think it's broken."
"Guys,guys,"BJ said,in a low voice."The whole fucking airport is looking at us."
We looked.Sure enough,everyone was staring our way.
"Becca is right,"Maria continued in her calm,motherly voice."Everyone calm down.This tour is a big deal for you guys,and you should be very grateful.So we should all try to get along-at least for the first day.Now,let's go to the gate.And if any of you motherfuckers get lost like that kid from Home Alone,God help me......"
I walked up,dragging my suitcase behind me.Not a lot of shit in it.Some clothes,drawings and some make-up.This tour was going to be hard,especially with Frank around.
"Hey Gee!"
Whoa.Speak of the devil...
"Hey Frank."
"Isn't this so exciting?Our first major tour!It's gonna rock,I know it.We get to play in Jersey,and in Phille....and....."
There he goes,the boy I love.I love it when he starts talking about his dreams and goals and passions.When I talk about it I sound like some pretentious git.
"And Green Day's gonna be there.I mean,Green Day.I have to meet Billie Joe,he's why I even picked up guitar.I wonder if he's probably taller than me?"
Then he laughs.Oh,God,that laugh.
"Are you kidding?"That's Lea,coming from behind us."I'm taller than you."
"Yeah,whatever."Frank stalks away to Mikey and Shannon,who are sharing a conversation about unicorns on acid.
I silently curse Lea for making him go away.
"Come on Gerard.You can't hide yourself from me."
Shit."I...don't know what you're talking about,Lea."
She looks at me with a mixture of pity and annoyance.
"I know it's hard Montgomery's with us.....but just go with it,Gerard.She's in her own band,and we're her friends.Just pretend you were never together."
Oh,Lea, I think,if only my problem was that fucking easy.
"Anyway,she's cool."
I snort.Yeah,she's cool when she's a total crackhead.
Then I hear her carefree,irritating voice from behind me.
"Only "cool",Lea?Come on,admit it.I'm awesome."
Oh Christ.I do not fucking need this.I walk away,towards the front of the group where Maria is.
"What's wrong,Gerard?"Montgomery's voice grates at my mind."Frank got your tongue?"
Oh Jesus.
I storm ahead,as if she said nothing.Maria turns to me,her eyebrow raised in curiosity.
“Did Montgomery just say-“
“I don’t know what the fuck she said,Maria,she’s a fucking phycho-“
“Okay,okay,”she says.”Just wondering.”
“Okay,guys,”she announces to the group,”this is the gate.Everyone got their tickets?Mikey,you got your tampons?"
This is great.Just.....great.
I’m on the plane.My seat is between Bob and Shannon,which is just fabulous since Shannon had a few big mouthfuls of Mikey’s Lucozade a few minutes ago.
The worst thing is about my seemingly retarded brother and bandmate gossiping like two fucking pensioners behind me.
“Are you sure about this,Ray?I think Bert really fucked up touring for him.And about what Montgomery-“
“For the last time,Mikey,he’s gonna be-“
“Surrounded by junkies and alcoholics,that’s what he’s gonna be-“
“What are you,his mother-“
“Guys.”Bob turns around in his seat.”We can hear you.
“The whole plane can,Michael.Same goes for you,Raymond.”
I take a mental note to thank Bob Bryar in the near future.
“Hey Gerard.”
“What’s black and white and red all over?”
I think.”A bloody penguin.”
She narrows her eyes at me.”You cheated,Gerard Way.”
“How would I-“
“You wanna play strip poker?”
“Shannon,we’re on a plane.”
“Yeah,you’re right.We have no chips.”
A few minutes of silence.Then:
“Hey Gerard.”
“What’s this?”
She holds up a picture.Not just any picture,but a picture of Frank.That I drew.
It’s one of the few drawings I’m semi-proud of.I think I nailed him pretty well-whoa that came out wrong.But it’s good.From the captivating hazel eyes to the soft pink lips to his Converse-clad feet.
“Where did you get that?”
“It’s really good,who is it?WAIT-“
“It’s FRANK!You drew FRANK?Have you shown him?”
“Did you get it from Montgomery?She hates me,y’know.”
“Oh,Gerard.”She smiles,her eyes bright,clasping her hands.”You’re in love with him.”
My blood goes cold.My mind freezes and my mouth has gone dry.”No,no,it’s just a picture,Shannon,just a picture-“
“GUYS!”she screeches.”GERARD WAY IS-“
I cover her mouth with my palm.
“I’ll bite your hand,”she hisses.
“And,frankly,my dear,I won’t give a damn.”
Unfortunately then Mikey passes by.
“GERARD!What the FUCK are you doing to my girlfriend?!”
This tour is gonna be interesting.

hey dudes!hope this is to your liking and ye're not too O.O.C!If you weren't featured too much in this then don't sweat,there's more to come!rate and reviews very welcome.By the way,check this out: lauren
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