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Chapter 4

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or not,it turns out.

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After Korse had driven off the group were left with the problem of what to do with the Dracs.

Grace's face peeped up at the window, she sat on her knees watching them, Dr.D sat at his desk in the wheelchair he'd had to use for so long, losing the use of one of his legs in a battle with Bl/ind when he was younger.

"Gracie, down from the window." he said gently.

"But, that's-"

"Come on" Hecut her off.

Kobra Kid knelt down next to one of them, nudging the still body gently, ready to shoot if it moved.

"Dead." he said, and went onto the next, carefully withhis foot he nudged the leg thathad been shot. A quiet wimper came from the Drac.

He turned around, gun poised at it's head,looking to his brother for instruction.

"Do it." Party Poison said.

Grace was back up at the window, tapping on it, trying to get their attention. She let out a sighand climbed down, running around to the front, just as he was about to shoot.

"STOP, KOBRA DON'T!" She shouted, grabbing onto his legs. The shot missed the head by about 2 cm. "Don't do it." she sobbed into his jeans.

He put a hand on her head, "Grace. What do you mean?" She let go a pointed at the draculoid.

"I s-saw the t-tatoos." she wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

"Tatoos?" he said slowly, looking at the outstretched arm, he recognised it immeadiately.

"Fucking hell!" he yelled, dropping his gun and running to him.

he ripped the mask off of the boys face.

"Frank." PartyPoison said in shock. FunGhouls chestrose and fell slowly, signs he was still alive.

His lips was broken and bloodly, a largecut on his forehead matted some of his fringe together, his cheeks were molted with varying shades of black blue and purple.

PartyPoison sat next to him and carefully lifted hishead up onto his lap, avoiding the shoulder.he had always looked so peaceful when he slept, even when hewasbeatenup thisbadly.


Fun Ghoul felt something cold and wet on his forehead, he slowly opened one eye, and a blurry figure leaned over his, cleaning the cut on his head. As soon as his brainregistered that he didn't know the person his eyes snapped open and he tried to getup.

Only to be stopped mythe intense burning pain in his shoulder.

"Gah!" He gasped, his voice roughand sore.

"Careful." She smiled, youhurt your shoulder.

"W-who are you?" he croaked.

"Infernal Heartbreak," she smiled, "You're at the Lostand Found, theothers broughtyouhere when they couldnt findtheir medical kit. Don't worry Ghoul, your safe they cant find you here." She smiled again, she brushed her long fringe out of theway, the rest of her midnight black hair was cut short. Her blue-grey eyes sparkled, just like the snake bites and nose stud.

The lost and found was a safe house for killjoys to re-stock food and water, or go get medical help. it also helped civillians that needed anything, it moved around a lot so BL/ind never found it. in the 15 years it had been running only once had it been found and stormed.

Heartbreak helped him sit up and gave him 2 pills, a red and a blue, "Take them when you think you need them." She said. They obviously wern't 'legal' medication as she whispered that in his ear before leaving the room.

He looked around, anit BL/i posters littered the walls, along with The Mad gear and Missile Kid show posters, these were VERY old. He smiled a little to himself, as a picture of the 4 of them caught his eye.

"THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS" said the colour caption under neath.

About 5 minutes later the door opened and in walked his best friends, Party Poison, Kobra Kid and Jet Star or. Gerard, Mikey and Ray, as they were once known.

"Frank!" Gerard said, relif washing over his face and he half walked half ran to the bed. Giving him the awkwardest hug ever, because of the bandages. Frank balled fists into the back of Gerards jacket, never wanting to let him go.

After all these years on the run he still managed to smell like coffee and cigarettes.

"I thought I wasn't going to see you again." Frank breathed into his bright red hair.

"Do the rest of us actually get to see him G, or are we staring at your butt for the rest of the day?" Mikey asked.

gerard laughed and let go, Ray set Frank's Fun Ghoul gun down on the side, "Thanks." he smiled.

Mikey was a bit more reluctant to talk, he just sat on the side on the bed, trying not the knock his friends injured leg. He pulled the bit on fabric out of his pocket, and gave it to Fun Ghoul.

It was his bandana. Covered in dirt and dust.

"You dropped this." he said, putting it in the waiting hand.

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