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Chapter 3

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Draculoid? Or not ?

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Fun Ghoul stared blankly at the reflection in the mirror.
"I won't do this" the mouth said. The mouth that was under the mask.
Under the white vampire mask.
"oh I think you will." Korse said putting a hand on his shoulder "or you know what will happen"

"I'm going to die either way." under the mask one solitary tear rolled down Fun Ghouls face.

The sun was just raising as the 3 remaining killjoys packed up their things and set off for Dr D's radio startion in the hope that the wouldn't be ambushed again like the last time.

The leader of the group, Party Poison knelt down and wiped away
at wiped away the tear that had rolled down the little girls face.

"When are we going to see Ghoully again?" she said quietly.
He sighed and rested his forehead on hers "I don't know. I really don't"
He placed a kiss on her forehead and took her hand, leading her the the back seat of the Trans-Am, she belted herself in and looked at the empty space next to her, she leaned her head on the arm of Kobra Kid who was riding in the back with her.

"put some music on G" Jet Star said turning the car o .
Party Poison , who had called shotgun, pressed play and the blaring loudness of F.T.W.W.W by The Mad Gear And Missile Kid. A killjoy band from zone 3.

Party Poison tapped along to the beat on the dash board and started singing,
"She said come on, come on, kiss my battery,
Come on, come on, I’ll be your android girl,
She said come on, come on, kiss my battery,
Come on, come on and fuck this whole wide world"

He small child in the back giggled as he cursed, she'd heard and seen worse in her time with them but right now this was funny, Kobra Kid (who definitely couldn't sing as well as his older brother joined in,

"We all gotta die,
but tonight we’d sell our skins to meet you right,
We all gotta try,
I’ll be red with another arms,
with another slide
I don’t wanna know, I don’t wanna go,
I don’t gotta know where I’m gonna die
I don’t wanna know, I don’t wanna go,
I don’t gotta know where I’m gonna die"

They pulled up outside the old radio station and walked around the back, masks up - just in case.

Kobra Kid knocked five times with the but of his gun on the wooden planks of the door.

It opened and Show Pony's smiling face answered - he'd left earlier that morning.

"Heya, the docs just gone on air but you can come in."

The warm comforting smell if coffee surrounded them, the mess from the other day had been cleared up except two things. Kobra Kid knelt down and picked up the gun and bandana that had fallen under a cupboard.

"Frank." he murmured swallowing the lump in his throat.


"out of the car and put that god damned masked back on!" Korse growled in Fun Ghouls ear.

The boy got out and fixed his hair behind the mask so it was out of his eyes. He had been given a cropped sleeve White jacket to go with the White top and trousers he'd been made to wear for the past 3 days.

The group of killjoys put down their coffee mugs and listened to the songs now being played on the radio. The car engine cutting outside had caught their attention.

Hot Chimp (a radio presenter who was to take from dr d in 1 hour) meant over the the computer screen and looked at the small blurry picture - a couple of months back they had installed the crude security cameras.

2 draculoids and one unmasked man got out of the car .

"guys, we have company" she said running a hand through her short blonde bob, "let's go." she pushed her aviator sub glasses down from the top of her head and stood up.

"seriously, will they never give up?" Jet Star sighed getting his gun out and following the others around to the back exit.

"you're overly out numbered with this one Korse" Party Poison said taking his gun out and shooting the Draculoid closest to him.
A wide grin spread across the other mans face and the drac next him seemed to flinch away from the gun shot.

"what's the matter Party Poison. You're normally quick to kill." Korses voice mocked.

The Draculoid took out his gun and Party Poison saw this as a threat shooting his shoulder, causing him to stumble backward.
As much as it hurt he stayed stood and held up his gun in a sign of surrender crouching down and placed it on the floor. He held his arms up.

"what are you doing!" Korse bellowed at him picking up the gun and shooting him in the leg. The drac fell to the floor and the leader ran back to the car, got in and left his 'drones' to be dealt with.
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