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Just another rant... :/

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GAHHHH.... life sucks...

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Haha wow... I was almost tempted to put 'Sex' as a warning on this xD

ok.... first things first.... i intend to update Dear Agony tonight for those of you who read it.... i've had a LOT going on, and i was working on it a few days ago, but i ended up just rewriting it. i hated what i had come up with, and i wanted to do it again. so here i am... confining myself to my room until it's finished... with only an almost unlimited supply of Monster and chocolate, a nice cozy bed, by favorite blanket and Breathe Carolina's album Hello Fascination blastin thru my speakers. and i must say.... TECHNO IS AWESOME!!!! :D

Anywayy... i think everyone wants to do a little rant about how suckish their fucked up little lives are. well i ain't gonna do that. i'm just going to express how much i hate my dad. i know everyone has problems with their parents. my 'problem' has escalated into a full blown fight for my life back. my mum died in august of this past year, and my dad started dating a girl about two months ago. i didn't mind too much. in fact, i was pretty tolerant when he told me he'd even fallen in love with her. but what broke me was that fat bastard buying a fucking engagement ring for his whore yesterday. now how many months has it been since my mum died??? august thru february. thats seven, for those of you who are as bad at math as i am.

not only did i almost grab a knife and stab him, i locked myself in my room for the night. i know i shouldn't act like such a 'child', but goddamnit that fuckin hurt me. he told me today that she truly died when she was first diagnosed with cancer two years ago, so i shouldn't mind that it seems like he got over it so quickly. i'm 15. losing my mother at 14 was no easy thing, let alone watching her suffer for so long. he wants to move out of our house (we live with my grandmother, who's not only grieving the death of her youngest daughter, but also the death of her husband of 66 years as of three weeks ago), and leave my gramma to fend for herself because apparently he's mad that she won't speak to him anymore. WELL NO FUCKING DUH. he's hurting the grandchild she's closest to in every way shape and form that he possibly can, and he's ready to get married 7 months after her daughter died.

but don't worry. he wants to get me thru my 'mental issues' before he gets married to his beloved bitch. and you wanna know what those mental issues are? constant days of silence, dressin in black, crying myself to sleep and the occasional nervous breakdown. all symptoms of severe withdraw from my mother. i don't think that's an issue. i think it's called immense pain.

now i ask you this: am i overreacting like he thinks i am?

again, sorry. i just kind of needed to let off some steam. feel free to ignore me if you like :/

xoxo BJ
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