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Lucy, you now have permission to die...

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*kills her computer*

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NOOOOO!!!!!!! my computer decided it randomly needed to restart WHILE I WAS USING IT. i was in the middle of finishing the next chapter of Dear Agony (which should have been finished MUCH sooner... sorry about that) and it just closed everything down in 5 seconds flat. It didn't even do an auto-recovery of my documents. trust me... i checked about 50 times.

so i have to rewrite EVERYTHING. i'm starting to regret loving my little red laptop so much that i gave it a name. glares @ Lucy... "YOU DIDN'T EVEN DESERVE ONE, BITCH!!!"

ahem.... so, i definitely won't be able to update until at least sunday night. i'm leaving for the weekend tomorrow, and i can't take my laptop with me. i cant even be awesome and do it from my phone. yea.... my pastor decided to be EVIL and not let us bring any electronics even when there's a possibility that we might be snowed in for two days after we're supposed to leave.

i'm hoping to work with one of my friends on 'The Puppeteer' while we're there, though. i don't know if anyone who's reading this right now has read it or not, but i haven't updated in almost two whole months.

anyway, other than my problem with my computer, i currently feel like having an anxiety attack. i'm singing Summertime for the talent show that we're having tomorrow night, and i'm extremely nervous. i haven't sang in front of an audience since i was 6. i'm practically ready to curl up in my little shrine for Gerard (AKA: my awesome MCR bedroom!!!) and die...

lol... well, that's all i wanted to alert the rest of y'all about :)

wish me luck tomorrow!!!

xoxo BJ
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