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Frank's POV.

I was sitting in my cell after another 'friendly interrogation' with Jack. I looked at the my bruised cheekbones and black eyes through the small mirror in the room. I'd had another lesson with James and Alexia on how to link minds toghether, so I could make more than one person do something at the same time.

I lay back against the crap excuse for a bed, closing my eyes. I probed around the building for a bit, sifting through their minds. A thousand words and convosations were opened out to me;
"God! What a prick"
"I want my mom!"
"I hope he burns for eternity in hell!"

Then I heard thoughts from outside, in the field;
"Ha! Overgrown poodle, my brother is a genius!" God, their thoughts were crazy. My temples throbbed as I tried to blank them out but it didn't work. I knew I shouldn't of, but I attacked the loudest mind with short, hot words.

I heard someone fall outside, I stopped the ambush and probed my victim's mind. Oh God. It couldn't be him. This place was miles out from his home, "Gee?" I thought, and looked out at the scene from my window.

Ray's POV.

Gerard had collapsed, not passed out, but he just crumpled and thudded to the ground shouting, "NO!" He cried, "Make it stop! Make it STOP!"
I ran over to him, as did Mikey and Billie. Gerard was shaking as he clutched at his head, obviously hearing something we didn,t. Billie whined, concerned. I watched as Billies fur shot back inwards along with his snout, ears and tail, revealing a perfectly healthy, fully clothed human underneath.

All of a sudden Gerard shot up and looked toward a window on the building that had wild Pansies growing underneath it. I peered at the glass, a huge smile spreading across my face when I saw the boy.


Mikey's POV.

I tried to help Gerard stand but he shrugged me off in one sharp, jerked movement. He made his way over to the window, his head down, mumbling to himself.
Billie looked at me, "What's his problem?" I shrugged and made my way after my older brother, Billie and Ray in tow.

Gerard's POV.

I had to tell someone about the voice before I went mental. I could feel their eyes boring into my back, I kept my head down so as not to make eye contact. When I reached the window, I nearly screamed.

Frank was beaten blck and blue, but he managed to smile, his split lip bleeding slightly. He had a bandage tied firmly around his collar bone and a cast with metal poles protuding from his wrist.

"Who did it?" I growled, pressing myself closer to the bars. Frank looked at me, a pained expession playing across his features.
"It doesn't matter. I only got these because I wouldn't tell them where you were." I went say something when three behind me caught up.
"Ray! Mikey! And....Billie Joe Armstrong?" Billie laughed, shrugging his shoulders.
Frank smiled and his chocolate brown eyes sparkled underneath the two dark rings that framed them.
"Omigod, Frank. I've been a wreck without you. All the guys have missed you and then I started to go insane..." Everyone stared at me, Mikey cut in.
"Woah. Woah. Woah. Waddya mean?" I looked down sheepishly,
"I kept hearing Frank's voice in my head when you weren't even there to say anything."
To my surprise Frank smiled, "Do you mean like this?" His voice whispered in my head. I stared and nodded, mouth agape. The rest behind me fell silent, gasping as Frank spoke into their minds.

"Guys." Frank voiced aloud this time. "I think I have to tell you something."
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