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Trash can lids

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Trash can lids

(Jet Star and Kobra Kid)

The Dracs raised their guns. Jet and Kobra cursed, realising that they had left their pistols back in the apartment. Jet panicked, this was it. They were gonna die. Well, thought Jet, Kobra was right; they would be meeting Fun and Party sooner than they think. Jet saw Kobra raise his hand in surrender, he copied.

Jet watched Kobra with awe. Kobra had his head held high, the scars on his neck displayed clearly, his stance was strong and he showed no fear upon his facial features. His mouth was a straight line, his eyes calm and his fringe, which was normally brushed back with gel, had fallen loose and blew slightly in the gentle breeze. He looked so heroic, accepting his death with ease.

"What's this?" The tallest drac sneered, "We were at least expecting you two to put up a fight, weren't we?" He asked his collegue. The other drac was smaller, at least 5'4 high, slim yet well toned, and hundreds of tattoos littering his arms.
"Yeah, we were at least expecting a fight, especially from the famous Jet Star and The Kobra Kid." He growled. Jet swallowed, his palms were sweaty and he was shaking. Kobra, however, still remained unchanged; eerily calm and silent, waiting for the moment to come. The tallest drac laughed, "Awwwww, what's wrong, Jet Star? Scared of death?"

Jet bristled, "Y-y-you and your masks d-don't scare m-me." He stammered, a bead of sweat trickled down his brow. The smallest Drac twirled his gun around on his finger, chuckling. "That's funny, it worked on that thirteen year old we killed, didn't it?" The tall Drac giggled manically at the memory, "You got her good, buddy. Right between the eyes!"

"You guys are sick!" Spat Kobra, his hands balling into tight fists. The Dracs turned on him, "Ooooo!" giggled the tallest, "Somebody is in a rush to die, aren't they?" He tutted, tapping Kobra's cheek with the nose of the pistol, "I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer for your time; I like a good show before the finale."

Kobra shuddered, recoiling from the Dracs touch. "Such a shame I couldn't have killed your brother too. I could have made you a family tomb, yes?"
Kobra growled,"Don't you dare speak about my brother. He was brave, all the way to the end." The Dracs laughed, delighted at Kobra's retaliation. "That's not what I heard." The smallest chuckled, "Rumour has it that your brother, Party Poison." The Drac spat out the name with distaste, "Died crying for his little brother and his dead mom to come save him...Your brother was a coward. He died in vain."

Kobra's eyes welled up, "You lie..." The drac smirked under his mask, deriving some form of sick, twisted amusment from Kobra's pain. He danced around in circles round Kobra. "He cried for you and you weren't there to save him snakey boy!" He teased, prancing around and around as he giggled, his little feet light on the ground, kicking up dust and pebbles. "Do you want to know his last words? Hmmm? Do you want to know what he said snakey boy?" He stroked the gun nose over Kobra's nack as he leaned in, whispering in his ear. Kobra could no longer hold the tears back as the Drac uttered his brother's last words before shouting it out loud. The Drac put on a dramatic voice, "Where's my brother? Doesn't he love me?" Kobra's body racked with terrible sobs as the smallest drac yelled up to the sky, "Here's your pathetic excuse for a brother, Party Poison! He took care of himself while you were suffering! He can't of loved you that much! But he thinks writing messages on walls will make up for your death! He's a disgrace to your famil-"

The tiny drac froze as a small cry of anguish erupted from behind him. He turned around, only to have a heavy trash can lid smack him round the side of the head, catching his temple. Unconciousness was immediate. He slumped to the floor as the shock of frizzy hair turned on the taller Drac who laughed bitterly, "They send little girls to help them now?" he laughed loudly. The ten year old clutched the two heavy trash can lids tighter in her hands. "I have a name ya know!" She growled. Jet and Kobra were shocked, they stood in surprise as ten year old Grace took on a man who was over twice her age and three times her height. The Drac raised his gun and fired. Grace ran at him, deflecting the laser blast with the lid, like a sheild. She flung the second lid at him, thwacking him in the mouth. His head snapped back and he fell back. She sat on him so that she straddled his chest and pinned his arms down to the ground.

Using her free hand, she snatched his pistol up from his gloved fingers and placed it under his chin, forcing his head up. She lifted up the heavy trash can lid and slammed it into his face, knocking him out cold.
"My name's Grace and I just kicked your ass."
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