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"Let me go! I'm not party Poison! I'm just Gerard Arthur Way...and you are not my brother!!"

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Nice one, Grace.


Grace relax when she felt the drac go limp under her. She sat back, sitting on his stomach. Jet and Kobra stared in shock, blinking at her,
"Nice one, Grace." Kobra whispered, his voice strangled. She stood up, wiping the dust from her jeans and she opened her back pack, "You guys were lucky that Detonator had asked me to put out the trash, or you two would be dead by now." She tutted at them, brandishing their guns from her bag and tossed them to her two friends. "Just incase there's more. I don't think I could hold a whole group of dracs with just two trash can lids." Kobra and Jet caught the guns, surprised at how mature Grace was for her age. This was the most they ever heard her speak since they had met. Grace watched as Kobra and Jet slung the slumbering dracs over their shoulders, carrying them back toward the apartment.

Grace smiled as she stepped into the apartment, immeadietly pounced upon by Gunpowder. She laughed as the dog slobbered all over her face, barking playfully. She stopped, watching as Jet and Kobra took the two dracs into the dark room at the very back of the first floor. She walked over, Gunpowder trotting alongside her as she hoped to gain a better look. She peered round the door silently, watching as Jet and Kobra seated the prisoners in two metal chairs, their arms tied behind them, their shoulders and stomachs strapped tight with a set of rusty chains to keep them sitting upright. Their heads lolled forward as they hung limply, propped up forcefully against the steel backs of their seats, their feet bound to the legs of the chairs. She felt a pang of guilt, she hoped she hadn't hurt them too bad. She knew they were the bad guys and all, but she still hadn't got used to the idea of knowing she had hurt someone.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around to find Dr. Deathdefying smiling down at her. She beamed up at him and flung her arms around his waist. He laughed, ruffling her frizzy, tangled hair. He walked into the room, Showpony right behind him. He took off his helmet and skates before pulling Grace into an embrace. He laughed and picked up Deathdefying's medical bag off the floor, his shoulder length hair flopping across his face. He turned,hot on Deathdefying's heels. Grace went to follow after him but he stopped her, "Nuh-uh, Gracie. You stay away."
She looked up at Showpony, "Why?"
He grimaced, "There are some things which grown ups do that have no place in the mind of a child so young as you, love." Grace nodded, she understood. Detonator used to say the same sort of thing when she had captured prisoners that needed....punishing as she had put it.

"Now, I want you to be a big girl for me and go to your room with Gunpowder. No matter what you hear, you are under no circumstances to come downstairs, kay?"
Grace obeyed, taking Gunpowder for company, she trotted off upstairs. She lay down on her bed and put the pillow over her face, trying to block out the screams and yelling that later followed.

(Deathdefying and Showpony)

As they entered the room, the first thing Deathdefying and Showpony noticed were the two unconcious dracs bound to metal chairs. Jet Star and Kobra kid stood with their gang in the far corner of the room. Apparently, these two had gotten their faces whacked by two heavy metal trash can lids, but the masks they wore covered the full extent of damage that were inflicted upon them.
Deathdefying ordered Showpony to peel back the mask of the tallest drac, considering he had more facial damage. The bottom of the mask was lifted, revealing a blood spattered mouth, fresh blood oozing out. The mask was pulled back further and Showpony gasped, turning white as a sheet. Deathdefying glanced over his shoulder as he unpacked his medical kit "What the fuck?!" He exclaimed.

The whole room fell into deadly silence, staring in disbelief at the mans face, sure, his hair was shorter and redyed to black, but he still had the triangular cheekbones, the slightly upturned nose and caramel green eyes that looked at them all blearily as he came back to conciousness.

"PARTY POISON!" Kobra shouted, delighted at his brother's return. Party shot him a look,
"What are you talking about? My name's not Party Poison, It's Gerard Way."
Kobra glanced at Deathdefying, worried, before turning his attention back to his brother, "Party?" He asked. "What did they do to ya, bro?"
Party furrowed his brow,
"Who are you people? I'm not your brother! I don't even HAVE a brother! Nobody did anything to me! And stop calling me Party Poison! My name is Gerard Arthur Way! Always has and always will be!"

Deathdefying watched Party struggle against the ropes that bound him. Shit, he thought, They've drugged him...
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