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Let me be the one to save you

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Dr. D knows how to get Party and Fun back....But there's only a small chance they will survive the procedure.

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Let me be the one to save you...

Deathdefying cleared the room of people so that only him and Showpony remained. They knocked out Party using a strong anaesthetic and did the same to Fun Ghoul as he had began to stirr.
When they had both relaxed, Deathdefying had them laid down on two tables that Jet and Kobra had so kindly brought in. Showpony helped to take off Party's and Fun's jackets and shirts so Dr.D could apply the electrode pads to the heart monitors. He checked them over, noticing Fun's rigid scar that ran up from the corner of his mouth to just under his eye, he turned to Party, noting the small scars that littered his body and neck, as well as the deep ugly bruise on his forehead. Party,s mouth was still bleeding from the incident earlier, little crimson rivers trickled down his chin, and his neck. Showpony put a tube into Party's mouth and began to pump the blood out, once his mouth was drained Showpony turned to Deathdefying.

"So what we gonna do?" Deathdefying rummaged through his medic's bag, searching.
"We can only give them the Rejectal procedure and just pray to God they fucking make it." Showpony went to protest, out of every five patients to suffer this only two pulled through, but he stayed quiet; what has to be done must be done.

Showpony fed the drips into the veins on their wrists, strugling to tell what was picture, what was actually a vein on Fun's arm. He watched as Deathdefying filled up the needles with a green fluid, "Thank God Party's asleep for this!" Deathdefying chuckled slightly, remembering Party's phobia of needles and all things sharp. He injected the serum into their arms and waited for a minute to make sure the medication took effect properly. He checked Fun's monitor; so far so good.

Suddenly, the terrible sound he knew all too well rang through his ears.


He turned and shot over to Party. The boy's heart slowed down too quickly, the rise and steady fall of his chest started to seize up, his body beginning to stiffen and go rigid. Deathdefying wasn't going to let him give up that easily,
"COME ON, PARTY!!! DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP ON ME!!" he shouted as he began compressions on Party's chest. Tears burned in his eyes as the flatline repeatedly reminded him the boy was dead. "Please, Party..." He whispered between sobs as Showpony rubbed his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. "I'm sorry Doc." he whispered. "We lost a great man today. You did all you could to save him."
Deathdefying wept over Party's cold, pale and lifeless chest, wishing this was just some terrible nightmare and he was gonna wake up soon, to see everyone around him alive and well. He watched quietly as Showpony covered Party's corpse over with white cloth. Showpony left the room to break the sad news. Deathdefying pulled the white fabric back slightly to reveal Party's cold, expressionless face.

He brushed a lock of hair from Par-...The corpse's face. Deathdefying started to cry again. He stroked Party's hair before whispering in his ear.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't save you...son."
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