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It's not time yet, sweetie...

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It's not your time yet, sweetie...

(Party Poison)

Party Poison opened his eyes. It was dark, an infinity of blackness yawned out to him. A faint light glowed around him and he realised it was him emmiting the light. He looked at his arms, watching the skin shimmer, glowing a pale red colour. He was dressed in his blue Dead Pegasus bomber jacket, a pair of skinnies, a skimpy top that bagged around his thin stomach and his feet were encased in a pair of dark biker boots. He got up stiffly, his mouth sore and he wobbled, nearly falling backward. His red glow illuminated the floor below him, pushing back some of the darkness that envoloped him. It was silent. In fact, it was far too quiet.
"PARTY! DON'T YOU GIVE UP ON ME!" Party jumped at the voice, but it started to fade away, nothing more than a whisper. He looked around and saw a door in the far corner of the room, light spilling from underneath it. He walked toward it and stopped, noticing that the closer he got to the door the brighter his body shimmered. He took a few steps back and watched the red become more dull. He furrowed his brow in confusion.

"Gerard?" Came a voice from the other side of the door. A voice he had thought he would never hear again. "Gerard, sweetie is that you?" Party grabbed the door handle and twisted. The door opened, revealing a slender woman with bright red hair, and the same greeny caramel eyes as him. "M-mom?" He gasped. His mother grabbed him and pulled him into her arms, she glowed a pale blue from head to foot. She reluctantly pushed away from him, staring up at her son's face. She smiled, little shimmering blue tears pouring down her cheeks. She planted as kiss on his forehead and cheeks, "Oh Gerard, darling, look how handsome you got!" Gerard hugged her again, "Mom? W-where am I?" He looked around. The ground he stood on had grass, real grass and flowers too. A river ran beside a small orchard of oak trees, small families of squirrels chasing eachother around the trunks before shooting off into the leafy canopy above. His mother looked away from him, averting her eyes to the ground, "Gerard, honey...You're dead." She started to cry. Party gawped at her, shocked, "WHAT?! I'M NOT DEAD! I CAN'T BE! I-I mean, I would have remembered dying, right"
His mom took him by the wrist and led him to the river. She knelt down and beckoned Party to do the same. She took his hand and pulled off the fingerless glove,
"The memory is imprinted on your skin, see?" She showed him the scar on his palm. The shape had been burned in but had healed rapidly, it stood out, pure silver against the pale peach of his skin. "Put your hand in the water, Party." His mother murmered. Party reached out tentatively, the scar gently brushing the cold water. He gasped in pain as the water latched onto his scar, opening it slightly. Droplets of blood oozed out, creating crimson swirls that danced in the rivers flow. The water stopped moving, completely calm like a lake. The scarlet blood dunk slightly, forming a scene, each droplet melting into a person; all of which he identified as Deathdefying, Showpony and two men upon two seperated tables that he soon realised to be Fun Ghoul and himself. Doctor Deathdefying had shot over to him, shouting something muffled and started slamming his hands onto Party's chest harshly. Party found himself shouting at the underwater scene. "Why won't you wake up?" Party howled. He snatched his palm away from the water just in time to see Showpony wrapping a white sheet around his corpse. Party turned back to his mother, "I don't want to be dead!" he wailed as his mom took him in her gentle, loving arms. "Shush baby, that's what I want to talk to you about, Gerard. It's not your time yet sweetie..."
Party looked up with watery eyes at his mother's face beaming down at him. "W-w-hat d-do y-y-y-you mean?" he sniffled. She rubbed his back soothingly before replying. "You have so much more to do before you join me again darling. You and your brother are special, take good care of Grace and you will bring the end to Better Living industries together." Party frowned, "R-r-really?" he whispered. His mother smiled sweetly and ruffled his scarlet hair gently, "Of course darling, I love you." Party snuggled into her, "I love you too, mom." he murmured. She kissed her sons hair and pressed a note into his palm. "A bit of guidence." she explained. She got up and pulled Party to his feet. "Now. Stay safe, tell Mikey and your dad that I love them and miss them." Party cocked his head to one side, "My...My dad?" She smiled, "Yes. Your dad?" She studied her sons face and gasped, "He never told you he was yours and Mikey's dad did he?"
Party Poison scowled, "Who's my dad?" His voice echoed and he saw his glow was fading along with the rest of his body. He just caught his mothers words before he disappeared completely,
"Doctor Deathdefying." She whispered.

Party's eyes snapped open and he shot upright to see the shocked faces of the people around him. His eyes finally rested on Deathdefying who stood, mouth hanging open as Party flung his arms around him.
"Dad..." he breathed.
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