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Onstage Love

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Okay. I really don't get the whole rating thing. There is sex, attempted suicide. Violence. You're typical Frerard story to be honest. I don't own the people in the story and it's all fiction.

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Frank's POV

"Have you heard the news that you’re dead? No one ever had much nice to say, I think they never liked you anyway. Oh take me from the hospital bed. Wouldn't it be grand to take a pistol by the hand and wouldn't it be great if we were dead?" Gerard's voice rang out to the whole arena. I smiled at my best friend who was jumping around the stage like a lunatic. I blocked out everything, the drums, the screaming fans, the flashing lights, all I could focus on was Gerard. As much as I hated it, I loved him. I wanted to tell him more than anything but I couldn't. For starters he's married, he has a daughter and he's straight. Oh, and I have a wife and two kids too.

My heart was racing as Gerard strutted over the stage towards me. Two years apart, three children, one wedding and still Gerard made me feel like I was a teenager again, just by looking at me. I looked down at my guitar, trying to focus on the strings and the chords I was just about getting right. I was married, happily, to Jamia. We had twin baby girls for crying our loud. "Stop thinking about Gee's ass!" I screamed at myself, inside my own head of course. This was impossible! How could you be so in love with someone, love somebody THIS much and not tell them?! I had to... I just had to let him know.

"Ready to make some magic?" Gerard's deep Jersey accent pulled me out of my own thoughts and I looked up, staring hopelessly into his hazel eyes. "M.. Magic?" I stuttered, trying not to mess up my guitar solo and rape Gerard in front of his brother, our wives, our best friends and the 30,000 screaming fans watching. "Yeah baby!" Gerard chuckled and grabbed hold of my waist, pulling me close and crushing his lips to mine in another 'Frerard moment.' I wrapped my arms around his waist because my knees failed me and I almost collapsed. God I loved being onstage again; feeling his soft lips on mine and…..

He pulled away. As quick as he pulled me to him he pushed me back, strutting back down the stage, his soft lips against the microphone instead of against mine where they should be. I ran a gloved hand over my forehead and down my face, looking around. I was completely love struck and I had no idea what was going on anymore. Oh shit... Mikey was glaring at me as if I'd just kicked his puppy... Or enjoyed making out with his brother. I quickly grabbed hold of my guitar and started playing again. That was my biggest problem with Gerard. I'd always get lost around him and not remember where I was or what I was doing, even if it was important. Well the problem was that plus the fact I was completely and madly in love with him, I couldn't tell him and he kissed me against my will on a daily basis, not that I'm complaining about being kissed by a sex god.

Gerard's POV

I strutted over to Frank who was focusing on 'Pansy'. Damn I hated that guitar. Why did he have to be looking at her? Why does she get to be the one that goes home with him, that he holds against him and smiles at. What. The. Fuck. Am I saying?! Jealous of a fucking guitar?! This was getting out of control again. I needed him close, I needed to feel him against me, I needed to feel him pretend to love me for the fans. Fuck my wife, fuck his wife, fuck our friends, fuck the fans, fuck Frank. I didn't care if he wanted it or he didn't want it. I did. Hell I NEEDED it.

"Ready to make some magic?" I waited until Ray's guitar solo so I wouldn't have the microphone near my mouth; I didn't want it near my mouth. I know what I DO want near my mouth. Hey, I'm a guy, I have needs. "M.. Magic?" Frank was so cute when he stuttered. It made him sound sweet and vulnerable and that just made me want to hold him and protect him. He continued with his half of the guitar solo, looking right at me with those beautiful, dark hazel eyes of his. "Yeah baby!" I pulled him against me and crushed our lips together hungrily. I missed him so much. My Frankie.... Damn guitar, ALWAYS in the way of his- Again... I have needs.

He wrapped his arms around me and I wanted to die. Nothing was more perfect than this. He tasted of the vanilla lip balm he put on before every show. I've always loved the taste of it, of Frank's lips. I inhaled his scent so I could remember it. He smelled of my deodorant, I let him borrow some before the show, and he smelt of... Jamia's perfume. Once again, I was reminded I couldn't have him. Fuck. I tore my lips from his before I let myself admit I loved him and I pushed him back so he was forced to let go of me.

"1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4! La, la, la, laa, la!" I continued singing, singing the last verse of 'Dead!' and strutting across the stage to Ray. Ray was awesome. He wasn't afraid of anything, he was amazing at the guitar and he was amazing at keeping secrets. He knew how I felt about Frank because I trust him. He was the bands little box of secrets. If anything was bothering you, Ray would be the first person to talk to. I turned around, stamping my foot in time with the beat and looked at Frank. He was staring at the wall behind me, completely dumbfounded and unaware of everything. I didn't do that? Did I? He wiped his face with his gloves and looked around before playing his guitar and looking concerned, in fear. Was Mikey glaring at him?! No... It had to be my imagination.

After the show was over I waved goodbye to the fans and ran offstage. I needed water.. And sugar. Fast. I literally ran to the chill room and drank as much as I could from three cans of pepsi before I needed the bathroom. I ran past the rest of the band and into the toilets as I heard them laugh at some joke I'd be told later. After going to the toilet and washing my hands I returned to the small confined space of the cubicle and pulled my knees up to my chest. I couldn't take it anymore. I loved Frank. Don't get me wrong; I loved Lindsey, she's great but Frank is... Wow. He's perfect. My heart started racing as I thought about him. Even mentioning his name sent shivers down my spine. It was driving me crazy not being able to be with him. I let my tears fall before I went back with all this built up emotion for the man I'd never be able to call mine.
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