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the test

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*3 months later*
It had been three months since Ray was turned into a vampire, 3 months since Frankie gave himself to me. We'd both agreed that the idea of Frank being a pregnant male vampire was just too odd and wouldn't happen, so we carried on...fucking (for want of a better word) anyway. But I was getting worried, Frankie had lots of scary mood swings and he was eating a lot more than usual- I mean, sure, he usually had his appetite and a few other peoples but this was just ridiculous. He was starting to get...bigger as well. I didn't tell him- I still loved him no matter what he looked like, but it worried me all the same. We were sitting in the lounge watching nightmare on elm street with everybody when Frankie got up in search for MORE food. I followed him into the kitchen.
"Frankie, we need to talk." I told him, hoisting myself up to sit on the kitchen counter.
"What is it Gee?" He asked, looking confused and worried and sitting down next to me.
"Do you think you might be, urh, pregnant?" I asked, looking him in the eyes, he seemed to relax.
"Gerard, no. We've already been through this." He told me, squeezing my hand for reassurance.
"I know it's just... I didn't want to mention it. But, you've been having really bad mood swings and you've been eating so much more, enough for two vampires even. And, uhmmm, you've started to get...bigger." I finished, hoping he wouldn't take it the wrong way.
"I know. I've noticed it too, but I was hoping it was just my mind playing tricks on me." Frank confessed, his shoulders sagging.
"Take a test." I said.
"What? I can't just walk into the chemists and ask for a pregnancy test when everybody in town knows I'm gay with you!" He started to panic, I could understand why.
"You don't have to go, we'll get Jackie to go, she doesn't care what people think. If anything she likes it when people think the worst of her; she seems to get a kick out of pissing people off. But please, take a test. We need to know." I was begging now, I was desperate.
"Okay Gee, I will. JACKIE, WE NEED YOU IN HERE WE HAVE A PERSONAL ISSUE ONLY YOU CAN SOLVE!" He screamed, earning a few 'eews' and 'what the fucks' and 'if you have a 3 way with them I will blow chunks' before Jackie appeared in the kitchen, sitting down on my other side.
"What's up then?" She asked, but I sort of thought she already knew.
"We need you to go buy something for us." I said, my desperation showing in my face and voice.
"Buy it yourself!" She stated.
"We need you to buy a pregnancy test." Frank said, "Please."
"Oh. OH!SHIT, I knew there was something wrong and it was playing on my mind but I thought Frank would have told us if he was, or had been, half and half." She examined our faces, "Unless he didn't know himself..." Something clicked in her head as she pieced the pieces together.
"Please." I begged, my voice barely more than a whisper.
"That was Itallian..." I trailed off giggling.
"What did she say?" Frank asked asked.
"I'll be back my little whore." I managed before we bost burst into fits of laughter. We gathered ourselves back into the living room to looks of confusion and shock on everybody's faces.
"Okay. What's going on?" Ray asked, eyeing us up suspiciously.
"We don't want to tell you till she's back, me and Gee have done something and we're sure." Frank told them. The TV had been turned off.
"I hate it when she says 'it's a matter of life and death'" Cheyenne muttered.
"Why?" I questioned, amused by the faces of the people around us.
"Because last time she said that, she came home bleeding, drunk and drugged up on oxycotin." Hollie muttered, "She also managed to piss off loads of people and stab at least two, somehow she got away with it." Hollie and Cheyenne didn't look impressed.
"Look, it's something me and Frankie need, but we were too embarrassed to go get it ourselves." I reassured them.
"EEEEWWWWWWWWW! I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU TWO ARE TOO EMBARRASSED TO BUY!" Mikey screeched, we'd let him think that he'd got the right end of the stick.
"Dude that's sick. And sending my girlfriend out to get it?" Ray muttered shaking his head.
"Why? Why would you do that? I'm so glad these walls are fucking soundproofed." Everybody had got the idea so wrong me and Frankie couldn't help bursting out laughing in spite of ourselves.
"I'M BACK!" Jackie screamed as we ran into the hall to meet her, she thrust a bag at us, "I thought you would like to double or triple check, so I brought three." She whispered, ushering us up the stairs before walking into the lounge.
Me and Gerard ran upstairs and locked the bathroom door behind us. I hurridly ripped off my jeans and peed on all three. We had to wait 3 minutes.
"Hold my hand Gerard." I whispered "I'm scared." I told him as he took my hand in his.
"It'll be okay Frankie, whatever it is. We'll get through this, together okay." He reassured me, rubbing my forearm. We spent the next few minutes in silence, I was gripping onto him for dear life. I looked at the tests, I couldn't believe my eyes.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed, tearing up and holding onto Gerard as I carried on screaming, I was crying so much. Everything became a haze- this couldn't be happening to me! I was a man! I was a vampire! What the fuck was wrong with me?! The guys started hammering on the door, all I could do was hold onto Gerard.
What the fuck was going on? We just heard Frank screamed and then he carried on screaming and now he's crying and screaming. Jackie just went pale and was the first one up the stairs. i knew Mikey was fearing the worst, he always did- he never forgave himself for what happened to Gerard, what Gerard did to himself, that wasn't Mikey's fault but he still blames himself for it.
"GUYS, OPEN UP PLEASE!" I screamed, what was going on? Bob was pounding on the door.
"OPEN THE GODDAM DOOR, WHAT'S GOING ON?" Cheyenne yelled. We were all yelling and screaming and trying to get them to open the door. I was a vampire, but I couldn't break the door or the lock- trust Jackie to reinforce fucking EVERYTHING. Mikey moved us all out of the way and hushed us down before he knocked politely, Jackie was still just standing there, waiting.
"Please let us in. We're worried and we're scared, what's going on guys?" Mikey choked on his last word as the inevitable tears came.
"NO! I'M A FREAK, WE'RE FREAKS. WE'RE NOT COMING OUT!" Frank screamed, still sobbing, I could hear Gerard crying too and it scared me, he hadn't cried sad tears since his...bad...days.
"Please." Mikey's voice whispered, the tears of worry and pain pouring down his face.
"NO! YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING HATE US IF WE DO!" Gerard screamed, breaking Mikey down even more. Jackie stepped forward now.
"Let me deal with this- I've got a good idea what's going on." She whispered, a look of worry and desperation and understanding burning deep inside her eyes. We nodded to her as Hollie hugged and consoled a very broken Mikey Way. Jackie put one hand against the lock of the door, another right in the centre before ramming into it and hitting her shoulder and hip right in the door. The door creaked and opened and she slipped inside. We couldn't make out what was going on, there was some subsiding sobs and muffled voices. A few minutes late all three emerged, Gerard and Jackie on either side of Frank, holding his hands tightly.
"I'm pregnant." Frank whispered, looking at the floor. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Mikey looked up from crying into Hollie's shoulder and wiped his eyes.
"What?" He asked, clearly confused.
"Can that even happen?" Bob whispered.
"Yes you dumbass!" I hissed, stepping on his foot.
"I'm p-pregnant." Frank whispered again before falling to the floor and curling up in a tight ball, Gerard lugged him onto his lap and stroked his hair.
"It's okay Frankie, I've got a pretty good idea what your going through right now." Jackie cooed, rubbing his back as his breathing became more heavy and laboured.
"I'm going to be an uncle!" Mikey realised, dropping to his knees to cradle Frank tightly in his arms, "How could we ever think you were a freak, that you two are freaks. You're giving us the best present ever, your making us aunties and uncles. Your bringing a new maniac into the world." Mikey soothed.
Mikey's words made the jumble that was running through my head seem so much clearer. Me and Gerard were getting married and we were bringing a new life into the world. I lifted my head up from Gerard's lap.
"You guys don't mind?" I asked, still shaking.
"Of course we don't!" Everyone said all together- which was kind of creepy. I smiled up at them as they dropped to their knees beside me.
"We're gonna support you two through this man." Bob was so reasurring- like a child hood teddy bear.
"Whatever you need- we'll be here for ya." Hollie told me, rubbing my shoulder.
"We won't be able to take you to the hospital- even though your not eighteen so your heart still beats and you've still got blood, your temperature will be running so low, you'll technically be dead. And the baby will be a vampire, your gonna have to trust me with the birth- I know what I'm doing." Jackie's tone was serious.
"I can't believe I'm saying this- but I trust you." I admitted, I really did. She'd helped me and Gerard through so much, she helped us get together by making us share a bed, she helped us come out by dropping us in it, she helped us move in together by punching my parents and eventually buying this house. She helped so much and I hadn't even realised- she hadn't either, no one had.
"I trust you too. I know you'd never hurt us." Gerard told her. She looked like she was going to break down, but she just gave us a weak smile, got up and ran straight out of the door.
"Just leave her- she's got a lot to think about." Hollie said, picking herself and Mikey up off the floor.
"I can't just leave her." Ray whined, "What if she does something...stupid." He whispered.
"She won't." I reassured him, "Me and you have to talk." I slipped out of Gee's grip and took Ray's hand, leading him outside into the graveyard.
"Ray, how long is it since you and Jackie, urmm..." I let the sentence drop off.
"Not since the night she hurt me." He whispered.
"Why did she hurt you?" I asked.
"You know why." He whimpered, letting the first few tears start to fall.
"No Ray, but you do. And it's not good for you to keep everything bottled up. I ca see your hurting, just tell me." I soothed, worried that my best friend was keeping his problems as well as someone elses locked up inside him.
"She j-just kept seeing him. The guy who beat her up. The guy who was supposed to love her but just beat her instead, the guy she loved more than anything. She was so drunk and so angry and so upset, it just triggered something off inside of her. I'm trying to be gentle, I want to be treated gentle back, but she's used to the rough stuff and I can't take it. Every time we get close she just apologises and backs off. It's so long since she's been with someone in that way who hasn't taken over her life and forced her into doing things she hates. She was so young, fucking elleven! And she hates herself for it, she never enjoyed it." Ray breathed heavily- this was really bothering him. "She says she wants to enjoy me and being with me and forget about the past but it just seems so hard. She nearly got fucking pregnant because of that prick and she wasn't even a teenager, it hurts so much. She tries, I know she does, but she can't. She doesn't want to hurt me, even though we're meant to be equal now, but she's still so much stronger than me. It hurts to see her like that. I feel so selfish, I need a release but I can't get it. That drunken night- I'm not even sure that we did. I don't think that she can do that, she's not ready to be with someone in that way again, she promised herself never to fall in love again because too many people get hurt. But she fell for me and I fell for her and we're right for each other, just like you are with Gerard. But every time she pulls away and apologizes, I still blame myslef." Ray sobbed harder and harder into my shoulder and I understood what was going through Ray's head, why he became a vampire, why he was so gentle with someone so rough. And I understood why Jackie knew how I felt, used, unloved and a possibly pregnant freak.
"It's okay Ray, you've just got to get through this together, but it will take time. Stuff like that scars people, you've just got to let her know your there when she needs to heal, it will get better, I promise." I soothed, he cried it out for about five minutes before wiping his eyes.
"Thank's Frank, I needed that." He smiled and hugged me tight, "We'd better get back now."
"Yeah. Thank's for letting me in Ray, I had a feeling something was up with you and Jackie but I couldn't tell what, she always worries about other people and never enough about herself. It will get better though." I reassurred him once more as we walked back into the house.
"Had a good heart to heart?" Mikey asked, "Gerard's sorting Jackie out, we've got a vague idea from Hollie and Cheyenne what's up, but we're so glad you and Gee are having a kid."
"Thank's Mikey, that means a lot." I said, hugging him tight.
"I wouldn't go outside if I were you, Jackie's just having a total breakdown, there's bits of metal going everywhere." Gerard laughed as he hugged me tight from behind. "Not a pretty sight."
"She's not taking the whole pregnancy thing well then?" I asked, frowning.
"I think she's okay, it's just took this to let everything come crashing down on top of her, she's mad at herself for hurting Ray and she's mad at herself for not being able to love him in errrm... certain ways." He giggled as Ray blushed.
"Everything is going to be okay, we're going to get married, have a baby and our friends are going to get married too. It's all going to be fine." I mused as we all tried to block out the screaming, crying and crashing around outside, Bert had dropped the car off and just left it there when he saw Jackie having a hissy fit.
"Everyone apart from me." Ray reminded us, saddened. Suddenly Jackie burst through the door, tears still screaming down her face.
"RAY TORO!" She screamed as his head whipped round to see her. "WILL YOU JUST FUCKING MARRY ME, BITCH?!" She yelled, "AND TONIGHT I'M GONNA MAKE YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD!" She screamed, jumping across the room and into his arms.
"Of course I'll marry you!" He whispered, collapsing on the floor under her weight.
"See Gerard, nothing to worry about." I told him, reaching up to kiss him sweetly, "Everybody's back to normal and our lives will be amazing. We'll have each other and we'll have the guys and we'll have the baby too now."
"I love you Frankie."
"I love you too Gee. You are my other half, my better half and I'm nothing without you." I told him, and that night as we all went to sleep in our cosy warm beds, we all knew that, cheesy as it was, we'd have each other. Forever, because only a vampires love can last forever, and that's what we all were....At least after the other four are changed, but that'll happen soon.

AN: I hope you liked the ending. Cheesy though it was. Thank's for reading this awful thing this far, you guy's rock!"
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