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"No, Frank!" I screamed as the roar of gunfire tore the air around me.

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Gerard's POV.

I watched in silent horror as Frank stood up slowly, throwing the bullet shell to the ground. "STAY DOWN!" The cop barked. Me, Billie, Ray, Bob, James, Alexia and Mikey raised our hands above our heads. Frank stumbled to his feet, the light of the sirens reflecting off the metal rods in his wrist cast. He was laughing manically, in a way that chilled me to the bone and would of had him sent straight to the nearest asylum. He grinned as the copper told him to get down.
Frank's teeth morphed into jagged points and his eyes melted into a deep black colour. He snarled, a deep, gutteral, inhuman growl that erupted from his chest and mouth, echoing into the dark depths of the forest. The cop flinched, raising his gun higher and closer to him. "I'm giving you till the count of three to get on the floor son. No one needs to get hurt. Just play along with our game, no one needs to die here...One."
Frank stepped closer, fearless.
He lifted his arms to shoulder length, hissing like a cat.

"NO, FRANK!" I screamed as thousands of gun shots tore through the air around me. I closed my eyes, fearing the worst. There was no heavy thud of a dead body hitting the floor. "What the fuck?!" I heard one officer exclaim. I looked up, fresh tears in my already sore enough eyes. Alexia screamed behind me in shock.

Frank stood tall, a pale blue sheen stretching either side of the clearing, bursting forth from his palms. The bullets were held in mid air, a few millimeters from his heart. He swept his hands down, the shells clattering harmlessly to the ground beneath his feet. Frank glared with cold eyes as he dragged his palms toward him. To my shock, the guns were snatched by some kind of invisible force from the each coppers hands. With a flick of his wrist, Frank made the guns hover in the air and turn round to face their previous owners. He clicked his fingers, causing the rifles to cock, ready and loaded. He smiled wolfishly, his sharp teeth catching the lights, making them sparkle brightly.

"Oh, I'll play your game alright." he shouted at the top of his lungs. "But who says I can't play by my own rules, hmmm?" The officer whimpered as he stared down the barrel of his gun. Frank spoke again. "Now. I don't want to kill you so I'll make you a deal, yes? ...I want you to let me and my friends pass, you will forget everything that happened here. Or I will hunt you down and catch up with our unfinished business." He gestured at the guns casually. I stared at Frank, I wanted him to stop yet I wanted him to continue. It was strange.
"Fuck you, bastard." The lead officer growled. Frank laughed lightly and turned to face him. He winked slightly and the gun fired. The rest of us and the other cops jumped and screamed in fear. I looked at the officer. He was frozen stiff in raw terror, the bullet had stopped so that it was just pressing against his forehead. Frank smirked darkly,
"You were saying?" he had one eyebrow raised in anticipation.
The officer took a long time to get the words out.
"Please, officer." Frank sighed werily. "I don't think I can hold the bullet much longer..."
"YES!" wailed the officer, "WE HAVE A DEAL!"
Frank smiled sweetly.
"Good. So glad we could come to a conclusion at long last." Frank's voice sounded tierd amd a sheen of sweat beaded his brow. He stamped his foot, causing the guns, bullet and the coppers to collapse in heaps, unconcious in seconds. The blue light flooded back into Frank's hands. His knees buckled and I shot forward, breaking his fall before he hit the ground in a dead faint. The small kid, James, knelt next to us, checking Frank's temperature and pulse, deep concern on his small face.
"He is much more powerful than I had thought. This is bad."
I looked at him,
He nodded,
"If Frank doesn't get the right training soon it could very well destroy him and everything in his path."
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