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Prologue from hell!!!!!@.@

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The super smash brothers get turned into kids... PG-13 because of language abd there might be shounen-ai depending on Soriku's mood. =D

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In the smashers mansion there was chaos, a chaos so horrible I can't even begin to describe it and it's name was--
"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" Peach screamed at the top of her lungs, absolutely fuming at the young Pyro-maniac. For earlier that day he had been playing with matches--
------------------------------Flash back---------------------------
Roy was sitting on the couch with his beloved set of matches, he loved his matches soooooo much, what he loved even more was what they did setting flames on the tip of the match. To him fire was like a miracle much like sweets were a miracle to Marth...don't even get me started on that. Anyway Roy was sitting there waving his lit match when he 'accidentally' set the couch on fire! Thinking quickly he put out the small fire by smacking it down, but, then he screamed because he put out his beloved fire "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I PUT OUT MY BELOVED FIRE!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????" he sobbed when Peach walked by with her big poofy dress, part of that dress brushed against Roy's lit match. Her dress, now aflame, Peach screaming, when Roy saw Peach on fire he just looked at her in awe "will you marry me?" Roy said. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" Peach screamed at the top of her lungs, absolutely fuming at the young Pyro-maniac.
------------------------------- End flash back---------------------------
Zelda and Samus ran in as soon as they heard Peach's screams. "Peach you're on fire!" Zelda yelled "Yeah I kinda of noticed! Help me!" Peach screamed. Samus and Zelda shoved Peach on the ground and proceeded to stomp her out "oh get her hair!" Samus said stomping out the last bit of Fire. As soon as Peach was no longer aflame all attention turned to Roy, Roy realized what was going on and hid the match behind his back and said "What?! I didn't do nothing! It was Ness I swear! Do you honestly trust that kid I mean he could snap at any moment that's why he carries that bat around with him, and I've heard him talk to himself!" just then Ness walked by muttering to himself looking possessed. "See, what I tell ya?" Roy said in a sad attempt to defend himself against the three girls.
"Roy give us the matches and no one will get hurt." Zelda said warningly, reaching for Roy's matches. "NEVER!" Roy screamed he leapt from the couch and sprinted out of the room.
"So he wants to do this the hard way, eh? Get him!" Samus said leading the other two girls in a hunt, running fast, Well Peach was kinda limping because she was on fire earlier...
--------------------Meanwhile in the kitchen--------------------------
"So, I told Ganondorf to get his own evil plan" the giant spikey koopa king said to Mewtwo "Well done Bowser" Mewtwo replied floating just above ground as usual. "So what did he say?" Mewtwo asked "I dunno something in dwarfenese. Who knows--" Bowser was interrupted by Roy running through the kitchen screaming "MY MATCHES MINE!!! MINE MINE MINE!!!" all the way exiting the other side of the kitchen. "What the heck was that about?" Bowser said staring at the skid marks Roy left behind. Samus and Zelda ran through the kitchen not too far behind Roy, Peach of course was having trouble keeping up with her limp and all but, then she realized why she was limping. One of her shoes had the heel melted right off "Oh Roy you son of a-- you ruined my shoes" Peach took her shoes off and stomped out of the kitchen.
---------------------------------Author's house-------------------------------------
Soriku was typing when she realized what she had done "Oh, crap! Now Peach has projectiles! RUN ROY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" Soriku yelled holding her head. Sirius entered the room screaming "MARILYN MANSON IS GAWD!!!!" he stopped running and looked at Soriku and said "What'cha doing?" "Writing." Soriku replied. Sirius came up behind Soriku and made a snarling growl noise. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH SIRIUS don'tdothatKathryndidthatonthephoneandshesoundedlikethegrugdeandIrippedthephoneawayfrommyear--" Soriku said getting cut off by her older brother Sirius "SORIKU YOU NEED TO BREATHE YOU'RE TURNING BLUE!" Sirius said repeatedly slapping sense into Soriku "GET A GRIP NOW GO WAIT WITH THE OTHERS ON THE SAFE SIDE OF THE ROOM. AAAAAAHHHHH IT'S GOT ME! NOT THE PINK! NOT THE PINK!" Sirius screamed as he fell to the ground defeated by the dreaded pink! "SIRIUS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Soriku sobbed for her not-so-lost brother "I'm alive" Sirius said weakly crawling into the Closet-O-Punk-ass-clothes-that-make-people-cry. You could hear rattling and muffled talking coming from the Closet-O-Punk-ass-clothes-that-make-people-cry. Then all in the closet was silent. "Sirius are you in there?" Soriku said. Then Sirius jumped out of the closet dressed as 'Lady' from devil may cry 3 and yelled "GIRL POWER!" Soriku fell over eyes white foaming at the mouth. Sirius walks over to Soriku and pokes her with one red-boot-clad foot, "Soriku? You ok?" Rabid fan boy runs in and yells "Hi Sirius!" Sirius looks at the fan boy and promptly turns his back to him and bends over. "HI!" giggles and runs off while fan boy stands there stunned by the flash of Sirius panties.
------------------------------meanwhile at the smash mansion in the living room--------------------------------
Marth was sitting in the chair-and-a-half reading some book called "how to deal with crazy pyros who live in the same room as you" so he was reading and reading until a certain fire-lover ran in screaming "THEY'RE AFTER ME LUCKY CHARMS! OH WAIT-- MY MATCHES!!!!" Marth looked disturbed by this "Roy, what's going-- why are you running and screaming?" Marth asked putting his book down and standing up. Roy shoved his matches into Marth's hands and said "Guard these with your life! Marth don't let anyone get these! PLEASE!" "Uh...okay whatever Roy" Marth said putting the box of matches in his pocket. "Now run Marth run and avoid Peach, Zelda and Samus! You'll be the second suspect sense you're my best friend, now run like your life depended on it because it does!" said Roy "Oh god Roy did you murder someone?" Marth said as his eyes widened. "Well no, I kinda set Peach's dress on fire..." Roy said twiddling his thumbs "Oh for the love of-- it's worse than I thought!" Marth said smacking his forehead "THERE HE IS" Peach screamed as she ran in, she chucked one of her ruined shoes at Roy hitting his face "Ow!"
Zelda and Samus entered the room. Roy ran out of the room followed by Zelda and Peach, Leaving Marth and Samus alone in the room "So...Samus how have you been?" Marth said nervously trying to make conversation that would not make him look suspicious. And Samus said "Marth...Do you have the matches?" "Matches? What matches? Why would you think I had matches? That's Roy's shtick remember?" Marth said nervously laughing, realizing he had just made himself look more suspicious than before he sprinted for the exit Samus following close behind.
-----------------------------Back in the kitchen--------------------------------------
"So I told Ruto to back off, and that I would not marry her" A certain blonde hero of time said to Sheik "Cool, how'd she take it?" Sheik asked "I don't remember that much from it except a flash of blue and a lot of pain in my groin, I blacked out after that" Link said wincing as he said it. Roy ran back through the kitchen retracing the trail he had left earlier screaming his name backwards and stopped momentarily to say hi to Link and Sheik then started back up again running out of the kitchen screaming "YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" Peach and Zelda ran in and stopped in front of Link Zelda asked "Link did Roy come through here?" and due to a temporary memory problem Link did not remember Roy's crazed entrance "Er...No haven't seen him at all today 'cept at breakfast." Link said scratching his head. "HE'S LYING, ZELDA GET HIM!" Peach spouted. "huh, wha--? Ah!" Link dodged Zelda's tackle/attack by jumping to the right and hitting the ground. He jumped back up and ditched the princess as fast as he could. Sheik stood there and stared, "what on earth was that about?" Sheik muttered. "You didn't see anything!" Peach commanded Sheik "uh...whatever...weird crazy people" Sheik said leaving the kitchen by the same path Link took. Peach followed the path Roy took.
-----------------------------------In some other part of the mansion----------------------------
Ness finally stopped muttering to himself and had gone back to his usual self because...I SAID SO!!!! MWAHAHA!!!!
Anyway he started playing some little kid game with the Ice climbers and Pichu. So they were playing peacefully until the author got bored with the peace in the kids game. So that faithful moment when all went wrong was coming really fast. Pichu was running backwards and tripped over Ness's bat, rolled into Popo knocking him into Nana. Nana's mallet flew out of her hands! OH MY GOSH THE HAMMER IS FLYING LIKE TOAST! But the mallet finally stopped flying and hit Ness square on the head knocking him out and leaving a bump on his capped head...YAY CHAOS! "PICHU! You did that on purpose!" Popo said obviously angry. "Pi pi pichu chu pi chu chu pichuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!" Pichu said in her defense...I think it's a her...there's no stinkin' way to tell! "Guys it was an accident let's just forget it happend and move on okay?" Nana said trying to reason with them. And just when she was getting through to them Ness regained consciousness he got to his feet but, stepped on Nana's mallet just right, it hit him in the face and bounced off him and hit Nana hard enough to hurt but, no knock out! "That's it!" Nana said picking up her mallet and began beating Ness into submission. Pichu and Popo looked at each other for a moment, shrugged and started duking it out. Oh...jeez Ness just got a bloody nose, let's leave before it's any better.
----------------------------- A random school bathroom-------------------------------------
A boy named Jack was in the bathroom washing his hands minding his own business. When paperboy1 started to sneak up behind him, and screeched "AAAAAHHHHH SORIKU HELP HE'S BACK!" Jack screamed.
----------------------------Author's house--------------------------
Soriku finally stopped foaming out the mouth and regained consciousness. "huh?"
She stood up and started to look around "JACK NEEDS ME! DON'T WORRY JACK I'M COMING!!!!" Soriku ran through the walls of her house and many other peoples houses.
-----------------------------------The bathroom Jack is in-------------------
"Stay away!" Jack said trying to fend off the evil paperboy with toilet paper! "You forget paper makes me stronger!" The paperboy grew four times his height hitting the bathroom ceiling. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" Jack was attempting to run from the paper boy but, he wasn't able too. Just then Soriku broke through the bathroom wall, Soriku screamed a random battle cry "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"
Soriku with her amazing writer powers jumped up and in slow motion kicked the paper boy in the face. Then she flipped down to the ground and started beating the crud out of his legs. Once she beat the paperboy down to his normal size she grabbed him by the collar and flung him out the door "And don't come back dang Jehovah's witnesses!" Soriku said glaring out the door. "Hey I just noticed something I've only cursed three times so far through out this prologue awesome!"
---------------------------------------Back in the mansion---------------------------------------
Marth was running as fast as he could to escape Samus he ran down various corridors, staircases he even ran past Ganondorf in a towel, though he almost puked along the way. He ran for all he stood for, ran for all the penguins he stood for even the ones that everyone gave up on but, he didn't because he knew better that one day that penguin would fly with it's brethren the ducks! Not the movie team but, the bird! Oh sorry lost my train of thought, uh oh now I remember! Marth continued running, Samus was only feet behind him. She began blasting at him. It took all Marth had to dodge Samus's blasts and keep running to stay out of her reach.
When out of nowhere Marth spied a doofus, not just any doofus but doofus#54696455 and he got an idea. Dodging one of Samus's blasts and he grabbed doofus#54696455 and threw him at Samus, catching her off guard "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" doofus#54696455 screamed. Doofus#54696455 knocked Samus to the ground Marth took this chance to run for his frickin' life! He ran down a staircase half-way down the stairs he decided just to slide down the rail to save him some time and energy. Meanwhile back with Samus and doofus#54696455, Samus got up brushed herself off and beat the hell out of doofus#54696455 for knocking her over.
---------------------------------outside the mansion------------------------------------------------
"Hey, anybody seen Bob?" doofus#54696457 said to doofuses#54696456-58 and 59 "Nope, haven't seen him since he went into that mansion think we should go find him" said doofus#54696456, "I dunno, we'll wait another hour or two and we don't see him we'll go in" said doofus#54696457.
---------------------------in the mansion------------------------------------------------------
Whiles Bob's--I mean doofus#5469645's friends were worrying about him he was getting the crap kicked out of him........
-------------------------------In hallway 12----------------------------------------
Roy was running down hallway 12, running desperately to keep away from Peach who could run pretty fast for a girl in a dress "Man Peach can run pretty fast for a girl in a dress!" Roy said panting to catch his breath he ran and ran until he reached hallway 17, He felt his energy beginning to fade more and more he had to figure out a way to shake her off his tail but, how?
"Man my energy is fading gotta shake this princess off my tail but, how?" Roy said he as zigzagged between hallways and other rooms he ran faster and faster until Peach was just a pink and yellow blur in the distance he grabbed the knob of closet#123 yanked the door open ran into the closet shut the door and hid there. He was safe for now. "Ha. Peach would never think to look for me in a closet, I think it's safe to come out now" Roy said trying to open the closet door but, it wouldn't open. Roy was locked in the closet. "Crud! I locked myself in the closet! I need to call for help...No wait if I do that then Peach might find me or one of the other two horrors and if they do they'll ask about my beloved matches I should just wait here and hope someone finds me." Roy said sliding down the wall of the closet into a sitting position.
--------------------------------With Link only GAWD knows where-------------------------------------
Link was Running, and running...still running but, who cares about that now let's talk about me!
...what? You don't want to? Author starts to sob, All you ever care about is Link. LINK, LINK, NEVER ME! WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS? YOU DON'T EVEN CARE-- author got bricked and bled to death, so now her living corpse will be typing for a bit. Blegh gtak ragim... Author's spirit knocked corpse author over and started typing story. Sorry 'bout that anyway back to Link and his predicament. Link ran down a hallway, wow this house has a bunch of hallways probably because it's a focking mansion for the smashers specifically... Link weaved through doors between tables and ran around random puppies that came from the portal of 'PUPPY WORLD'! A world Link has been looking for fer years but, could never prove existed, He was scoffed at and mocked for his belief so he turned evil and started scheming to own the world, soon he began his evil empire with his friends turning them ebil. One by one they fell victim to his dark, fearsome power. His empire spread to the corners of the world drawing in chaos and hate to the world--Bwahahahahahaha--oh wait I'm sorry I was...erm...thinking of somebody else, point is Link didn't step on the puppies. Zelda was close behind like a bulldozer she ran through doors, and tables and various puppies fled her pathway. She was determined to catch him and make him talk. Link glanced behind him momentarily, then pressed forward and kept going at a faster pace. He ran down this seemingly endless hallway until he hit the wall, he ran out of steam, no just kidding, he really hit a wall it was a dead-end!
Zelda stopped just feet in front of Link, he was cornered. "Link, just tell me do you have Roy's matches? If you don't I'll have to tickle you until you talk!" Zelda said as warningly as a warning can get! "GASP not the dreaded tickle that makes you giggle for hours even after it was done?!" Link said with an absolutely terrified expression on his face. "That's the one" Zelda I had no idea princesses could growl like that! "I don't know what matches you're talking about!" Link said truthfully, unfortunately for him Zelda didn't believe him she lunged at him. He jumped to the left out of the way hitting his head on the way down, but that hit to the head got rid of his memory problem, he suddenly remembered everything! The blue flash, the jellyfish and Roy's entrance that got him involved in this chase. He fell to the ground and jumped back up as Zelda had gone head first into the wall. Link looked at her to make sure she wasn't dead and then ran for his goddamn life! Minutes later Zelda was up and tracking Link, hot on his trail she walked faster. It took a while but, Zelda caught up to Link "How the heck does she do that?" Link panted running down some stairs. "Wait, I don't have to run!" Link said pulling out his Ocarina and beginning to play 'Zelda's Lullaby' "That's not going to work Link I'm immune to that now!" Zelda said running down the stairs, Link continued playing "LINK! Uh--eh ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz..." Zelda fell asleep and down the stairs she rolled down and down. "Hey it worked!" said Link acting quite out of his mind in celebration! "Now I need to go find Roy and ask him what this is about." he continued down the stairs and jumped over Zelda.
Young Link was sitting all alone dressed in black with a box that had holes in it (though it wouldn't have mattered if it had holes in it or not.) For today was a very sad day for Young Link, a very dark dreary day. Because in that box there was a frog named Norbert, Norbert was a good frog, and never ate more than his share of flies. But today in this box Norbert was no longer among the living. There he was in the box all dead and corpse like. Gee I wish there was something I could do to help Young Link through this harsh time hmmm... "No, no please don't you'll only make it worse just leave me alone." Young Link was clinging to that last shred of hope that the writer would listen to him. Ha ha ha nonsense my dear Watson I shall make it better. BANG! "Crud." Young Link knew that something bad was going to happen, humph... Well I'll prove him wrong! Suddenly a green glow emitted from the holes in the box Young Link dropped the box. The lid floated off the box, Norbert floated out of the box glowing. Norbert was now a ZOMBIE! RUN AND COVER YOUR HEADS IT WANTS YOUR BRAIN RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!! "Soriku what have you done?" Young Link said horrified by what the writer had done to his poor un-dead Norbert. Wait a second that's a girl frog! Hey it should be Nora now. Now Nora began to make Zombie like sounds, very, very disturbing. Young Link was sobbing for his poor zombie Norber-I mean Nora. Nora flew at Young Link attaching her tongue to his head. Young Link Ran around in circles screaming "SHE'S TRYING TO EAT MY BRAIN!" You're welcome Young Link now on with the story!
-------------------------With Marth at the staircase------------------------------
Marth finally finished sliding down the railing of the staircase. "Aw, man my butt, hurts from that agh." Marth started walking through many, many rooms "I didn't know we even had this many rooms damn, oh well I'm pretty sure I lost Samus that's really good news." Marth said passing by a room that had a hole in the door shaped an awful lot like a princess we all know and...know.
So of course Marth had to go through the hole and find out what made the hole. His curiosity was blocking out all of his other senses you know like common sense! You never go check out the monster dead or alive, because it's never dead! And if you're checking to see to make sure it is alive than you must be pretty stupid! It's like horror movie rule #6 duh! Rule #7 is never go into the basement! But noooooooooooooooo Marth just ignores all my warnings like the warning signs I put up. Marth came to a stop seeing a sign, read it aloud "Marth go no further if you want to live and keep Roy's matches safe, sincerely Soriku your ruler and overlord. P.S. Nice hair =D" Marth raised an eye-brow to this sign and then just kept walking, but while walking he saw lots of signs saying stuff like 'halt', 'RUN JACKY RUN!', 'enter at your own risk' Marth kept walking I probably should have just put up a sign that said 'Beware Zelda is in here so if you're Marth, Roy, or Link Run for your life!' Marth came upon another stairway he began going down the stairs. The further down he went the more moans and groaning he heard. He came to the tenth-to the last step when he saw Zelda at the bottom of the stairs. He stood there in thought for a minute 'okay normally I would help her up but, I'm supposed to avoid her, Peach and Samus hmm... well I can see she's breathing and her neck doesn't look broken okay, she's fine I can leave now.' But just as Marth was turning to go back up Zelda stood up and saw Marth.
"Oh crap, she knows I'm here!" Marth whispered but, before Zelda could so much as move Marth was racing up the stairs two at a time. "MARTH! GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE!" Zelda screamed running up after him. So now Marth had to run for his life again, dodging the puppies running on tables and making new holes in the doors in the shape of our blue haired prince. Heh
Zelda followed right behind him 'damnit just when I lose Samus I go and find Zelda I've gotta ditch her somehow oh I know! The hamper!' Marth sprinted through the halls, slid through corridors running towards the bathroom. He ran in, Zelda followed but, ran into a cabinet door that Marth had opened, Zelda was once again unconscious. Marth stuffed her into a hamper and pushed the hamper out into the hallway and once again he was on his way to find Roy.
------------------------------------Closet 123----------------------------------------------
Roy was banging his head against the wall of the closet. Roy was absolutely bored out of his mind. Roy groaned "If only I had my matches, I wouldn't be so bored. Okay I don't care anymore if Peach finds me I'll just hold the door and knock her out!" he stood up and started banging on the door of the closet screaming for help. "LET ME OUT!"
----------------------------------------The kitchen-----------------------------------------
Link was back in the kitchen making himself a sandwich because apparently running makes him hungry. So he was standing there...Just making a sandwich a boring old sandwich... No Mayo no peppers nothin' just P.B. and J. Wow this chase scene just got flushed... OH I KNOW! Ahem... Link was making his sandwich with peanut butter and jelly but, little did Link know what he was using for jelly was not in fact jelly, it was no where near jelly it was in fact Taco sauce Ultra hot taco sauce and what he thought was peanut butter was really cheese! Link put his sandwich together, grabbed a soda from the fridge... what was the soda? Um... I think it was Vault or Gatorade, oh who knows something that will cause trouble later. He sat down at the table and took a bite of that so called P.B. and J sandwich. Realization hit him in seconds 'Hey this isn't peanut butter or jelly.' Link had tried to spit it out but, it was already heading down his throat. His eyes began to water and he opened his mouth flames came bursting out and wouldn't stop. Link was panicking and running in circles screaming hylian profanities.
-----------------------------meanwhile in Closet 123-------------------------------------------------
Roy stopped screaming for help. And said "Hey there is a flame somewhere and I'm not there to admire it!" he began screaming again only much louder, it's amazing no one has heard him yet.
-------------------------------------Back with Link------------------------------------------------
Then he remembered the soda he grabbed it and chugged the soda.
The flames were gone. "Wow huff that was close huff You know that sandwich was pretty good..." Link picked up the sandwich and took another bite he did this over and over again... Anyway moving on.
----------------------------------With Samus-------------------------------------------------------
Samus had grown bored with beating the senses out of doofus#54696455 so after she had finished beating him up she fed him to Fluffy the hell hound. She then began her way down the corridor looking for Marth. "Okay Marth you can run but, you can't hide." She said looking around every corner, looking for her lost prey. She walked with her gun-blaster thing at the ready.
Samus was alert and checking everywhere. Samus heard something move. She got the odd feeling that she was being watched. She listened intently for any sign of where her observer is watching from. She looked up and saw him. Her stalker lunged at her from above she blocked him and punched him out. Continuing to kick the crap out of her stalker she realized "Oh, it's just Captain Falcon." and walked away. Captain Falcon lay there all beaten and bloody in other words you could say he got re-jected! Samus continued looking for Marth and now that she thinks of it Roy.
----------------------------------Now checking on Peach where ever she is---------------------
"WELL IT'S OFFICIAL! I've lost track of Roy. Sheesh he's faster than I thought he was." Peach moaned walking arms crossed as were her eye-brows. Her bare feet ached from hitting the hard floor so much. She stopped at a hamper that was just sitting there in the middle of the hallway in front of a bathroom. Peach pushed the hamper over and out slid Princess Zelda. "Oh my gosh! ZELDA!" Peach checked her pulse "Oh good she's just unconscious" picking up the K.O.'d princess "Whoa, Zelda has put on a few since her and Link broke up. Well at least they're still friends." At the mention of her name Zelda woke up. "Peach put, me down." "Oh, okay" and so she did just that. "Where have you been Zelda? Besides that hamper I found you in, I lost track of Roy a while ago." Peach said. "Well let's see I ran into a wall, fell down some stairs, got knocked out by a cabinet door and stuffed into a hamper. The first two were when I was chasing Link the others were when I saw Marth." Zelda said Exasperated by her list. "Hey, did you see Samus anywhere, because she's gonna be pretty mad if somebody else catches her 'prey'. Ooh don't want to deal with that." Peach said freaked by the idea of Samus being mad not being able to catch Marth.
"Let's go find Link and Roy we'll leave Marth to Samus, and if she asks for help we will assist." Zelda said beginning to walk. "Good plan Zellie, hey wait does Samus even know we're after Link too?" Peach questioned Zelda following her, "I don't think so but, if we see her we'll let her know." Zelda said just pulling answers out of her butt. "I wonder what Samus will do if she catches Marth." Peach wondered aloud.
---------------------------hallway 17-------------------------------------------
"I suddenly feel I'm in danger." Marth said feeling paranoid his eyes darting around. He continued walking down hallway 17 keeping a watchful eye to make sure nothing got the jump on him!
When he came upon Closet 123 he heard noises coming from it, the noises ceased.
Roy heard footsteps coming from the hallway, from the outside of Closet 123. He had stopped screaming and thought 'okay this is it, if they open the door I punch them out.'
-----------------------------hallway 17-------------------------------------------
Marth reached for the door knob, he began to turn the knob. Something unlatched and he slowly opened the door. And Something came at him fast!
This was it, Roy came out quick and swinging. He thrust his fist forward before he knew who it was, because if he had waited and it was Samus, Peach or Zelda it would have been too late.
-------------------------------hallway 17------------------------------------------
It was Roy but, something was wrong why was Roy's fist coming at him? By the time he thought about dodging it, it was inches away. BLAM! Roy's fist connected with Marth's face, Marth fell over after the hit.
Roy had made it out of the closet and began his assault on whoever let him out. His fist flew forward, the other person stood there stupefied. Roy then realized it was Marth but, his fist was only inches away from his face. Roy attempted to pull it back, unfortunately to no avail. His fist connected with Marth's face. Marth became unbalanced and fell over 'crud Marth is gonna go ballistic on me!' Roy thought his pupils dilated.
------------------------------hallway 17---------------------------------------
Marth put a hand to his face where he had been hit. He got up from the ground and growled "Roy, what the hell was that about?", "Um--eh..well the thing is--gotta go!" Roy tried to make a run for it but, Marth grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back. "Roy, when I ask I usually expect an answer." Marth said glaring at Roy. Roy was practically sweating bullets "Well... you see okay, I hid in the closet to get away from Peach you see cause she runs a lot faster than you'd think for a girl in a poofy/burnt dress. Anyway I lost her, the only thing is I got locked in the closet. So I was screaming for help with a plan that if it ended up being one of girls, I would knock 'em out if they opened the door the only thing is when you're in the dark for a while it's hard to tell who is who. So that's why I ended up punching...I'm...s-s-orry...Don't hit me!" Roy said cringing on the last three words. "Don't worry Roy I'm not going to hit you. I'm not happy that ya hit me but, that is no excuse to murder my best friend." Marth said with some twisted smile on his face.
"Oh...well that's good" Roy said giving Marth a paranoid look. Marth's twisted smile disappeared and then he asked "Hey, Roy you didn't push Zelda down the stairs did you?" "Huh? No, why?" "Because earlier I ran into Zelda and she was laying at the bottom of the stairs, she was okay but, that's just weird." Marth said looking up in thought but, you don't get to hear what he's thinking because I don't know what he's thinking, insert your own joke damnit!
"Well it might have been Link, coz Zelda wasn't chasing me anymore so either she was chasing Link or Sheik because somehow they prolly figure they are involved...So if it was Link he might have played Zelda's lullaby. Sound reasonable?" Roy said.
Marth looked dumbfounded by the sense Roy had just made. "Um...that sounds about right, well we should probably go find him then." Marth said still trying to comprehend Roy's sudden IQ boost or whatever.
"No. We should go to the most obvious place we would be found, because they would know we wouldn't go there, so go there we must! And running for his life makes Link hungry =D" Roy said pointing in the direction they must head.
"Roy, I think the writer must really like you because you're talking smart!" Marth said as they headed towards the kitchen "Yeah isn't it great, oh she's gotta like you too your hair looks softer!" Roy said.
Marth looked at him funny "Oh, god shut up I just realized how that sounded, SHUT UP!" Roy said practically weeping. "Dude, it's okay this will go no further then you and me, I'll probably forget it anyway." Marth said attempting to forget what just happened.
---------------------------------THE KITCHEN!--------------------------------------
Link was lying on the floor groaning, he finished his sandwich "That was a good sandwich. But now my mouth hurts." Link rolled over on to his stomach. "GROAN." Link was going to army crawl out of the kitchen, when Fox ran through screaming and covering his ears. "What was that? Did Ganondorf threaten to shave him again?" Link assumed.
"Oh, Falco is torturing Fox again, that explains everything!" Link said finally getting off the floor and sitting at the table for some reason.
Marth and Roy walked in the kitchen and spotting Link, Roy said "HI, LINK!"
"Oh, hey guys. What's up?" Link said. "Nothing. Well since this is done Marth would you give me my matches? I'll be more careful with, I promise" Roy lied hoping that Marth would have one of his gullible moments.
Unfortunately for you sane people Marth did have a gullible moment. "Oh, okay Roy if you promise." Marth handed Roy his matches. His beautiful matches, HIS PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Roy began reaching for the matches will anything happen to stop it? Knowing me you should count on it! Roy had his matches. "Reunited and it feels so goooooooooooooooooooooooooood" Roy sang in a off key
Voice. Hey for a laugh picture this, cue cheesy romance music Roy is running through a field of flowers running to his matches. And his matches are just floating to him.
Roy took out a match and lit it staring into the beauty we refer to as flame on a stick. There was silence. But, of course I have to finish up this prologue before it drags on too long, Mewtwo floated in and set some weird little purple box on the table and said "Do not open this box. We have not got the slightest inkling what it may contain. So it may be very dangerous." Hey can Mewtwo really talk or does he just project his thoughts? Oh well anyway right on cue Peach and Zelda entered the kitchen from the left entrance and soon after Samus entered from the right. Which tore Roy out of his daze and he realized he was trapped with almost no escape, he hid the matches behind him once again.
"GET HIM!" Peach screamed lunging for him, he dodged her.
Zelda and Samus went for him, Zelda missed but, Samus managed to knock him over, and his lit match flew out of his hands. Everything was now in slow-motion as the flaming match flew toward the kitchen table closer and closer to the purple box and then KABOOM! No I'm just messing with you there was a giant purple smoke cloud filling the house. Everyone coughing at this horrible smell it was creating.
"Someone open a window." a younger voice said. As the smoke cleared something was horribly wrong. The...Smashers...were all... KIDS! Well technically not all of them were turned into kids the older teens were turned into younger teens. Grownups were now young adults. Big kids like ten year olds were now 7 year olds.
To be continued...
Well did it suck? Coz even if you think so I'm gonna continue it an attempt to get better at it. Later. =D
Oh yeah and the part with my brother Sirius in it, well my brother obviously helped me with it.
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