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Half of thursday

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The Smasher are turned into kids and find out they have to go back to school.

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As the smoke cleared a shrill scream emitted from one of the now younger smashers. It turned out that Peach was screaming the whole time (1)...wait that's a crappy way to start a chapter, well, I guess I'm still just starting out in the fic biz, moving on.
------------------------------------In the kitchen---------------------------------------
The smoke cleared out pretty fast but, everybody's vision was blurred because of the horrid purple smoke. Marth's vision was the first to clear, he began looking at everybody. In panic at what he saw he looked down at his hands and realized he was shorter as was everybody else in the kitchen.
Now everyone's vision was clear and it was obvious that they all were surprised at what they saw.
Everyone in this room had turned into young teens. "Crap, I'm barely a teenager again." thirteen year old Roy said shaking his head. "Oh, shit we have to go see master hand! We don't have any idea what the hell happened to us, do we?" Peach said (Peach is now fourteen as were Marth, Link, Samus and Zelda)
So they began making their way to Master hand's office. Their long treacherous journey to his office. "Hey guys this is gonna be a long walk we should sing a song or something" Link suggested. And something clicked in Roy's head. Yes the rusty wheels started up and began giving Roy absolutely annoying song ideas. "Hey, Marth let's sing that song that Peach hates!" Roy said running up beside his blue-haired friend. Marth replied "Alright" So they sang "I know a song that gets on everybody's, nerves everybody's nerves, I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, and this is how it goes:" Marth and Roy paused grinned at each other then at Link. Link got the message and continued with them.
"I know a song that gets on Peach's nerves, Peach's nerves, Peach's nerves, I know a song that gets on Peach's nerves and this is how it goes!" Peach slammed her head into the nearest wall. They began a long treacherous climb. Up the stairway into the tallest tower--wait I'm switching into movie mode sorry. Anyway they were now at the door of his office where they heard some sounds. "Well Marth aren't you gonna go in?" Roy said pushing Marth forward. "Hey--wha--why me?" Marth said pushing back so Roy couldn't make him budge. "Well because you're the only one here with us today who hasn't made Master Hand angry" Roy shivered at that last thought.
"Well what about Mewtwo (2) I'm sure he couldn't have made him mad" Marth said arms crossed looking at Mewtwo. "Well actually, that's where you're wrong Marth," Mewtwo said--erm thought uh, something that we could hear (writer short circuits) "You see, apparently I broke his coffee cup and well--you could probably guess what happened after that." Mewtwo SAID! blows raspberry Marth opened the door to Master Hand's office and poked his head in.
------------------------------------MH's office----------------------------------------

Marth stepped into the office and opened the door to let some more light in because it was dark in the office. On the ground there was an assortment of cans and bottles. Not just any kind of cans and bottles, cans and bottles that were once filled with different alcohol's such as beer, Kahlua, Tequila, scotch, gin, Guinness, rum, triple secc, Brandy, schnapps, southern comfort and whiskey. While Marth, Roy, Peach, Zelda, Samus and Mewtwo gawked at this floor full of proof that Saturday nights rock Link picked up one of the empty bottles and exclaimed "WOAH! Master hand beat my record by sixteen points, way to go Master H!"
A groan came from behind Master Hand's desk. "What was that?" Peach asked hiding behind Samus for protecting fearing that she might get set on fire again. Another moan emitted from the same area followed by the shuffling of papers and some puking. YAY VOMIT! The group decided to shove Link forward since he was the one person who had the most experience with drunken people. Link walked toward the desk and leaned over it and there Master hand was, only something was different about him. Just then Master hand sat up and gave Link what I 'think' was one of those confused looks. [*Can hands have facial expressions? Can hands puke or eat? My gosh that just popped into my head, weird, well here they can. >>
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