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Epilogue - The Legendary Trio

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- A new beginning... Another end!

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Not even that.
Complete nothingness.
So this is where everyone has gone...
Wait… I can feel something… Pain?
Even here, shall I suffer?
Getting worse…

Pikablu hastily sat up and grabbed a tight hold of his cheeks as they burned in pain, his vision slowly returning. His first sight was that of strange green growths surrounding him in every direction, and looking down he noticed that had been sleeping on a very large flower.
“What you were just experiencing should have lasted for an eternity…” a soft voice came from somewhere, “You would never have woken up.”
“Urgh…” Pikablu groaned while staring at the bizarre thing he was sitting on, “I… Am I dead…?”
“You would have been, if not for me” the voice replied in a calming manner, “But as luck would have it, I happen to be the most proficient healer in the world. You will be fine.” Pikablu looked around the room, and as he suspected he saw Celebi floating a few feet away from him.

“… Why?” Pikablu asked, massaging his cheeks to ease the burden the previous battle had put on him, “… Why did you save me?”
“Hmm… Because I feel responsible for your brother?” Celebi said in a much too comfortable way, “Maybe I just don’t want your entire family on my conscience?” She saw Pikablu stare at her angrily, but still decided to go against her better judgement and move a bit closer to him.
“No… If I’m to be honest…” Celebi said with a smile, “I sympathize.”
“… You…” Pikablu mumbled in confusion, “You sympathize with me wanting to kill you…?”
“No, no!” Celebi exclaimed as she shook her head, “I mean… You lost your little brother, and I just lost my younger sister… I know how you feel.”
“Yeah right…” Pikablu muttered sarcastically, “Not even close. I gave up my life for revenge, I don’t see you doing any of the kind.”
“That’s…” Celebi trailed off as she got a shameful look in her eyes, “… Do you know why I was on top of that mountain? Where we fought?”
“Not really, no…” Pikablu answered, remembering that he had been expecting Ho-Oh to appear.
“I was meeting with a contact that had found out who was responsible for Zerobi’s death” Celebi said with a pained voice, “And then, as soon as she had told me who it was, I would’ve…”

Pikablu’s eyes shot open in shock.
“… No way!” he said loudly, “Revenge? You!? Don’t make me laugh! You lack hatred, you couldn’t even let ME die!”
“Well, yes, I realized that about ten seconds into our fight…” Celebi sighed, “But when I first got the news… I truly despised whoever harmed my little sister, despite never even having met them or knowing the circumstances surrounding-”
“And that’s wrong!?” Pikablu interrupted while shaking his fist, hurting his arms a bit, “They killed your little sister! If not for them, she would still be alive! They’ve ruined your life, and you’re just going to let them go!?”
“If only things were that simple…” Celebi said, smiling while pushing away the sadness welling up in her, “Until you die, life goes on. If everyone gave up on life before dying, I do not think any of us would even exist!”

“Whatever, I don’t really care…” Pikablu said in a huff, still hurting from head to toe, “More importantly… How did you save me? Now that I think about it… How did you save yourself?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Celebi giggled, “You should know that ground does not conduct electricity… Ever. You managed to smash through it earlier because of the 25% of your normal body that was still intact. But when all of it became nothing but pure electricity…”
“… Crap, you’re right…” Pikablu muttered with lowered spirits, “… What a pathetic oversight.”
“Hmmhmmhmm…” Celebi laughed softly, “Not unlike 37.5%, no? Seems like your last two techniques were a bit rushed.”
“Well, I couldn’t really practice them…” Pikablu said while thinking back, “… So wait, you…”
“I dug myself underground” Celebi said with a nod, “There I waited out the storm, and then started rebuilding your body.”
“… But I was nothing but electricity!” Pikablu yelled weakly, remembering the painful ordeal, “ I-I felt myself spreading around Kanto! How did you-”
“You want me to tell you that you’re actually dead and this is all a dream?” Celebi said sharply with a stern look, “No, I erected a force field which managed to keep most of you in there. About half managed to leak through, so then I had to begin reproducing your cells to create new tissue and…”

“Hmpf…” Pikablu pouted while crossing his arms and falling back on the flower, “Now I know I’m dead.”
“… Excuse me?” Celebi asked, cocking her head to her side.
“You left my brother to die, but you saved my life. You’re a legendary, but you’re acting like a little girl…” Pikablu said accusingly while sitting up and pointing at her, “You’re nothing like the Celebi I had imagined!”
“You know… It’s strange, but…” Celebi said slowly, “I feel the same way. You are not like I had always imagined most normal Pokémon. It seems that the two of us are not that different.”
“… Huh?” Pikablu exclaimed in surprise, “Are you crazy? We’re nothing alike!”
“Um… That is true…” Celebi responded while thinking hard, “… But we’re still not as different as I had first thought! I mean, it’s not like it would be impossible for us to co-exist, right?”
“… You do realize I’ve spent the last 7 years cursing your name and wishing for nothing but your horrifying demise, right?” Pikablu said bluntly, confused by this turn of events.
“Hopefully we can work on that!” Celebi said in a strangely happy way, “I mean, I always kept myself hidden because I thought that the humans might capture me and experiment on me, but after meeting you…”

“… Well, yeah, they might do that” Pikablu said while rubbing his forehead, “Scratch that, they WILL do that. One glimpse of you will summon trainers from every corner of the world.”
“I know!” Celebi shouted in frustration, “It’s so frustrating! Everyone I meet either wants me as a slave, wants to stick pins in my body or wants me dead!”
Pikablu sat in silence, feeling a slight hint of guilt when realizing that he was no different.
“I can’t believe I’m asking this, but…” he said, struggling hard not to come off like a complete oaf, “… How do you deal with it?”
“I keep to myself, of course!” Celebi replied quickly as she lifted her body higher into the air, “In my youth, there was always something to do… But now, I’ve already traveled around the world! I’ve split the atom! There’s nothing left for me like this!”

“You…” Pikablu asked in surprise while looking up at her, “… You’re bored?”
“More like lonely…” Celebi sighed and sunk back to her previous position, “Truth be told, I rarely get to talk to anyone who’s not Mew, so just this conversation is the most exciting thing… OK, second most exciting thing that’s happened as of late.”
“… Mew, eh?” Pikablu whispered curiously as he remembered the many books he had read before setting off on his journey, “… Tell me, how much is true of what they say?”
“Uh… I don’t really know what they say” Celebi answered while thinking, “Although if they say she’s nice, that’s the truth!”
“… Like, is she the mother of all Pokémon?” Pikablu continued.
“Oh, no no! She’s just like me, with the birth-death cycle, so…” Celebi started, but quickly stopped herself, “Actually, maybe I shouldn’t be divulging secrets like this… You can ask her once we meet her!”
“… Meet her?” Pikablu replied in utter shock, “… Mew?”
“Yeah… I can’t convince you I’m just a legend and we go our separate ways now, can I?” Celebi laughed a little, “Then again, if you have a massive grudge against her as well…”

They could both feel the atmosphere darken at these words, as they stared at each other.

“So… Now what?” Celebi asked with a wondering tone, “I brought you back to life. Are you going to kill me?”
“Grr…” Pikablu growled, “I wasn’t able to, was I?”
“So what, the moment I turn my back and lower my guard-“ Celebi shouted as her voice got stronger.
“No!” Pikablu interrupted, “Screw this! I was hoping you were going to be hardly sentient or at the very least a cold bitch… I can’t kill you if you’re like this!”
“… Like what?” Celebi asked in a dangerous tone.
“… All normal and happy and stuff!” Pikablu said while waving his arms around, again causing him pain, “The reason I did this in the first place is because I thought you legendaries were dangerous renegades, doing whatever pleases you with no one there to challenge you! Someone needed to put you in your place, so you wouldn’t just wreck havoc whenever you felt like it…”

After a moment of silence, Celebi suddenly lowered her head and sunk down to the ground, seemingly depressed.
“I-I mean… I-I guess that’s kind of what I am now… But at least I had a good cause!” Pikablu said, wondering why he was starting to feel more and more guilty as the conversation went on.
“You… You didn’t even know if I was sentient…?” Celebi asked with sadness, “Is that truly how the Pokémon of the world see me…?”
“You wish” Pikablu said, never having been one to hold back, “Most don’t even think you exist.”
“Oh…” Celebi whispered to herself, looking down on the ground.

“But you know… My little brother adored you” Pikablu suddenly said.
“… Really?” Celebi asked quietly.
“Yeah” Pikablu answered as he thought back to the past, “No matter what people told him, he always believed in you. He’d spend all night reading books about legendary Pokémon, and then all day looking for them.”
Celebi thought back to the Pichu she had such a short encounter with, and felt a pang of sorrowful feelings hit her now that she knew what had happened afterwards.
“But you…” Pikablu continued while looking at her with piercing eyes, “For some reason, you were his favorite.”
“Me?” Celebi asked, pointing to herself and feeling a bit uneasy for some reason.
“He told me that his biggest dream was to one day meet y-you…” Pikablu said as his voice started shaking, “… I can’t imagine h-how h-happy he must’ve been when you a-appeared. Even as he d-died, he spoke of you…”

Suddenly, as he was thinking about the past, it hit him. His brother loved Celebi, yet she had been responsible for his death, and Pikablu had given his life to kill her, only to have her save him instead. And now, they were just sitting around and talking, having known nothing but hate and battle before. Or rather, he had known nothing but hate and battle.

The absurdity of the situation made Pikablu burst out laughing. Not with a happy laughter, but one of anguish, despair and grief while the harsh emotions of the past seven years all came flowing over him at once.

“… Why?” Pikablu finally said as small tears formed in the corner of his eyes, “We were the closest of brothers… Yet somehow, you… Someone he’d never even met meant more to him than I did…”
“I-I…” Celebi stammered, not knowing what to say. Grasping the strange object beneath him, Pikablu fought back the tears for a few moments before finally letting all his feelings out, wailing loudly as he cried his eyes out.

This time, his tears would not be working as conductors.

Even so, they were a hundred times more painful.

Three years later

At the end of a forest, on a large cliff overlooking a cave, a small figure stands. Solid as the rock he was placed on, the strong wind only served to set his yellow hair into motion as he stared intently at the mouth of the cave. No longer haunted by memories of his past, he was finally able to look over the edge without seeing the crumpling body of his deceased brother beneath him. Sighing deeply and instead choosing to look up into the sky with sadness, a rustling noise was heard behind him.

Pikablu turned around to see a tall, elegant creature approaching him from the bushes. He instantly recognized the figure as a Gardevoir, but there was something strange about it…

“BWAHAHAHA!” Pikablu suddenly burst out laughing while clutching his sides, “Why the hell are you wearing a dress!?”
“Shh! Quiet!” the Gardevoir hushed with a surprisingly manly voice as it stumbled forward, “I’ve got groupies watching my every move, this was the only way I could get away from them…”
In haste, the creature tore off the dress and hung the white fabric on one of the nearby branches, revealing the Gallade that Pikablu knew so well underneath.

“Your popularity seems to be soaring, like usual!” Pikablu kept laughing.
“Nothing compared to you, of course…” the Gallade sneered, looking over his body to see that everything was in order, “They’ve started selling action figures and dolls of you to human children, you know.”
“… Dolls!?” Pikablu exclaimed in horror, “Those had better be accurately representing my manliness!”
“Quite the opposite, I’d say!” the Gallade said with a snicker as the strong wind almost made the dress blow away, “… So, anyway, how’s Celebi?”
“Lugia and Ho-Oh are having some kind of family reunion” Pikablu said, scratching the back of his head, “Zapidos, Latimas… Damn, and they’ve got even more children, I’m never going to remember their names!”
“More legendaries for us, I guess…” the Gallade sighed, “So what? She couldn’t come just because of that?”
“Actually, I begged her not to…” Pikablu said slowly before speaking triumphantly, “It’s over much too fast when she’s involved! Plus, I wanted an excuse to put the band back together!”
“Speaking of which…” the Gallade started, before trailing off completely.
“… Huh?”

Before the Gallade could answer, an armor-clad figure suddenly burst out of the ground between them, making Pikablu jump back in surprise and almost falling off the cliff. It had a hard brown shell with what appeared to be extra large shoulder pads clinging to his back.
“Kabutops, you fuc…” Pikablu started angrily but stopped himself as he looked closer at the shoulder pads, “You… You brought your kids?”
“Yes” Kabutops replied as the Kabuto on his back were staring at Pikablu with curious eyes, “They have been nagging non-stop about seeing you in action.”
“Well then, let’s not disappoint them!” the Gallade shouted happily, throwing his hands up into the air and creating several swirling lights, making the two Kabuto gasp in admiration.
“… Not you” Kabutops sighed, turning around to face Pikablu so his kids could get a better view of the Gallade.

“… Hey, are you sure it’s OK for you to just reintroduce your species like this?” Pikablu said, still taken aback by the children, “It’s not going to screw up the ecosystem, is it?”
“Not any more than a walking cataclysm of lightning would” Kabutops replied, chuckling a little, “How’s the wife?”
“… Anne?” Pikablu responded, trying to sound cool, “I don’t know, out somewhere with Astrid or something…”
“Indeed” Kabutops smiled, “Tonight is ‘Girls Night Out’, if I’m not mistaken…”
“Really?” Pikablu said, hiding his agitation, “Didn’t even know that…”
“… So it has no connection with why you suddenly called for this ‘Guy’s Night Out’?” Kabtuops continued, the Kabuto on his back rocking back and forth in excitement over the Gallade’s lightshow.
“D-Don’t be ridiculous!” Pikablu yelled, “We have an important task ahead of us! It’s not like I was just bored or something!”
“So you say…” Kabutops mumbled, “… Maybe we should get started, then?”
“Of course! I was waiting for you guys!” Pikablu said cheerfully, before leaping off the cliff and landing securely on the ground beneath.
“Right!” the Gallade said as the spinning lights disappeared, making the Kabuto groan in disappointment.

They approached the edge of the cliff when suddenly Kabutops stopped and looked back on the dress on the branch behind him, and then staring at the Gallade.
“… I always had a feeling…” Kabutops muttered, and the Gallade looked at him in confusion before they followed Pikablu.

Ignoring the initial set of guards, the three of them ran deeper into the cave while zooming past surprised and startled Pokémon of every type. In only a few seconds they had reached a large room in the back, where several Pokémon had gathered and an Ampharos was sitting on top of some sort of altar.

“Halt! Stop!” an angry voice sounded behind them as the entire room collectively gasped, “You don’t have any permission to be here! Please leave!”
“Yeah… No.” Pikablu said smugly while exhaling a bit, “We know that you’re preparing ritualistic sacrifices here.”
“W-What!?” the Ampharos stammered as she stood up from the altar, “How is that possible!?”
“We got an anonymous tip…” Pikablu explained as he looked around the room, “… Well, not as much ‘got’ as ‘extracted’. See, keeping secrets is all fun and games until someone brings a couple of scythes!”
“Hey, could you tell us where you’re keeping the sacrifices?” the Gallade suddenly asked, feeling empty outside of the spotlight, “We must’ve missed it, we were in a bit a hurry…”

“… Fools! You are too late to change anything!” the Ampharos shouted as the many Pokémon gathered in the cave gave away intimidating growls, “We are moments away from gaining favor with The Legendary Darkrai! We have nothing to fear from you!”
“Darkrai, eh…?” Pikablu said as he closed his eyes with a smile, “Tell me… Have any of you ever actually met Darkrai? What makes you think he even wants sacrifices?”
“Do not let doubt sway your minds, brothers and sisters!” the Ampharos chanted as she lit a few sparks which flickered in the cave, “Remember Forbidden Forest!”
“Hmpf…” Pikablu huffed as he opened his eyes with a serious look on his face, “Legendaries aren’t deities… They’re still just Pokémon, like you and me.”
“If that is how you feel, our actions should pose no harm…” a Duskull from the crowd whispered in a surprisingly loud voice, “… Why not leave us…?”
“I could do that… Or, I could kick your asses and save a few lives while I’m at it” Pikablu snickered as he thought back to a particularly traumatic day in Goldenrod a few years ago, “… Besides, Darkrai is a bit of a loose cannon. Who knows what gets off on? Better not take any risks.”

“Infidel! Speaking so vulgarly of our master!” the Ampharos cried, stomping down on the altar and causing a loud bang, “Who do you think you are!?”
“Me?” Pikablu asked before pointing to himself, “I am The Legendary Pikablu!”
“The… The what?” the Duskull from earlier whispered, “The event in Cerulean City three years ago? Was that not a natural disaster?”
“No, that’s just what they told the public…” Pikablu said with a confident smile, “Truth is, it was all me!”
“Cocky prick!” the Ampharos bellowed, tried of the Pikachu’s silly charade, “Everyone! First we show these morons what happens to those that try to stop, then we commence with the sacrifice!”
“If you do that, you’re just going to hurt a bunch of innocent people and yourselves!” Pikablu shouted back as the various Pokémon prepared themselves for battle, “… Seems that we’ll be handling that last part for today!”
“I’ll kill you myself!” the Ampharos yelled, making a giant leap from the altar, landing on the ground with a mighty crash and joining in with the crowd.
“Bring it, bitch!” Pikablu laughed triumphantly as he charged at the enemy, followed closely by Kabutops and the Gallade.

Although there would be few eyewitnesses to this event that were not beaten senseless, people would speak of this as well as their many other accomplishments for decades to come.

“Thunderbolt” Pikablu

The Indomitable Kabutops

Lead singer and dancer of the Lethal Lily, the Gallade

Together, these three formed a combination. Not exactly heroic in their actions, but always attempting to make the world a better place to live in. Following their own code of justice they were revered by some and loathed by others, although universally feared by depraved villains and the morally corrupt.

They became known as

The Legendary Trio!
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