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Chapter 6

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Still...cannot... write...summaries.

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Sorry I haven't written in a few days, had a math exam today, (think I failed) oh and my 'h' button doesn't work good any more I have to hit it. Oh and I am using the term Detenator as a sort of killjoy but not a killjoy. They are sort of killjoy soldiers, that 'assign' killjoy exterminators their drac or bl/ind targets. kay?-just go with it-

For Frankie xoxo

It had just gone 1 in the morning and the 4 men quietly closed the door to the large welcoming building, into the cold night air.

"Where are you going?" A quiet voice came from behind them, Kobra Kid stopped and turned around, the girl he had met a few days ago, a young killjoy known as Lethal Melody stood at the open door, she pulled her old battered leather jacket around her, stepping out into the open, "I thought you didn't leave till the morning?" she said,looking up at him,Party had seen that his brother had started to get 'attatched' to the girl.

If you are on the run, never start to get feeling for people you may never see again, or you will regret it.

"I have to go." he said softly, the others were stood a few metres away from the pair. Kobra Kid brushed her dark brown curls of a fringe out of her face, "Stay safe for me, kay?"

He chuckled to him self and pulled the dark tinted sunglasses from the top of her head "It's the middle of the night, you don't need these."

"I always have them." she said taking them from his hand, looking down, hiding the pink blush spreading across her cheeks.

The man laughed again, "Keep these then," He said quietly so the others didn't hear, out of his pocket he pulled out his plain black ray band glasses, "Remember me." He whispered, smiling, gently kissing the top of her head.

"Come on Kid!" Fun Ghoul called, ruining the moment.

"Go fuck this whole wide world." She called after them, as they climbed into their car, she leaned back on the wall looking up, watching a falling star shoot across the inky black sky.


The three girls sat crossed legged on the large double bed, loud music blared out of the speakers, they passed around the roll up around the very small group.

The oldest -at 19 years-, and by no way the most mature, was Midnight Mayhem, she ran her pale hand through her bright purple hair, pulling her bandana from around her neck, revealing the star tattoo with a date written in the middle of it. 06-25-12. She and her friend were the natural leaders of who ever the were with, and always the jokers.

Next in the group was, the youngest -at 17 1/2- Shockwave Current, the girl had only been sharing the rented apartment with the rebellious pair for a few months and she fitted in like she'd been there forever. She had bright sky blue hair cut to shoulder length with lots of layers and a choppy full fringe, just hanging over her naturally brown eyebrows.
The fringe also hid the three silvery pink scars that ran above her right eye, aquired at her first fight against bl/ing soldiers.

Finally sat Neon Nightmare, only a few months younger then her 'sister' Mayhem, the two were not technically sisters but they were damn near close enough, they had been partners in crime since they ran away aged 12. On her left wrist was a matching star tattoo. 06-25-12 ((using american dates, so 25th of June 2012)) She had white bleach hair with and electric blue fringe, cut off fingerless stripy gloves that held the now used roll.

The three were also killjoy Exterminators, by that I mean they are killjoys who exterminate :)

A knock on the door made them jump, it wasn't just a knock, it was a crash. Some one was trying to break in.

"oh fucking hell." Midnight Mayhem cursed turning the music off, "I'm coming! Calm down, we only have one fucking door!" She yelled at the wood, trying to unlock the door, her head full of noise and colours.

The man walked in, he had shoulder length black hair, dark aviator sunglasses and his bike helmet.

"DETONATORS HERE!" Came the voice of the stoned Shockwave Current who was laying on the bed, the only one not to move.

"YAY!" Neon called from the kitchen, head in the fridge.

"What the fuck did you take?!" He said, looking at his younger friend, this wasn't an abnormal scene to see after the two had done a job.

"Pfftttt. Idunno, but it smelt wierd." She giggled, "Soooo got any more hits for us?" she said pulling on his dusty gray top so he was closer, he smelt like motor oil and open roads.

"Mayhem, no, I came to say you did a good job yesterday. Quick to disable the alarms." He smiled.

"Ohhh, it's Rusty, you never told me this!" Neon called,her and Shockwave came into the small hallway. The nickname Rusty had been given to him because of his love of working on cars and bikes, turn them from rusty to shining. They had used the name for so many years it has stuck and they'd forgotten his true identity.

filler chapter sorry, oh and Unicorns-are-real I love your work and moreto come from shockwave. Neon Nightmare is my best friend Frankie (I have my own Frank :) ) and Midnight Mayhem is me.I don't really know who Rusty is.. I like him though.
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