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Chapter 7

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Heya so my friend Frankie (her nickname so you know) now has an account... NeonNightmare :). Hope the last chapter was so crap as I thought it was. I'm writing this on my iPod again so hopefully it won't randomly log me out.  Any way on with the show :)

A day or so later the three killjoys were walking through down town Battery City, it was about 6:30 pm and the sun had just started to go down now that the year was moving on. All three carried messenger bags, in which were the metal spray cans in various bright colours. They rounded the last corner and set about their nights work. 

In front of them was a fresh BL/ind poster, the black smiley face grinned back at them and the slogan "everything is in control" was written in plain boring black.

The tallest pulled up her bandana around her face as a protective mask, the others did the same and started spraying the wall.

The middle girl wrote in neon orange the word "NOT" between the 'is' and 'in' . The other two wrote various anti BL/i sayings and pro Killjoy messages like ...

"the future is bulletproof"
"the end is coming"
"look alive sunshine"
"the pigs WILL quit"
"killjoys, make some noise" was written right at the very top .

Little bit of paint dribbled down the once White wall and the girls smiled to themselves, they packed their bags, rewired the secritity cameras and ran away from their own little crime scene pleased with their hard work.


Out of the car stepped 4 men And a small child,  the bright billboard had caught their attention, well that was the plan.

Right in the corner were the words "all is in control by MM NN SC" the initials of their friends.

Party poison smiled to himself getting back in the car waiting to drive off to meet with trio.

any good, yet another filler chapter I have an idea blooming :) oh and I don't know if any body has heard of this band but me and Frankie are seeing Framing Hanley in may I can nit wait, I just had to let that out :D. I don't know how long this chapter is it's on my iPod
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