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Chapter #7

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What happens after the time lapse? Well I'll tell you...

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By dusk, the novelty of the speed had worn off and we were desperate for something to do now that Dr. D's broad cast was over.
"If you guy wanna sleep, go ahead. We have at least seven hours left, at most ten." Shark said cheerfully.
"Why so happy?" I asked, curious about his tone.
"'Cause we've been driving all day and are one day closer. Anyone want some food? I've got cookies and pop!"
"Cool. Two please!" I noticed my tone of voice was as cheerful as his, as he passed back a package of Oreos and some soda cans.
"Help yourself!" Bunny and I dug in and Shark reached back occasionally, until there was only one Oreo left. Bunny gestured for me to take it.
"You can have it, thank you though."
"I insist."
"Are you sure?" He nodded. "'Kay, thank you!" I popped it into my mouth. Cookies of any kind and pop were rare in Battery City, so I savored every bite.
"Hey Shark! You wanna break?" Bunny offered.
"Nah, I've got it. Get some z's you guys. You deserve it after getting past all those Dracd. I'll wake ya up if I need ya. Oh, and there's some blankets under the seat."
"Heads up!" Bunny yelled as he tossed me a blanket. There wasn't much room, but wwe managed. Both of us layed down in the in the backseat, riding towards our futures.
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