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Chapter #8

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So, Azure went to sleep in the back of car? Yep. Did anything naughty happen? OF COURSE NOT! What will happen? Well, I guess you'll just have to read to find out.

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When I woke up, it was just starting to get light out. The sun would come up soon.
"Is Dr. D on yet?" I asked lethargically.
"Nope, not yet. Glad your up though."
"'Cause we'll be getting there in a couple hours." Shark replied surprisingly awake.
"How can you be so awake?"
"Adrenaline, and plenty of coffee. I don't plan on missing your guys' first day! We're gonna get there before noon, so eat up." He handed back some mac and cheese and pop.
"How is this still hot?" I was puzzled. We had left over 24 hours ago, and the pasta's container still felt hot.
"Killjoy magic." He said dead serious. Then he burst out laughing. "Nah. I just heated it up. Solar powered microwave, how anyone survives without 'em, I have no clue." Feeling dumb, I gobbled up the food and drank up the pop. I couldn't help but wonder what I'd be doing in my new life. Other than fighting dracs. And going on raids. There has to be more because they aren't constantly fighting and raiding, or finding more people. I guess I'd probablly end up having to do some amount of cooking, maybe (probablly) even cleaning. Even a killjoy's clothes can't wash themselves.
I looked over at Bunny. He was still snoozing innocently. He looked so sweet. I guess most people do when they're sleeping though. It was still cute. Just then Dr. D came on. Bunny woke up as soon as he heard the music. Again Na Na Na started it off. There was something different though, he started saying he had an important announcement.
"An important announcement?" Bunny asked inbetween bites of piping hot mac and cheese.
"I'd like to announce that we have two more members of our family of radicals. They know who they are, and I'd like to give 'em a big welcome, of course in my musical style! Listen up newbees, the dracs are out to get us and stay away from S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unless ya wannabe ghosted. God speed and stick close. We'll see ya soon."
"Oh my God. That has to be one of the coolest things I ever heard." I said shocked.
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