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Chapter #9

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I know I haven't updated this in over a month, but I feel the time has come to continue this, because at heart we are all killjoys (except for dracs, exterminators, the general population, ect.)

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We sang along with the radio 'til our throats hurt and then some. I think Bunny may be half tone deaf, but it didn't matter because for the most part he was screaming the lyrics anyway. Shark drank down another cup of coffee and I was on a sugar high. We were on top of the world as we speed through the desert that was blurred from speed.
All of a sudden the car jolted and I slammed into the seat infront of me. I heard metalic screeching and a string of profanities coming from both Bunny and Shark. The brakes. Shark slammed on the brakes.
"SHARK!" I screamed as the car slowed and then stopped. I was breathing heavy and I had no clue why we stopped. I looked around and the only thing for miles was the occasional cactus.
"Is everyone okay?" Shark asked sounding barely shaken.
"Uhhh umm yeah, I guess." Bunny replied rubbing the back of his neck. They both turned to me expectantly, only tosee I was still smashed into the seat in front of me. "Azure, are you okay?" Bunny asked, gently helping me up.
"Yeah. Thanks." I said.
"No problem."
"So, um, why'd we stop?" I asked confused.
"Well, I was only going to slow down, but I decided it would be better to stop incase slowing down hurt anyway." Shark replied. "Sorry." he apologized.
"I'm fine." I reassured him.
"Anyway, I guess we should get going again." and with that we set off again. About thirty minutes later we were slowing down again, but this time it was much more gradualy and gentle. Something was coming into view on the horizon, and it was getting closer quickly. Soon it was right in front of us. There were about fifteen tents with a fire pit in the middle and there was what seemed to be a shack off to the side. We were home. We are killjoys.
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