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Ch. 10

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At the killjoy camp.

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People came out of their tents and surrounded Shark and the car.
"Nice work man!"
"Kobra's gonna be psyched!"
"Did ya bring back any food?"
"Where'd you stay in the city?"
"Did you see any other Killjoys?" Shark was being bombarded with questions, and all of a sudden the shouts died down to whispers and the crowd was parting. An angel faced young man with blond hair that had been slicked back emmerged in a red jacket. His expression was dead serious which made me feel a little nervous.
"Welcome back dude!" he said giving Shark a quick hug and grinning widely. "And welcome to the party!" he said to me and Bunny, giving each of us hand shakes and smiles. Then I realized who he was.
"Kobra Kid! It's a pleasure to meet you!"
"The pleasures all mine." he replied grinning. "So, would you guys mind if I showed you around?" We shook our heads, still a bit star struck. Both of us had seen wanted posters made by Better Living Ind. with his face and a large red X across it. Kobra Kid was infamous. "Okay! Well... here as you can see we have a firepit. We cook food, boil water, and gather here sometimes. Over there in that little building, that's where Dr. D broadcasts from. As you can see, we sleep in tents. The latrines are over there. There, at the opposite side of the camp are the main food stoage and the well. Remember to put the cover back on after you take water, that way none of it gets evaporated, and please use it sparingly. Dont drop any thing in it or stick your hands in it, purely common sense. For showers, every so often we take a car trip out to an old dinner slash gas station where they have showers in the back. We have a toothbrushing station over there. They'll give you a little cup of water to rinse with. For ladies, during their, um, time of month they just go to a seperate latrine to throw away...feminine products, which you can get from the toiletries sorage area over there. If you're in a physical realationship with someone, we encourage using protection, etc. and we don't perfom aborations obviously because we're in the middle of the desert. We do allow you to take food in you tents, just don't get greedy and hoard it. ALWAYS be prepared for attacking and being attacked. That means keep weapons and masks at the ready and sleep with 'em near by. We wash our clothes at the diner and so there will always be the option to send your clothes with the laundry load. What am I forgetting? Oh! Be kind to your fellow killjoys, we're all family, and don't steal for each other. We have a garden over there and jobs around the camp site get distributed a number of ways. You can be chosen, you can volunteer, you can just be assigned if you'd rather. Disputes are to settled amongst concerned parties and if they can't be then they are to be taken to The Council, meaning Shark, Angel, Party Poison, Jetstar, Fun Ghoul and me. Any questions?"
"What happens when people get sick?" I asked.
"Well, we put them in partial isolation to stop it from spreading and we have non-BLI medicine too. Just fin a room mate an pile into a tent with them. Oh and due to limited resources, we always try to fix things before we pitch 'em and if it can be reused, it will be. Enjoy!"
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