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Chapter 01

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A transfusion given to him long ago in the Shumi Village begins to have interesting consequences for Laguna.

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Final Fantasy 8
Moomba Laguna Redux
by PrettySephy
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Ain't gettin'
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-Chapter One-

"And in conclusion...." President Loire began to cough and hack
violently, covering his mouth. His throat was convulsing as
though he were trying to dislodge something from it.

Those attending the Presidential Banquet were very concerned. The
President had looked fine. Now he seemed to be choking on something. But
what? They hadn't even served the food yet. And there he was, either
choking or ill.

"Laguna!" Kiros moved to help his friend.

Laguna doubled over and grabbed a napkin, covering his mouth as Kiros
escorted him into the restroom.

They barely made it to the wastebasket when Laguna's entire body convulsed
and he vomitted into it coughing and hacking until he was finally

"You okay," Kiros asked. "What happened?"

"I had something in my throat," Laguna explained, as he headed back out
to the banquet.

Kiros looked to see if Laguna had coughed up any blood. Laguna hated to
worry him, and that troubled him all the more. Looking in the waste
basket, he unwrapped the napkin and saw what looked like a white hairball.
"What the..." He hurried after Laguna. "Hang on, a moment," he pulled
Laguna aside. "Now, what the hell is going on?"

"Nothing," Laguna got a glass of water. "It's no big deal."

"Like fun!" Kiros argued "Laguna, you had a hairball. So tell me what the
hell is wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, Kiros." Laguna insisted.

"Laguna," Kiros was growing impatient. And so was Laguna if the growl that
was coming from him was any indication. "Laguna?"

"I'm fine," Laguna showed no indication that he was aware that he'd been
growling at Kiros.

"Then perhaps you'd care to tell me why you were just growling at me."

"Drop it, Kiros." Laguna warned. He finished his water, and resumed his

"Mr. President," one of the press asked, "given their lust for violence,
do you really think SeeD is a good ally for us at this time. Especially
that commander of theirs."

"Commander Leonhard has a good head on his shoulders," Laguna returned.
"He will make a excellent ally."

"From what I've heard, Commander Leonhart is even more unstable than Adel."

Kiros heard a growl he'd heard before. "Sorry, folks." he quickly said,
"this press conference is over."

"He still hasn't answered my question," the man pointed out.

Laguna continued to growl.

"I advise you to back off," Kiros warned.

"In fact," the man ignored this advice, "some say Commander Leonhart
should be placed in a mental hospi..."

Laguna pounced!

"What in the name of fuck?!" the reporter asked, completely thrown by the
President's unexpected behaviour as he struggled to dislodge Laguna. "Ow!
He bit me!"

"Sir!" Kiros struggled to subdue Laguna. "I warned you, Mister. Laguna
calm down!"

Laguna bared his teeth, still growling angrily at the man.

"Laguna?" Kiros was getting very nervous. "Laguna?"

"He's gone mad," the reporter told Kiros.

"No," Kiros disagreed. "He's just royally pissed at you, that's all. Can't
say I really blame him. Perhaps he'll calm down if you apologise for what
you said about that warmongering Commander Leonhart."

Laguna tried to bite him again. This time, Kiros managed to pull him back
in time.

"You had better apologise quickly." Kiros told the reporter. "I can't hold
him back forever."

"You could always kill him." the reporter told Kiros. "Under the
circumstances, it might be the only merciful thing to do."

"No," Kiros shook his head. "I'm sure he'll calm down if you'd just get on
with that apology."

The reporter seethed for a moment. "Fine," he grumbled, "I don't know why
my comments about Commander Leonhart have got you so pissed off, sir. But
for what it's worth, I'm sorry."

Laguna stopped trying to get at the man, but kept growling. He was still
seething himself, but his anger had subsided for the moment, at least.
He looked the reporter in the eye. "Never insult Squall again." he warned.
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