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Chapter 02

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A transfusion given to him long ago in the Shumi Village begins to have interesting consequences for Laguna.

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-Chapter Two-

Kiros was pacing anxiously back and forth across the hospital waiting room. He had taken Laguna there after the last of the reporters had finally gone home.

"I don't see why I have to come here," Laguna told him. "I'm perfectly fine."

"Laguna," Kiros told him. "Earlier this afternoon, you coughed up a hairball. And half an hour ago you bit someone. That does not sound fine to me. Now, we're going have the doctor examine you and find out if whatever is happening to you can be treated."

"You think I'm mentally unbalanced, don't you?" Laguna accused.

"No," Kiros shook his head. "And that's what worries me."

Dr. Kadowaki walked in. She had just arrived at the hospital. "They called me in when you arrived," she told them. "Sorry for the delay. Had to treat someone on the way in for a minor grat

bite. So, how can I help you?"

"You can tell us why Laguna has suddenly started coughing up hairballs and biting people." Kiros replied.

"Well, let's have a look at you, shall we?" Dr. Kadowaki suggested as she motioned them to follow her into an examination room.

Laguna let himself be subjected to the usual pokes and prods.

"Well, you seem okay." Dr. Kadowaki concluded. "Some of your vital signs are elevated, but still within normal parameters. I'm going to need a blood sample."

Laguna frowned, but held out his arm, whimpering as Dr. Kadowaki took the needed sample. She frowned for a moment, as if noticing there was something out of place about Laguna, "How tall are you?"

"Five-nine," Laguna told her. "Why?"

Dr.Kadowaki led Laguna over to the measuring stick and checked. "According to this you're five-three." she told him as she put the blood sample into the hospital computer.

"What?" Kiros looked. "My god, Laguna, she's right. You've shrunk my six inches."

"That's odd," she muttered as she stared at the blood screening results. "Laguna, when you were at the Shumi Village that time when you were looking for Ellone, did they happen to give you a blood transfusion?"

"Yes," Laguna told her.

Dr. Kadowaki's features became very serious. "That explains it."

"Doctor?" Kiros asked.

"President Loire is changing into a Moomba." Dr. Kadowaki explained.
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