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Chapter 03

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A transfusion given to him long ago in the Shumi Village begins to have interesting consequences for Laguna.

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-Chapter Three-

Kiros stared at the doctor. "A Moomba are you sure about that?"

Dr. Kadowaki nodded, then turned her attention to Laguna. "I'd like to keep you here for a few days, for observation. Do you think Kiros can take care of Esthar all right while you're here?"

Laguna nodded.

Dr. Kadowaki turned back to Kiros. "I'll call you as soon as we have any more information."

Kiros got his coat on and was getting ready to depart when Laguna let out a pitiful squeak that was unmistakably the plaintive cry of Moomba.

"I'll be back soon," Kiros promised, scritching Laguna behind his ears, noticing that his earlobes had already receded and that his ears were already taking on the windblown flame look of a Moomba's ears.

"Be a good little President for the nice doctor until I get back," Kiros warned, playfully, as he left.

Laguna pawed the door, emitting sad little cries as he did so.

"It's going to be all right," Dr. Kadowaki told Laguna. "You'll see. I'm going to call a friend of mine. He's a doctor who works in the Shumi Village who specialises in caring for Moombas."

Laguna sat on the floor at her feet, leaning against her in a manner that reminded her of a small kitten she'd once owned as she picked up her phone and dialed.


"Doctor here," the Shumi doctor answered his phone. "Dr. Kadowaki! Doctor is happy to hear from you. I am well... A patient for Doctor... Doctor is honoured, but... Doctor understands... Doctor will come." He put the phone down and set off for Balamb Garden.

As the Shumi physician made his way to his destination, he thought about what his fellow doctor had told him. Laguna Loire, the man who had freed the Moombas from slavery, was now becoming a Moomba himself. The only non-Shumi to do so.

Doctor remembered the day he'd given Laguna the transfusion that would forever change his destiny. A moomba had dragged a dark-haired young man into Doctor's office. He'd been covered with bruises and deep cuts, many of which had still been bleeding, and had been more than half drowned.

In short, he was barely alive.

Desperate to save the life of his newest patient, Doctor had given the man a transfusion of Shumi blood, praying that doing so would not simply kill the man more quickly.

To Doctor's relief, the man had recovered within a few days.

Introducing himself as Laguna, he quickly befriended the Moombas, who took to him as though he were a long-lost brother. He made a few attempts to teach them to speak, but hadn't gotten very far.

Now, years later, the transfusion that had saved his life was having its ultimate effect.

Laguna Loire was becoming a Moomba.
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