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Chapter 04

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A transfusion given to him long ago in the Shumi Village begins to have interesting consequences for Laguna.

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-Chapter Four-

Laguna paced the recovery room of Balamb Garden's infirmiry. Dr. Kadowaki was with another patient. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that Laguna wanted to be scritched. He whined and pawed at the door.

"Puppy!" Fujin cooed. "See?

"Actually, it's not a puppy." Dr.Kadowaki told her. "It's a patient."

"Patient?" Fujin got to the door too fast for Dr. Kadowaki to stop her and threw it open.

"Oh my god," Dr. Kadowaki stared at Laguna. By now his hands were beginning to turn into Moomba paws, though they were a great deal smaller since he hadn't been a Shumi. He also had a Moomba's ears and tail. The tail was much longer than that of most Moombas and he wasted no time at all tripping over it, landing on his knees with a pained squeak.

"Hurt?" Fujin crouched down to look at Laguna's knee, which was bleeding, and cast a simple cure spell on him.

"You ought to consider becoming a doctor," Dr. Kadowaki remarked, causing Fujin to smile.

"Doctor agrees."

They both turned to face the Shumi doctor as he walked over to them and joined them at Laguna's side.

"Can you twitch your tail for Doctor?" he asked.

Laguna blinked and shook his head sadly.

"Doctor will check your tail," Doctor told Laguna. Taking a small pencil-like device, he tapped Laguna's too-long tail with it. It twitched and moved.

"You're just not used to it, yet." Doctor decided, smiling. "You'll learn in time."

"Laguna!" A Moomba with a small pouch hanging from one wrist glomped onto Laguna, hugging him and placing himself between Laguna and the others. He wouldn't even let Doctor near Laguna.

"Doctor needs to help Laguna become a Moomba."

"Laguna!" The Moomba pointed at the half-Moomba Estharian President who was looking at him in bewilderment. The Moomba pointed first to himself, then to Laguna.

"Still part human." Doctor pointed out. "Laguna can't do that yet."

Taking a ring out of the bag he was carrying and put it on the ring finger of Laguna's left hand.

"Um," Laguna blinked. He moved the ring to another finger, but the Moomba simply moved it back.

"Is that an engagement ring?" Dr. Kadowaki asked.

"It is a wedding ring."

"I didn't know Moombas married." Dr. Kadowaki remarked. "What about those who are already married. Do they retain that status or..."

"Yes, indeed. Many Shumi and Moomba are mated."

The Moomba who had just married Laguna was trying to nudge him into the bedroom. This caused Laguna to blush until he was nearly the color of a Moomba's fur, Fujin to giggle, and Dr. Kadowaki to raise an eyebrow.

"No," Doctor told the Moomba firmly. "Moomba will hurt Laguna. Married is fine. But sex must wait."

The Moomba shoved Laguna into the bedroom and slammed the door.
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